Wedding Band – The Pearls

The Pearls Wedding Band’s lead singer Alec, speaks to Laura Redhead Benson. A full description below. Additionally some clips from the main podcast and links to audio are below.



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Laura and Alec get into how to search out your Wedding Band and give crucial advice on making the decision on which Wedding Band to actually book.

Alec gives an insight into what it takes to make a Wedding Band tick and lets us in on the hours of work put in to getting ready for your big day. Hard hours learning specific first dances and indirectly from years of commitment in the trade to rehearsing regularly with the band.

Songs that live and died are discussed as well as songs that are reliable floor fillers.

Want to know the process to booking a band and what communication you should have with the band before the big day? Laura probes Alec to find out what contact will put all at ease prior to show time.

On the actual Wedding Night how does the set up, start time and show unfold? That gets dealt with too.

As a lead singer Alec delves into maintaining his voice on busy schedules, as well as being a shot caller on the night and breaks down other members roles crediting the whole experience to the entire team that makes up wedding bands.

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