Vinny would like to thank all those who supported the cause. Vinny was particularly overwhelmed with the acknowledgement from so many.

Vincent “Vinny” Whelan is a superhero is his own right, doing charitable work for Children in Hospital. As a way of supporting Vinny in his charitable work, we came up with the sketch ‘An Original Game Changer’. A homage to Banksy’s tribute to health workers during COVID. You can either donate, buy a print or buy a framed print supporting Vinny’s Charitable work to bring some joy to Children. There is no doubt that Children in Hospital during this period had a testing time.

An Original Game Changer

An Original Game Changer - Laura Redhead Benson - Vinny Whelan

Under lockdown as part of the effort to suppress COVID-19, we had time on our hands. We were in contact with many wedding colleagues sharing information as to what might happen next. Banksy released ‘Game Changer’, a sketch of a boy playing with a nurse doll as opposed to Batman or Superman.

Game Changer

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Game Changer

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The image stuck with us and as we spoke with colleagues (including Vinny) tossing ideas for content back and forth, a light bulb went off in our heads.

We know a game changer!

Vinny every year raises money for sick children who are in hospital over Christmas. Vinny dresses up as a superhero. Visits the children, to their absolute delight, spends a bit of time with them and gives them a gift.

We took inspiration from Vinny’s story of goodwill, put it together with the Banksy sketch and set about producing a drawing. The boy could be a Flower Girl playing with superVINNY!!! To put a bit of a fun Irish spin on it we stuck some alternative characters in the corner.

Vinny does not scream and shout about his charity work. The only reason his charity work came to light was from our friendship and we slipped it into a Podcast to give Vinny a bit of Kudos. Here is Vinny speaking to Laura back in February 2020:

Like health workers, many charity work goes publicly unnoticed. It is most noticed by those supported by the charity work, in this case the children that are in hospital. In 2020 it is most likely that children in vulnerable groups have been more isolated than normal, waiting for visits from family and friends when cocooning rules are eased.

Vincent Vinny Whelan Charity

So we think it would be great if in 2020 we can help superVINNY make a visit to children in hospital that bit more special. So please do support Vinny and if you like, you can have your own copy of ‘An Original Game Changer’, your very own superVINNY.

We would like to thank Tony Meagher and the the whole team at Loxley Colour for their support.


If you just want to support a good cause without receiving anything, you can. Donate securely via the following link.

Print Only

Support Vinny by buying a print. Here you can buy a loose print (no frame included). You will bring joy to many children and have a copy of the sketch.

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Framed Print

Support Vinny by purchasing or getting your company to purchase a Framed Print. A great conversation piece for any private or public display.

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