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I’m Laura Redhead Benson and on today’s podcast we’re talking with Vinnie Whelan of spiritual ceremonies. We talked absolutely everything. Wedding ceremonies, the big questions people ask, what’s the difference between different ceremonies? What’s the difference between a solemniser , what can a celebrant do versus what can a Solemniser do, what is an officiant? All of this is answered in today’s podcast. We broke down a wedding ceremony, all the different things that can be added, the different elements that are available to you, and then preparation running off to the ceremony. Vinnie gives us an insight into how he runs a ceremony and we have the pleasure, I suppose is the best way to say it, of photographing ceremonies where Vinny was the solemniser and he has an amazing delivery. He thinks of everything. We like to refer to him as the gold standard of wedding celebrants. So without giving too much more away, here’s today’s podcast. So today we have Vinnie Whelan of spiritual ceremonies.

Vinny, you’ve just driven two and a half hours to be here. I honestly can’t say thank you enough.

You’re more than welcome, no problem at all. Delighted to be here to be honest.

Great. That’s good. Yeah. It was worth the drive. Exactly. Cause I know that this was when it comes to ceremonies and you know your Celebrant and I really like when we were thinking right, who are we getting into talk to? Both of us went Vinny together and we were like look, if any reason is is I remember the first time we came across you and that’s right. We were up in the country and I’m, it was like I remember because at the beginning you’re quite strong and quite vocal and the first thing we were thinking like who is your mind? And then this is going to sound silly to people but you did something that the two of us are still going, I can’t believe you did that. You moved to chair. I know that nobody, it’s so true though because it was like in that moment I realized this guy is thinking of the entire picture. He’s facilitating not just himself but the entire room. Everybody. Yeah.

To me it’s, it’s prioritize in order people in a sense, and it’s considering photographers, it’s considering videographers, it’s considered considered and grim and even guests getting the, you might be down down the back, but at least they consent. See what’s happening. They can see certain things, celebrant, step to the side, not be in certain positions that they don’t need to be in blocking cameras. Having a vision of if this is my day and I want a photographer to get a perfect photograph, do we want the sediment in it? Do we want just to have a better idea and or do we want a chair in there?

It was, it was, it was just one of those moments. Cause a lot of time, you know, you have the groomsmen prepped and they’re like, right for those big vows moments, you’re going to move a chair and that side and that side are we grab on each cause you know that, do you know she spent ages shopping for this dress. It’s got this beautiful train in it and you want it to be short off these big moments and, but you were the first person was the son of it actually did this and then it was like, it was so silly. But the two of us were just like, Oh he’s the bad [inaudible] we need to start moving some furniture. Nobody was. It was great though. And they know like from then on then we’ve had a few more and you just impressed us every time because it was the delivery and yeah,

very good. Wetter than in the outdoor ceremony.

I will say it was a bit off for all of us listening. It was a great look on optimistic. Oh yeah, no I think we all got really some today but I think, all right, so this subject is a subject that when it comes to [inaudible] and it comes to different types of ceremonies, the confusion of there is Epic, isn’t it? Yeah.

A lot more people are a lot more educated than what they used to be. Logo started in 2014 and it was unheard of. Well this is it cause it’s gone. And gone. But people are, have a lot more knowledge and what they can have in terms of if you’re not having a short ceremony, where do you go? Because you’re used to, everyone knew they were going to a priest. If you were having that religious ceremony and then from there then yeah, it’s opened up a lot more. But even at that, you’ve more and more options than you probably should have in a sense. Um,

it’s the same with everything in the world though. When something comes in, the choice becomes fast, doesn’t it? Yeah. But I think the thing these cookie lasts me cause Benny lasts me cause this confuses me sometimes and it’s the, it’s the terminology that goes along with this. So you work with spiritual ceremonies, but within that thing you are registered solemn laser and then you’re going to fish into of the spiritual union. Am I saying this right? I’m getting this right. Okay.

Um, it’s, the spirits are shown in a hardened religious body from them. We’re licensed thanks to the HSC to get our license to perform a legally appointed ceremony. I think that’s the key part. When you’re a solid miser [inaudible] which allows you to perform legally appointed ceremony seven days a week. And almost then you have anyone artists from their chem, spiritual ceremonies from this [inaudible] spiritual ceremonies come into that. Now the most common term for everybody is a settlement. Yes. And I class myself as a Celerant. However, if you really, really come down to it, a celebrant candle, legally married.

But this is the important part. I think this is the part that confuses me. Cause you might go abroad or you may be coming to Ireland to get married and you’ve booked your salad and it comes up. But it might not be somebody that can legally marry you in that moment. And then you need to have to go away before or after it was cause. Yeah.

And however your ceremony and in the registry office and then have whatever ceremony you wanted into a venue of your choice. Marta juice, have a ceremony of some sort and then in time actually make it legal and that called walk for some people. Some people think that just too much hustle and bustle out of the one big day that this might take a bit of, not the glass offer, but I’m going to take a bit of and get that legal part stolen because he say, Oh, this is legal. You know, voters, it’s probably too formal. So if you got down out of the way, but then you can have whatever and be a bit more relaxed arriving into your ceremony, whoever. To me it all needs to be done owner to one roof on the one day at the one time I need to be composting the wafer or hospital husband and our worry from the back down that aisle. Married.

Yeah, but I think that’s very important. That’s, that’s a question people need to, to know to ask because I think it’s an assumption people make that if I book a salivant, that’s not them. It’s going to marry me legally, but it’s not always the case.

And so that’s why the award [inaudible] has to be the forced, like it’s not Celerant. It’s if we want to legally wine and ceremony into venue of my choice on today, my choice, I can become married there and then I need to know that their lady blamed. Okay.

Okay. So I think the biggest hint and tip we’re going to like out of this entire, and we’re going to talk for a long time. This is business disgusted. This is this low. It’s Mark here all day. We’re here all day. But I think the most important question for people is, is you know, are you a sodomizer? Yes. Is it legally by text? That’s, that’s so important because

I have a couple of organizations and then within them organizations, um, you have to domain two in my opinion. And then you have um, celebrants which are all independent and then they come in where people have already either gotten married or I’m planning to get married and told him I want to start the money of some sort. Um, but a lot of the time you had the confusion comes into it because the term like a Saturday class myself as a settlement

because nobody uses sodomizer as a, as a general term. Like I don’t think I’ve ever smoked somebody I use [inaudible] but it sounded like I don’t use it as a general. I always say, who’s your Sullivan? Yeah, it just rolls. Yeah.

Everyone is determined. Celebrant and, but from there then you can panic stations. Audience do paid a deposit on this certain person. They’re on the influence that they’re here a couple of weeks forehead. Oh by the way, this is [inaudible] to register an intent to marriage and the HSE say, okay, well here’s your Celerant and they give to name and they’re not on the list, but that will be latest three months of art. You have three months before your wedding. You would find that our latest.

Yeah. And at that point then you could be [inaudible]. Yeah, well there’s the whole thing of what losing to Ozzy, you get over that, but then you have to find someone if you really, if it means that much to be, or you go along your lines. Yeah. But I think it’s important that you don’t end up with my situation because in the meantime, you’ve already had your head around and you’ve told all your guests and the family members that are still very new to this whole concept of, you know, we’re not having a religious ceremony, but it’s legally binding and we’re, we’re actually [inaudible].

Yeah, yeah. Wait, and four or five people did this doesn’t need two witnesses and you’re avoiding a hundred to hear, but you’re getting Marty Terry. Yeah, find me. Then just get royally confused. Especially the grandparents, which are two ceremonies. You, you’re just drag and just, just dragging. I need excuse for a fire table. Turns out all told me instead,

you’re expecting your partner to remember two anniversaries.

Oh, you’re right. No other conversation note, to be honest. And then I suppose, so

that’s the, that’s a sodomizer. It’s like a thing and then you’re an officiant with spiritual service. Yeah, and I think with them, so

spirits are shown in the garden, so to speak. [inaudible] and is illegal is a religious body.

Okay. But spiritual ceremonies then is you’ve got your own kind of beliefs I suppose. Does that make sense? Yeah. Okay. Okay, perfect. Because I think when it comes to, so you’ve decided you’re having a settlement, we’ll use this word set up and just for ease I [inaudible] and then you and then you’re, you get, you get your own, all these, these words like humanist, spiritual and you’re kind of going w w wash water.

I believe in spiritualism to have a spiritual ceremony. You would have to believe in humanism to have a human ceremony. [inaudible] ceremony or the trees. No, but like people that use these, these words are so kind of silly alien.

It’s a lot more of a, yeah. People are a lot more educated in terms of the spiritual ceremony and the human ceremony and all that. I talk to them, okay, cool. Bike 20 tore damn. When I was going to wedding fairs and our signage is open of spiritual ceremonies and people are like [inaudible]

the thumb pad lot over there, turn around and turn it around. They don’t even want to talk to us. Yeah, it is great.

People really know more about what they wanted in their ceremony now they really do. There are a lot more educated in a way, but that comes down to hard work from that organization. That comes down to a role, even duet and fairs, educating people and not just educating yourselves sell. So in a way

I think I’m still learning. I, I’m thinking things up everyday instead of all another clue. Why was he said take notes and I suppose when it

spiritual, certainly as a spiritual union, what, what are the, what are the core beliefs? What are the [inaudible] I believe

in the communication with spirit. We can even hire a band and we believe in life after death. Okay. I didn’t know that. I never asked [inaudible]. I was afraid to ask the question, do you have a sanctuary that we practice spiritualism in? We demonstrate mediumship [inaudible] at the same time nice and small at the same time. You’re a select few like a family as such. Yeah, absolutely. And then from there then you would, um, you’d have the sanctuary every Sunday and you go when you can. It’s an open door for anybody. Everyone’s out there, everybody. You can go in and you can watch people give an inspirational speaks and speeches and you can also watch people demonstrating mediumship and we’d be new to you, but it’s experience does what? A debt and you’re trying to get your head around. They’re not gone. Where are they feeling that they’re still [inaudible].

Then you find yourself sitting in the sanctuary and it’s hard to explain, but it’s a special place. Absolutely. But because you trusted in a minute ago, if you want like yourself to marry the laugher for in the marriage for the culprit, you don’t have to have the, the same beliefs or what do you encourage? People don’t need to say they can have any belief or no belief. They can be off different religions altogether. We are open to all religions, our beliefs. I think it’s important for people to know is either they feel like they’re, you know, knock on wood, spiritual, I don’t believe in what they believe because we don’t have hidden agendas to tin gold range are gonna bring a hundred people to awesome Jordan or ceremony. We’re going to try and convert to yeah. Because we don’t put beliefs on anybody. We don’t open our ceremony with what’s virtualism is we, you’re not, you’re not preaching to people we don’t read.

We opened a ceremony about a couple and every single bit of is about the Coldwell. So if they have a belief and they want to incorporate that into the ceremony, we take that on board. If they go don’t want any religious elements whatsoever, any religious, anything. We want this plain and simple and as traditional as possible. And then that’s what we did. And if they did want to bring some of their own religion in insomnia or reading or something that we’ve done, um, Chinese tea ceremonies gone. Yeah. We’ve done many different African tasting ones. Yeah. Yeah. That was interesting. [inaudible]

whoever’s beliefs into the ceremony if they want. So it’s tailoring it to their in and I’m waiting for their beliefs. What are we even mom’s beliefs? Or it might be dad’s beliefs or it might be Nance beliefs. You’ve talked the parents into like this, this is how we’re doing it, but we’re going to throw you a bone in some way. But it’s true that you’re pleasing. You know the [inaudible], you’ll know when people are saying to you on getting married. People say to you, no, listen, it’s not about anybody else. Don’t mind anyone else. It’s about YouTube. And that’s,

but in a perfect world is there will be no like little whispers in your ear and see ya. Yeah, you are. You’re pleasing the people closest to you.

You have to also grab it and say, right ma’am, look, you don’t believe in or not get married in a church and are not happy with it. Sit there and say no.

I remember. Yeah, cause we had, um, we did civil ceremony. I remember my, my, my grandfather was the only one that was just royally confused over this when he was still here. And for months after the wedding, he kept coming to us saying, so when do we, when do you really getting married? Like what he was saying, he was so sincere, but he just, and he really enjoyed the ceremony and he said it was beautiful and he thought it was a great day, but he just couldn’t get his head around like so when would there be a religious aspect to it? When will there be a priest like in there even being no,

Sam introduced for the first time today did a bridesman. Okay. And she was on her way into the venue and the best man introduced myself and this is Vinny and he’s calling me performing the ceremony and I’m, the man looked me up and down, up and down again. She was like, where’s your, where’s your gown?


the garden. Yeah.

She expected me to be a priest like that. That’s fine because again, a lot of it comes down to education. Yeah.

I don’t know if you weren’t, if you weren’t kind of informed about what was happening before and yeah, like just throw that out there as well. If you broke up. Exactly. So I suppose if we go into the actual, the sermon itself, I’m for, I think the nice way to approach this would be for someone who hasn’t experienced it before, someone who’s never been to a spiritual ceremony or has never kind of sat as a guest or being involved in a wedding and just hasn’t a clue what’s going to happen. Like what is this all about? Yes.

Um, because a lot of the time guests will attend ceremonies are engaged, right. And I think we have to pay a bit more attention now because we’re going to try and get tips. This might be something like, yeah, or 50 50 at the moment. Let’s attend a ceremony and see how it works. But that ceremony isn’t about damage to, that’s our monies that were completely different. Corporate. Yeah. So the music won’t match them. The regions won’t match them. Did religious atoms or the lack of might match them. And so the [inaudible] ceremony shall be unique. So we always say the goggles sometimes don’t try and judge your ceremony or potential ceremony to be the same as somebody else’s. Because it should always be completely different. Every single one of them shall be unique. I enjoyed them so much as I love cause every time you go in it is every single time. The exact same with the people that are involved in the music. They welcome the reactions and the atmosphere of the room. And even the venue can

be like indoor, outdoor. It can really change the mood of the whole, the whole setting. But it’s suppose for kind of more of a running in the ceremony just to kind of give people an idea of like what’s available and all those bits and pieces. Like I know that you like to speak to the guests before the bride or groom where to walk up the aisle or whatever where they’re doing. Yeah.

Times in my opinion where, um, not guests need to be addressed, you know, but they do need to, um,

housekeeping [inaudible]

yeah, because again, this is new to everybody or a lot of people, um, but not everyone does this

time to somebody just starts. So I think it’s nice that you do communicate to the guests.

Approach comes from my experience of how we look at the B. The you approach. The single thing about it is thinking, right. Well what would they, if all you was looking at my wife to be walking up that oil again. Yeah. How would they want to see that moment? Do I want phones everywhere? Do I want me to uncle’s near white pads that you only got [inaudible]

someone’s just texting in the middle of the aisle, get the gun. I go, yeah, it’s true. Yeah.

Like, Oh, you try and position every room or every one of each. Depending on what way to walking on. Yeah, and to be looking down on the oil when our partner to be other, yeah. Reuter absolutely. But the last thing they need is to be looking by a phone or a camera or anything like that. So it’s, even if it’s just for those few seconds, it doesn’t have to be the whole sermon. Just know, isn’t it? It’s just little ceremonies. Dirtying do they properly work or don’t know?

It’s really funny. I have great photos of like goodies, lovely posters that has unplugged ceremony and lovely site. And then it’s got the Brady room walking up the aisle and it’s just fun. And it’s a, it’s, it’s actually like, it’s a laughable kind of scene because you’re like, well, there was a notice there. But it’s true though.

Trying to address the certain moments in my opinion, does need to be 100% perfect because they’re only done once. You can’t redo. Okay, let’s do that again.

We always say that’s a couple of days about like, you know, if you’re not going to blow, you’re not going to communicate to people that if someone does something random like steps right out into the, and it doesn’t move, it’s the only woman in the entire day. I can do nothing about it. We can’t go, sorry, stop waste re redo it. It happens. And whatever happens, happens

half the coin. A prepare yourself. Yeah. Florida. Okay. In case that does happen. Yeah. Um, and uh, might come across slowly bossy and when you come across,

you’re almost apologetic in a sense. So like you’re, you’re, you know, you’re there and you’re just to say, sorry no for being like, I do apologize boss. I feel quite with this. Yeah, absolutely.

It’s of yield respect for what I’m about to do in terms of the ceremony of your respect for the couple to make sure that, because like they picked up Roy’s mates for certain reasons to pick grooms off for certain reasons. They pick a sister that might be a bridesmaid is that it’s gone red, blue look after certain things and there’s always stuff that’s missed. If there’s somebody else there that has the same appreciation for what’s going to happen and you’re able to go, okay, well look, there’s a certain moment in time where I need you to just keep your phone away.

You’ve got their back. Then in a sense someone’s phone is going off. Should we all eat? We all say ignore the phone because they don’t want to be seen as the person with the phone. Definitely not fine and then it goes off second time you’re like, Oh, I really should pull the phone. Oh shit. Then put our glasses on. So there’s a preparation to answer that phone and it’s ringing after she’s up to the giant horse ring tone in the worth. I know. So when a Copeland heard about a change or rings or else the last thing they need is it, everybody was looking at them but now they’ve all loved it. The complete opposite direction. Everyone, it’s kind of like you almost have to pause and waste are he finished or he thought nobody goes on at the same time and you’ve just reminded them, you know this inappropriate thing to do would be to at least put it on site because at the same time I don’t want to be known as the bossy [inaudible]

that Coppola at the end of the day I’m more than happy with the way things are going in our weightings around and the dinner was 110% in my opinion. 90% it’s somebody else’s fault in my opinion. It was on at 10% and that’s my job done even though the varsity side of it.

But no, but, but like otherwise you know, it’s kinda like music starts, they all walk up the aisle and then this person is speaking for 13 minutes, but sometimes this a little bit might not even give their name. What’s his name? What’s it. Yeah, exactly. But it’s nice to kind of introduce you, say, okay, for the next 30, 40 minutes, this is, this is me and this is what’s going to happen. This is every single tone in my tank gets some heartened to be able to let people know. Yeah. But if you were to say hi to someone, you’re not going to like shake their hand and sit there silent. [inaudible] hello. Cause again it’s new to people. So I wonder your Reuters and are writing to a venue out there. Chances are they’ve never been to [inaudible].

Okay, so you made, there’s so many gone up performing your ceremony, you know who are already, who are already doing and yeah, introduction. Yeah. Housekeeper. Yeah,

exactly. And then I know like, cause people always ask people, so like guests or family members to kind of be involved in ceremony. It can be something as simple as, you know, reading a couple of things for POM or a full reading and like cause but you respect the fact that this is what neuro bracket for these people. Yeah.

Well, eventually, um, became a Celerant without thinking of public speaking for some stupid reason.

He was going to mine the box. He got up in the silence elements. Yeah.

And I was the least person to work.

It was only when you find yourself starting at the top of the room and you’re about to open your motion, go, Oh, I know everyone’s name looking at me and they’re judging.

I was in the most, not uncomfortable position, but it was just, yeah, it’s just somewhere that I didn’t,

yeah, he felt like he needed to improve on straight away. Yeah.

It’s, it’s approach and a dad, to me, it’s important for people to involve people with inner ceremony. It shouldn’t just be about couple again, and whether that be moms, whether that be moms and dads, but I don’t know if your brothers and sisters don’t lead. It means it’s people who man stuff to them being involved. And then that means it’s a personal ceremony to them because family members aren’t involved. And then from there, then not every family member has somebody that will talk for event and I would stand up in front of 200 people and we don’t care who’s looking or listening. And so yeah, it’s, it’s given appreciation to have an understanding that again, they are publicly speaking and we have a fear of it. We did. We haven’t,

we do. But anyone, if you’re comfortable speaking, it’s, it feels first few words. I even find when I started these, it’s like the first thing I say is the hardest part of it because you just need to get yourself in that motion, don’t you? But once you’re in it, it’s fine. Yeah. It’s the fear. It’s, it’s the anticipation isn’t it? It’s, yeah.

And also that’s why it’s even a, y’all was as a couple too prepared. Are there readers give them notice, give them the reading. They allowed them to read over it a couple of times so that when they arrive on the day, what they’re reading, they’re a bit more familiar with. It’s not until complicated. It’s straightforward. It’s 400 to enjoyable. It’s meaningful to more than just a couple.

And you can read anything. Like I’ve, I’ve heard lyrics of the most like obscure size was almost worse on screen. They didn’t, that is brilliant. I’ve never heard, I never heard that in [inaudible]. They stripped

it back, talk to the lyrics and void of six people kept them embarrassing. And if you actually read the, but there were amazing

lyrics but like everybody having phoned her and giants or did they can relate to the lyrics. What was your point there for going? Is that actually that song they actually isolating that song cause [inaudible] yeah cause yeah cause I’ve heard like heavy metal lyrics coming out and everything and to have two people in the room go like yeah,

who wrote that? Us. And if you’re a rock Copa, like you’ve just brought that into your survey, you’ve done them in such a nice kind of way to do it.

It is a bully. We’ve even had a couple of staff when they’re signing the legal documents, they’ve got guests, our family members to sing. Nothing else matters from Metallica. And I’ve had boys walk up to you at the ACDC [inaudible]

and that’s my thing as well. Your music has, there’s, you can do anything you want when it comes to music, whatever you want. Yeah. There are no,

wait, no. Is there a final count down?

Okay. Okay. Because she wants today and that is, you’re not going to go no, because I’m not giving that person a restriction. Yes. Yeah. Your facility by genuinely tell nobody. No. Okay. Someone says to me, all you want to do that,

it’s so strange.

Like honestly, when they get the link warm and is going around the rings or ended up being swapped with a hula hoop or a [inaudible]


don’t make it the comedy show. But at the same time,

if he said y’all go to the park and those that and the ground gets are deployed gets are, you know,

but it doesn’t have to like yes there is a serious side of things because yes you are really getting married but it should be fun and it should be entertaining and you should enjoy the time

frustration partly because um, we perform legally when it’s our, so we have an understanding of the legal part of it and the legal elements on water entered into like what you’re sewing and then

you have to be serious for a moment to meet this kind of thing. Yeah. But at the same time it shall be as far away from that as possible. But it’s great though because everyone that is coming kind of pulls away like enlightened and entertained and it’s kind of does greet, you know, you’re in a good mood and wasn’t that lovely kind of thing. Yeah. I’m a bit asleep. Exactly. And I suppose like outside of, so readings are one thing and I know some people are just like you could ask them to do reading and they just kind of go, Oh please don’t ask me. Please don’t ask me. I don’t think you should force anyone to do anything you’re just not comfortable with. But the nice thing about like the type of ceremonies that you would perform is there’s so many different elements to us. It doesn’t have to be for someone to be involved. They don’t have to speak no silence when a couple of guys

Saturday the times moms to force thing they would say is I don’t want to be involved in your ceremony. Okay. And that’s fine. And of course back to when might you have to publicly speak

cause that’s the first thing you think of to be involved in a ceremony.

I must have to speak here, but there is so dangerous elements such as bringing moms in or dads in or producers and sisters and are the kids in our cases, they don’t really have that

fear of public speaking. They don’t mind performing. They don’t mind. Um, you had a confidence level is a lot harder. Give them a job. Love to be given a job, a job. They love us. Yeah. And but yeah, now if you can bring people into say help point, pay some ribbons, lighting candles being up there being part of it. Yeah, absolutely. Bring people in. They don’t have to do what we do. And we might actually just talk about a couple of different things that are right cause some people haven’t been to so many and they’ve never seen a sand pouring or they don’t know what tying the Natty is kind of thing. And like even just something simple like you’ve got a unique angles. Everyone’s really ready and as you can do because you’re going to see them probably in every type of ceremony you go to. But the nice thing is like the moms or the dads are just a family member lighting those outer candles. There’s a part in it that says does your moms can be like we’re bringing the winter, this warrants, so would only be fitting that you continue to use his legs and adores, give their moms a sense of, yeah. And then you’re relating your main Campbell from there, which is lovely. Yeah. And also

the mom, again, we have our head around what is this? Not in the church. Yeah.

But if you’re bringing an Hort into the ceremony and this is the moment that you will be familiar with, it’s a client. Again, a bit of a nod to my, I’d say, you know what, look folio. Appreciate you have your opinion and yeah,

beliefs and whatever. Yeah. But look,

we still want it to be part of Aramark or something like that. Yeah. I think it’s stuff like everyday. And then, cause you mentioned kids with the sand pouring. Yeah. That’s lovely. If you’ve got, if got kids that their nieces and nephews are your own kids, especially if they’re on own. We’ll see this, the tingling. We don’t really know whose kids who can involve a couple of grandchildren and could be your guide children or could be, you know, you could be, it could be anybody that you’re involved with in, it could be

your brother and his kids

represent as a family and then you evolve. And also again, it’s only so you can be involved with an assigned ceremony. What it is is

it’s hard again for to sit a couple down and their kids and say to them, look, we’re getting married and like we want you to sit there for 45 minutes.

Yeah. So I’ve seen some kids get so emotional they can do like, and it’s kinda like they, they, they understand their parents are getting married and they’re there. It’s just their theory, their, and happiness isn’t a thought. I’ve just seen them break down like completely break down the ceremonies in the most beautiful sense. But it’s just like they can’t, they can’t hold it in anymore, but the emotion just comes out, take them after probably ball and don’t always put the oil. They’re sitting there and they’re getting their head around things. And then all of a sudden you’re saying like, come on. Oh absolutely. Yeah. And then they [inaudible] it was a comfortable situation and make a mess of them. Cause I’ve seen you picking up little kids and they can’t reach the table and you’re like, Oh, you’re bringing the sundown down today and to have the Moser down today,

you’ll see photographs with myself, with the family and the Coppola.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You can, you can get so much energy, so much positivity. You can get so much, eh, you can learn an awful lot from kids. You know, you really can’t. And even though where they’re meant to be the wiser ones, which are kind of, if involved them in a ceremony and make them feel that bit more a corner, it can feed off it.

That’s a hard thought afterwards that they keep with the whole idea of, you know, you bring it home, that it’s not, it’s a physical object that you’ve gotten all these grains of sand that are, no, the whole idea is never be in time. You can explain to them. You have your photographs but you also have that time third 32 can go pour this together. Yeah, it’s very nice and one I’m that we’ve, we’ve, I’ve actually probably only seen in the last two years and it’s kind of coming the whole lab love letters and the [inaudible]. I’ve seen all sorts go in this box. I’ve seen bottlers of whiskey, I see nagging because there was a gluten free Bailey’s with me, bottles of blue wicked [inaudible] serious because the whole idea is you’ve written the letter to each other and then you’re putting in this box with something that you sit together, a drink that you sit down together with. It’s your choice, not choices for me. Yeah. The way it works is

you import, put your bottle of whatever and if you don’t drink at all you can put the place of a meal in, but it all goes into this wine box and you are lot balled. Royal love letter to a truck and you would see your love letter in an envelope and some people go, we’re not doing that because they think, again, I have to read it out with the ceremony and

yeah, and then you can also add in your wedding invitation. You can add in today’s newspaper

where you can idea and there’s loads of different things you can add is what happens is your leader, if you’ve had an argument and it’s gone that far, does it just kind of solves up between yourselves and that there’s something there that you weren’t able to open this wine box and over your glass of wine or your glass or something that you’re able to sit down and actually read each other’s letters and then hopefully bring you back to where you were in your relationship and where you should be. Remind yourself, and again, your wedding invitation would be in there too, which there’s a time capsule and it might be a little letter from your daughter or your Solon or something in there. Yeah.

Some people have kind of like a, they’ve got, they’ve actually set a tone that we’re going to do this in five years, we’re going to do, yeah. That argument

that it got stopped for us. Yeah. So then you pick a wedding anniversary 50 10 to 1520 fifth and open it then or some people open them every year and I put a new letter in for the next year.

Oh really? Oh that’s nice. Okay. That’s really proactive couples. Yeah. I wouldn’t be that couple. No, no. Sorry buddy. Not a hope. Yeah, no. Then maybe the ones, but yeah, that would be recommended.

It’d be a wooden fold wooden box because it first declared laid on the top of the bottle of wine is now looking at you.

Well that’s true actually. Do we have anyone where they are on that box? Yeah, but not on the box can be lovely. Cause I’ve seen them in grieves with their names and their dates. They’re really lovely. Yeah.

But you can actually take the caravan, even the shapes of um, champagne glasses. You can get your name engraved into a, you can get just loads of different things that we don’t even know what they are compared to the one that I have. I need to get to know us.

And then it was the hand time off. Cause this is something that like, I think the sand pouring hunting are the two IC. Yeah. But I’ve seen the hand signs on in a few different ways where it would just be say yourself tying the ribbons or whatever or rope or whatever they’re using, um, together. But then I’ve also seen the bridal party had a ribbony chore, if I remember. Yeah.

San DOD cons of too many toys himself come away with something different. Again, you can avoid bolt, mom’s old or you can avoid that. So are you going to Blake voters and sisters orders by these types of games on sitting there? You could bring in and again, make them pay it somewhat evolve on it and just put a suit on and sit there, you know,

and you’re usually saying a few words while they’re kind of, or how does it work? Our music is this or, yeah,

and there’s a couple of different ways you can deal with it and we always introduce what we’re about to do. So this is the toy explaining this, the oldest tradition when it comes to marriage,

but if that’s the one thing I find it, but when you use harmonies you do explain things as they’re happening. It’s not a given that every Sullivan has that approach and that everyone has their own way of doing things. But the nice thing I’ve seen about you doing is when you’re a [inaudible] and you’ve just, you’re explaining to the full room, this is where this came from, this is why we’re doing the idea or the other side of things where you do think of like if we’re about to move in a chair, you do think of the, where you position the, the couple of, where are you positioned, the people that are involved in this part of the ceremony that it’s not a case of you’ve just created this kind of circle around the corporate and other blocked off, forget video, forget photo. Like if anything, the guests they can know. Can’t see what’s happening. That’s it. And it’s important you put this in your sermon aid for people to witness, let the witnesses is what I would say. Yeah. But you always think of these things like I ever served you that don’t get it. You always have a nice way of you open it out to the guests. They could see what’s happening. Yeah, it’s to the guests

and at the same time it’s also two photographers assaults with different geographers because again, as you said, if it’s in closed, I’m not going to download it because all of these mean something to us and we’re all here together and so it’s open to up to dat. Could be the perfect follower. It could be the perfect debate on a video call. Again, mom’s involved just the doors, it opens up

and I know it probably seems like it’s a given to you because this is what you do, but like cause like witness so many ceremonies and everybody does differently, but it’s kind of, it’s just something that stands out to me that you,

or thinking of every aspect. Yeah. The script I haven’t had around in a sense. Yes. So from there it’s looking at a lot of boxes. That coin, how can I improve here? What can I make work for everybody? Because at the end of the day you have to be able to arrive and go brilliant. Finney’s here today.

Yeah. Well I do, I do. I go, I won’t have to move a chair to see everything that’s going on. Yeah. It’s right up chair in the middle, like admitted shirt just because was on the grass or something. Yeah. So, but it, these are all little things that just make it, and it goes from me a good sermon to a great sermon, I think. I know. Yeah.

See you in time then. Like I said, you got an inquiry. We’ve decided we’re going to go, not going to have a transparent one. Yeah. You’ve been to many a ceremonies. Yeah.

Who, who would you like? [inaudible] yeah, he does a great survey. And then I suppose for the vows as well, cause you can do your own vibes if you want. You can write your own levels. Yeah. Which is nice. Yeah.

Tell the parent or a promise you will never walk alone. We’ve had

and they just from the reciting lyrics

we had people, yeah. That again you might want to stick to traditional and having to hold for religion or for some people that thought or written their own various is terrifying. It can be, no, I think it’s the more speaking them in front of everybody. Then you’re overthinking it and then you’re like going send your mom Roy chain [inaudible] is he going to throw in the writings rather than the completely wrong thing. And again that comes down to preparation too. And this is the thing, you really help people with those that we meet. We sit down and explain to them the process of her waiting, not her waiting vowel. She’ll be done. Okay. Because everyone was doing them differently. But the rate approach, again, familiarize yourself with what you’ve created. Read over a couple of times, be familiar with it. You have a printed out before your honor today so you can read it there and then um, or, or try and avoid repeat after me. It’s something I try and take myself out and then repeat [inaudible] again, if they’re familiar with what they’re reading, then it’s printed out and phoned to them. It’s more at a glance, I know it’s back open. It’s Vinnie standing in the middle of this couple of our exchange of valves which are and most romantic moment and then I’m standing there,

this is yours [inaudible] yay

is me in the middle of them. Exchange emails. But again now we’ve told them that they’re publicly speaking and so it’s addressing that properly and talking people through the percentage of them knowing to 90% will go with it and take your experience and take care of your award for are okay with he knows what he’s doing or didn’t. Okay. He stabbed at these situations before. He’s not going to put us in a position that we’re going to be uncomfortable and yeah, artists always stop Copa. That would say irrelevant of why do you do or don’t do repeat after me. I want you to do after me. And that’s fine because again, I’m having to go ahead and down trail.

And I think some people can have, you know, when you envision your wedding and you envision parts of it, she’s like, that could be one part of it that’s ingrained in their mind. Like the, you know, the repeat after me, like I see him, I see that car show and that’s fair enough. Yeah. I don’t think, but wouldn’t the only people do the wrong vote? It’s almost enough. We actually, we did the wrong pose. All we date of, so funny we use it or on Vegas, myself and Benny and um, I, he cried. I didn’t, but I did I go first. Yeah. It’s, yeah. Cause I taught it and then, but after that I made him cry and I did and I felt like this awful hard bitch all together. And um, but then after that I saw loads of other people in the same situation.

I was like, Oh, it’s flight normal. Yeah, yeah, that’s true actually. Yeah. Get the emotion. Oh, it’s, Oh, it’s so raw. It really is. It’s amazing. And then like, but even little things like the first guest and in the first case like that is a big moment that people think when I get married you have to walk and down the aisle and you got the rings in your head, you’ve got the first case in your head. But like the gray thing, and again in this moment you’re thinking about the whole picture and you’re like, as you’re almost, I’m an [inaudible] get your like you’re slowly backing away.

No, but it’s great though because I know what’s going inside cause I can see you taking steps backwards, but you’re doing it so that it’s, as you said, it’s not like couple your face in there almost kissing your chest that you’ve, Oh, you’ve left very close to nobody. It’s great because it works all the guests and they’re having a moment like themselves on their own without someone sounding too close to them, you know, it’s a picture perfect moment. Then it’s video has it, guests get to see us and it’s usually them, the turnaround. They were like, yeah,

yeah, your settlements will be a part of your ceremony. One at the same time or certain times or you have to be able to go, okay, yeah, well you don’t need to be there. And at that moment, I don’t need to be there at that moment. Or you don’t literally need to be standing there with her kissing. It’s not all about the solid [inaudible]

silly, but it’s, it’s those little things and it’s, it’s, it’s, I find couples are, they tend to celebrate more when they’re given that little bit of space and the Mormon seems to last a little bit longer. Yeah. Yes. Yeah.

Yeah. And so with you make it about them and put them into a position that, not that they’re the one I’m performing, but [inaudible] and all that. The last thing I need is a hundred people out with their phones on the oil and forced kiss, kiss the roids the last thing you need is our case. You’re going home. The last thing you need is, does that sound in the middle?

Don’t get too close to the Creek. [inaudible]

you’re right, you’re right. And then obviously the signing the register, like again thinking cause you like you always make sure that the register is in a nice position that everyone can watch them sign the register. But signing the register you’re now signing like legally that you are in a marriage. So it should be in, especially like so people think a lot of a Decker and they might have these big flower walls or do you know lots of deco around and you know it’s nice if you’re signing the register to include the check cause sometimes you can be in a hotel space and you’ve decorated the hotel space and it’s beautiful. But there has to be an emergency access somewhere. The costume or just the exit sign somewhere. And I have gone into spaces where there’s been beautiful flower walls and ashes and so much Decker and the registry segment table is onto the emergency exit door and you’re kind of going under. But I actually say this to couples beforehand. Think look at the room. And when you’re, when you’re like where you’re going to be sitting, what’s behind you if you’re not in the center right. Or when you’re siting to register, what’s going on around you. But you think of these things as well, which is great cause I don’t have to worry when I hear your name, I’m like Albany, we’ll have the reset and it’s grunt.

They look, the venue venues are brilliant. No wedding coordinators are genuinely our attention to detail and I’m yet to find one that [inaudible] approach is brilliant because they know today descope is getting married, these are priority and that’s make sure everything is perfection. Yeah. But at the same time Jocelyn, that moment couples, our guests be walking up the oils getting taken her seats slowly, metacarpal crooked, they’ve slightly told listen, a Reuven an approach to ceremony as if, okay, when we parent her as to walk up that light, what way would they like it if the parent was to assigned that legal document or the like a position or him that position there. You know, just try and approach it as if, again, I’m getting married on that day. In what way would I know? Again,

but that’s great though because not everybody has that thinking. And I love this thinking. You and me are on the same way, but I think karaoke aim and then even for the exit and where I’m going to go away from the sermon is secondary. But even the accent, like simple things like you know, I’ve seen you get the bridesmaids and like, cause the old traditional way in a, in a church, I suppose if you were in a church base would be, you might get the breather party up on the altar for photograph in the church and in the music place and they all walk down the road and they all happen to be there. It’s not the same when you’ve got our spiritual summaries, something going on because it’s a different space and every space is different sizes. But you do get the groomsmen ready, the bridesmaids ready, the bridesmaids have their flowers in their hands and they’re all ready for that exit. And I know this sounds so simple, but a lot of the time it’s like, you know, and the newlyweds, the music cues and they walk in the bridesmaids are kind of like, they’re turned around and they’re picking up their bouquets and they’re getting ready and who am I walking with? Do I go and I like, you’re just, you’re almost holding people’s hands from the beginning

to the end in a nice way that you do now.

You’re arriving to a new venue that you’ve probably never done before. You’re waving to his spiritual ceremony that you’ve probably never been before. You’re meeting Vinnie Dutch, you’ve probably never met before. And, and it’s me first time being at grandma’s mine. It’s my first time being a bridesmaids. Yeah.

It’s funny when you’re, when you’re asking your braids, migrants, when you suddenly become unable to be a human being anymore and you just, you forget the functions of, you know, groomsmen, I’ve got two hands and now I don’t know what to do with these two hands all day long. Where do I put my hands? Bridesmaids? I’m holding flowers. Is it in one hand, two hands? How polo and it like, but they do, they ask you all these questions all day long because they just suddenly become like very aware of themselves I suppose, isn’t it? So again, that’s an important day for them.

So Robin and after giving them there they are to Bryce not undertake but at the same time they’re probably let you just concentrate on certain teams and if there’s somebody there that’s able to go, okay well look, the bride and groom or the Graham Graham are ready to walk down the Island, they’re going to be here. I need you to stand here if I need you to stand here. And while also what that does is when the Pope will head back down the oil. But I also try and deal with holds the broiler party or the grim sparkly off completely the Coppola down the Hill. I know sometimes photographers will hold a couple at the end of the carbon, got to follow grass with them kissing and all of a sudden it’s going to like the last thing you need is,


you know, so try and hold them off again. It’s trying to visualize when I’m walking back down to the corporate, have their hand in the air and the chair and do your once so hold them off and again going at them through everything and send them down one by one and nothing starts to happen is the guests start to even give demonstrate round of applause for art and hold them off as much as you can and give them their moment of because they’ve already had a common oil. Yes. I’ll give it back to them on the way. That sounds so true though because there’s so much thought goes into walking up the aisle. No one thinks about coming back down the look at the amount of minuscule details you go through about walking up and then the deploys my grandma’s maids all head back down the oil under Grimson. Um, and what happens is then you know moms or moms and dads down and give them their little moment

said they get out first as well. They can actually go congratulate the cold book and this one is off cause it’s good that you’re there. How back away cause the whatever venue it is, they usually have a couple of glasses of champagne or something for them and it’s nice to give them a moment to like have a bit of a cheers since. Do you know how the moon was between yeah. And then like they’re usually gonna tank, all those guests for calming. Do you know? So it gives you a moment to kind of, you know, well this is where you’re going to be. Take a breath and off you go. I heard to be bubbling Jay. But no, it’s great. And I think all these things are something that not everyone thinks about. You do think about, and this is why I’ve got you sitting here. This is why you’re here. Money. This is why you’re here. I am. And I suppose preparation then before the wedding day. Yeah, it’s quite important because you’ve got your serve many booklets and do you help them with the yeah.

Taco couples out of ceremony. I’m being honest. Do you find they’re a distraction to the guests? Yeah. Again, to arriving into something that’s new and you want them paying some attention. If you give them a book literate, they now have something that we read and was your uncle certain moments and to present percent at a time and the last person to leave diver ceremony room. Okay. And the chances are every seat has a booklet part a scrolling on it. Yeah, that’s a, yeah. Hold on. I’ve already spent money to print getting a ribbons for the scrolls, putting effort into craning everything.

Chances are you’re home by, he’s not gonna be big enough from the digital [inaudible] you want

as far as scrolls and also, yeah, it’s um, I do sometimes talk couples out of plenty. No, somewhere. Adamant local. Yeah. Again, I’ll reuse it. It’s short ceremonies and [inaudible] that’s what it goes at everybody point. But also what it does is it gives us both more time for preparation in terms of the script and allowing for and change and allow for [inaudible] stone, I suppose. Then the other thing is that when we meet in time, we sit down and we go through absolutely everything for the ceremony was meet your couples if you can. Yeah. [inaudible]. We probably call them together and either join me halfway. You caught me halfway. The beauty now is for Skype. There’s Facebook calls, there’s WhatsApp video call and I can get a lot from that. We have couples in Thailand, we have couples in American with couples and Canada in two days for the wedding.

It’s still close. Communication can be done over a difference. All completely different ends of the scale and what happens is when we meet in a Cobra gold weight and doing a ceremony booklet, all of that information has to be decided on. Now it’s true because it has footprints. It’s official, it’s printed. We can chop and change it. Boy, you go skip this Bay and then you evolved at this time. Maybe come up with your script, but you can Andre, you can change it. You might see a new tradition and may see addition with any different song, different ball, and it gives them more time to acclaim, to open, to open to with less pressure, less confirmation on, always signed off and description wants to go. There’s no going back. [inaudible] it is a change or a change of somebody’s name, a reader’s name or reading and somebody somewhere along the line all of a sudden your Todd was coming home from Australia and take them home when their name is in the booklet and

yeah, it’s more things you would think of. I wouldn’t have thought of that night to be honest. It didn’t actually enter my mind. I’m like, I know a lot of time, like when they were meeting couples before their wedding as well and they always email me and say, what do I have to have ready? Is there homework? Like do I have to, how do I prepare for us to prepare when we meet? Like is there anything

that was an understanding of their preparation? No,

they do. They have to have a certain amount ready before the day. You are a Dwin name? Yeah. Okay. So if they call in, they’re very, Vinny, I haven’t a clue. Health me. That’s okay. It’s up to me. Sometimes that can not walk better. Okay. But again, they’re coming into this blind and you’re probably open as well, a bit more open to suggestion. They don’t here that you don’t have like a clear, yeah.

Um, where again, like we, we’ve had the scale of Cobalt’s that you literally speak to couple of weeks before to ceremony and they’re going with the flow and so forth also with Tosha, but at the same time, here’s the spreadsheet. I want you to Mark this box off and I want you to Mark that box off. I don’t want you to [inaudible]. Okay. So your personality. Yeah, absolutely. And it gives you the allowance to walk with boat. You can be as prepared as you want to be. I’m writing poems and readings and suggestions to the ceremony or today to the meeting. Or you can,

we don’t have to stress if you really like, you’ve tried to think about it and you’re just kind of at a bit of a loss. That’s what you’re there to help with, which is, which is good. I think it’s important people to know that as well. You don’t have to worry. It’s okay. You have. And I suppose then when it comes to, um, locations, it’s like since you, with the spiritual sermons, everything since this stage come about in Ireland, it’s opened up the possibility of many different, it really is amazing. And is there any restrictions on where you can actually get married

anywhere that well with the spirit, with spiritual ceremonies, yeah there is certain restrictions and they would be anywhere looked after by the old PW for insurance. So because we’re on a local farm ceremonies in anywhere that’s looked after buddy OPWC I did not know that. That’s new information to me. Good to know though. Good to know. And when it, Madame venues are absolutely stolen and they are terribly bucket list of the farmer ceremony and

straight away

say if you’re going outdoor. Yeah. Do you have to be in our rate a certain radius of a structure or is that yeah. Okay. Okay. So like if I was like I want to get married on this cliff, it has no address. It’s in the middle of nowhere. You can’t, you can’t be doing that.

Like he boots, I’ll do a base, but it’s good to know

cause I think people see outdoors ceremonies and they might see it on a beach, but the beach is associated with the venue I suppose. Yeah. Yeah.

Hopefully I’ve already gotten married in our registry office and then can literally have whatever ceremony they want.

Well first to be legally binding. There is [inaudible]

if it’s legally binding. Yeah. There’s certain regulations and like that you have to follow.

But the outdoor spaces like the venues. Yeah. I mean like the one we did recently during in the summer at the castle and it was just like, it’s actually a dream. It was ridiculous. You know? It really was.

And the venue was out of this beautiful re-pin. It is a castle [inaudible] heart to just take that ceremony and bring it outdoor and that wetter more to new Orleans. It’s unique. It does add a bit more to, I put the great thing about venues now was the percentage of them are komanoff with an outdoor alternative.

Yeah. I think they kind of have to give you that option. Like they kind of feel that they’re under pressure to provide that options rebuilt. But I suppose then like I feel sorry for people with the weather when they come to, when it comes to indoor and outdoor ceremonies, but at the same time like you’re still getting married and if the weather doesn’t allow you to go outside, it happened.

See, the great thing again about these venues is that same venue has a beautiful ceremony room. Yeah, that’s a good, like you’re not sat in there just pulling me into this realm in the corner here because it kind of got Marty doped on.

Well, I think it’s good to think about like, so if you were, your first option was outdoor and there’s always possibility it won’t happen. You have to go indoor. You do have to plan both. It can’t just be a case of can you fit all your guests?

You go from a basket to, exactly. The rest of them were like, Lorraine is, they can’t go there. But no, but these are all things like it’s always been and plan B. But when it, when it does,

I suppose whether is um, a lot of it is right or permitted and again, the decision will be made two or three days before because even loose surface seats in the grass, like heels, all of that type of stuff. No. Some venues will be on concrete and some are on, you know, um, they’re terrorists or like your plan B to me isn’t just you’re settling for this room. Yes. And that’s what I try to say. You need to be just as happy with both scenarios. Well, venue’s now in Orland is the two of them out of plan a yes. That makes sense. Yeah.

Some people don’t make some a, B, C or D. if they do, it’s great because like even the caseloads, yeah.

Those big doors, any of they’re not so long ago. And they were saying, look, the certain parts that we were hoping to have a ceremony over here and the awards and then there’s a certain part over here that’s completely different and there’s a Southern, they had four or five different options. Slow start in the archival. Yeah. But it’s important though, I think that people do actually think about, because I told you if you’ve got both, and I think meanwhile, but they’re kind of like, I’m getting married. It’s like, yeah, that’s it. Yeah,

that’d be your next one. And then I’d say, okay, that’s great. And you know, if it does right now where, where are we going? No, no, no. But it is good. Stop not even talking about yo check this, but it’s, it’s good to think about these things when a call [inaudible]. Yeah.

Oh, you’ve married couples in certain venues two years in a row on the 27th of December at the exact same venue, two years in a row. Frozen, slightly cold. What we have called,

she’s supposed to be there with [inaudible] and a fire burning next to her. Yeah. All the guests are like, but at the same time again, and it’s

unique, it’s your outdoor and Arlan and it doesn’t have a much, you know, I think you’re not going to be out there for too long either. Should be realistic about it. Yeah. Yeah. And I suppose because just the length of the time of the ceremonies I suppose spelled Tori 25 minutes, not too long. And it kind of depends on how much you put into it, isn’t it? The more you put in, the more meetings tomorrow and elements, um, it can be calm longer or the less you put in. We try and never go between the like anything before 40 minutes. Okay. Yeah, we feel a bit rush then isn’t it? Can be married. What’s your hurry? Yeah, where are you going? Just few. I’d say idea one back down, you know, because you can have a meal or whatever. You can have a dance whenever you can listen to a boundary whenever. Yeah, it’ll all work in. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s only 30 minutes to your day. I know what you only say like 15 because you’ll know it’s one of the quickest days. And I think for people like the time you have the ceremonies as well, it’s to remember that it’s 13

minutes of the ceremony when it’s happening. You need to allow the time to get to the top of the aisle. You need to allow at a time to exit back out to the ceremony and then 10 call your guests. Because a lot of the time we talk to ’em conversely like, Oh, it’ll only be 30 minutes. So you know, it’s the same reason at one. So at half one we’ll start the photo shoot and we always go, that’s it. But it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s nice but it’s, and it’s not the brain’s fault or the green spot and majority of time it’s the guests sit down, something’s out, there’s lower speed, almost want to give an hour window. Even if it is, it doesn’t matter what I, the guests

or to win or send a note or an invitations. If your ceremonies are 2:00 PM pull one torquey on an invitations.

It’s the venue. Yeah, from half wanting to wear it already or at least starting the venue when you know, when not when a person is walking up that oil and they’re walking up the Island to every single day, it’s being there and that there’s no one brush and boy them ticketing ahead of them. And it’s a venue where like you’re going to a venue that you’re in a space, there is facilities there. It’s not like you’re going to an obscure location where there isn’t even a bathroom to get to and now you’re waiting for the bus, but these are all things that like, you know, people go, Oh, I couldn’t do that to the guests, but they’re in a location where there’s facilities for everything for the adjuster. That’s about, yeah, exactly. But yeah, I think that is there anything else when it comes to the actual ceremony that I’ve missed that I didn’t talk to him? I think we’ve probably talked through quite a lot or that you want to let know people know about before.

No, not really. Just to maintain when it comes down to the important thing is if you are hoping to get married in your venue on today, just make sure, touch our celebrant. Yes, it’s licensed for farm lady Brennan ceremony. That’s the most important thing. If, if they earned, you either have to go to the red shelf was for Mohana, got married, the celebrant of your choice performance ceremony or you have a ceremony of your choice independent if you’re not married, what happened to ceremony? Husband, wife, bridegroom. Marriage all at Wharton shouldn’t be in your script because you’re not married to him. So that’s a good tip. I just thought didn’t [inaudible] the ground where the husband in a way because they’re not because they sit out and mighty yet so. Okay. And it’s kind of like, it’s a lot here.


and I suppose if the people were looking at booking their Sullivan’s, um, I do you sometimes meet couples before they book you or how does that work? You can do, yeah. Again,

people are a lot more aware and a lot more educated in terms of their options and yeah. Did couples want to meet the settlements beforehand? Now? Did you just know that it’s an role? Yes, we want to make sure we take with this person or not and we want to meet them and get the volleyball after Mart again or no,

if you’re going to meet your photographer, you should probably be yourself. It’s a small role on the day. Yeah. But the good thing is a lot of it starts to call

now to where we see in Vinny do a ceremony. So we want them to do their ceremony. And you like the way it all came together? Yeah, we attend wedding fairs now, so when venues are putting under long wedding, we attend and it’s, it’s not really about, can exercise is more than information exercise in my opinion. You get to have a conversation with them and you might get a good feel they’re gone like him or I don’t. And that’s fine. I’ve learned that the hard way too.

But I think it’s important though that you like, just because someone else said he’s great or he liked him, doesn’t mean you have to like her. This is it. Like you watch, you watch film, you gauge. I love it. It’s the same one. Everything in life. Yeah. And you should really go buy your own coffee. Like we always say that,

look, if you’ve made an inquiry and you’ve been given the information and you’ve been appointed your settled rent, don’t pay deposit. Okay. Pick up the phone. Even have a quick conversation or say, look, you’ve given me a two week window to make a deposit payment. Can we sit down and have a conversation? Okay. Do you usually get appointed a Southern or he knew choose your solvent. Again, it comes down to the couple again. They have a better idea of what they want now or who they want to know. They are educating themselves in terms of, okay, well look again, I’ve seen Vinny did what he does and we brought our head him. I don’t want him but I once purchase ceremonies so and they can recommend a list of other celebrates and the work as far as the three of us now we’re not saying swipe left or swipe, swipe right on.

It was on the website. Coffee, right. That straight away there. No, that’s brilliant because you can pick and choose. Yeah,

for fair to being honest. Even though you want, I’m ready. Everybody. Okay. But at the same time, yeah,

when you can’t, you can’t be two places at one and see there you can only do one at a time and it’s going to be one a day. You’re not going to try to get used to it.

Were you disappointed are because two 42 orders without taking away from their doll personality [inaudible] and their own approach and everything and their professionalism. You’re so getting the spirit to ceremony, you know, so you would never take, I want as many people to kind of any, um, there’s no other option. Of course, there’s other options that will give you a very, very similar, sometimes not better than what are you offering? Yeah.

Is that because I’ve met loads of me and you’re all lovely. I’m going to get in trouble with the rest of them though for bringing you on and not the others. We’re actually the sporty to celebrate number 14. Two. Welcome. And actually before we kind of move away from what we’re talking about now, if you were

searching for,

you don’t know of a spiritual ceremonies, you know you want that certain type of ceremony. If you were to use keywords on say Google or something, like what are, what are probably stay away from me cause like, cause if I were looking for a salad I would probably go onto Google and go celebrants Ireland or celebrants in Ireland or in cork or it’s wherever you are kind of [inaudible].

The great thing about spiritual ceremonies is now it’s searched more than on Google. It’s people click on them or so it is, again, it’s popping up more and more bought. Yeah. Keywords such as should look for [inaudible] in my opinion. [inaudible] and she’ll be the Forrest thing. You want to leave your point and ceremony. Okay. Then from there then it will lead you to to Celerant. Yeah,

cause you probably be like Solomon my, how do I spell [inaudible]

is we built up a great reputation with our of any, okay. Okay. So when all your way to a certain venue, the castle, I go, wow, okay, yeah, I want to get married there. Do you also want that when Mary says here’s a list of suppliers and they’re performing a ceremony for you? Yeah. So the important thing would also is suppliers to us, venues, photographers, videographers. And that is not, that is why,

but it’s, it’s, but it’s a, it’s a compliment to you that like if I’m not going to recommend someone that I saw Russia, Germany or fall over something

are, and at the same time I’m making it absolutely whatever of it and you have to spend the rest of the day with that cobalt after recommending me, I’m going home. You’re still there to know. So yeah, absolutely. I guess that it has to work that you wouldn’t just go here, do it.

Okay. Okay. So what you’re, what you’re kind of saying was elements is Omni search is a can work, but when it comes down to it, like other [inaudible]

leave the point ceremony, make sure your keyword is leaving you blind. And then 2% of the time when you go to the venue, when you go, I want to get Marty to in their data stolen, they will have [inaudible]. Chances are we’re almost every venue. We should be teetered on the safaris list. Our top of it. Okay. Yeah, I like that. No, that’s confidence. January because we got the same, um, we have the same relationship with couples that we have with venues that we have with photographers and it is, it comes down to like, Oh, you think the percentage of herb Balkans come from recommendations? Yeah.

Yeah. It makes it makes sense because in a sense it’s almost like a performance in a way and you’re going to witness, yeah. That

would recommend Vinnie. We’ll do your ceremony for you to stand over them 1000%. Yeah. And they wouldn’t have me because it’s a, it’s a very well known venue and they wouldn’t have me in that venue if they taught, Oh, you don’t want two minutes, then I can be quite able to recommend someone on side. Absolutely. Sure. Because it’s, someone’s going to take your words and mesh and it’s a big deal.

It’s a big deal. But no, that’s great. I don’t know, like we’ve kind of touched on, um, public speaking earlier on, but you actually ended up going doing, did you do courses and everything? Like yeah, public speaking course.

Oh yeah. I found myself employed by where to start a Monet’s now always to talk to all a hundred people. And did you find that like it just took a little bit of while to get like that you really feel comfortable in that space and that,

yeah, public speaking course was the best thing we ever got me really genuinely was, yeah, you come home crying. I said, first of all, and then she was like, quick love again.

A course in Dublin city center went in and on the course, I didn’t think I was going to get my job, what was sitting there. Um, and, but no, it was the best. But if you pick up just one or two things, it’s the improvement. It can, it could make, it’s amazing. You’re better off. The more ceremonies you deal with your clients, not learn from your mistake spot. DeMar ceremonies you do with your boy. You have your class as a public speaker because you are quite comfortable speaking

across the way. I don’t know if inside you’re screaming, but nobody comes across

60 people. My God, that’s a lot of paper. Oh, I was only say 190 could fit into the ceremony room and it was an order rail next door to the rest of the guests could fit in video Lincoln and showed there was a camera.

Oh no, that’s really, Oh, that’s really hard. Oh actually because Benny was, Helen wrote this and I was like, that’s a brilliant thing. You do a bit of charity work. This is going to show your personality. Actually, if anybody hasn’t gotten a grasp of your personality, they still show it, but not just charity work, community. Tell them what you do.

A lot of what I do is I go to the main thing. I deal with it over passion where it’s called to corner children’s hospital every year and I get toys donated from friends, family, random people that donate toys. We wrapped them up, bring them in, dress off the superheroes. It’s my job.

I think that’s my favorite part of this. Yeah. Weird.

I was in Ghana, Superman, Batman, Spiderman. When I visit the kids and give every single one of them the whole hospital presence for a business that’s a, that’s such a big, like I said, they might even, that wouldn’t give their time to do that and definitely wouldn’t be doing it as a superhero baby. You know, taking requests that you’ll, you’ll perform the ceremony.

Give me like the questionnaire, tick the box if you’d like. You’ve just, you’ve just, Oh, this solo. Somebody’s going to contact you. Money. Like we’re going to go on Avengers teamed wedding and your butt.

She was working on him. Her partner walks in. [inaudible] eh, am I guessing and started in Dublin city center and she wanted to have a Batman cowl. So I’ll find my own, I need to table and just before on the boat to performed a ceremony, she wanted to be deleted down, grabbed the cow, stopped and pulled it off. Fully agreed to it. She bottled it in 88 I would’ve, I would’ve.

Sweet, great a tutor. Things. What is swipe left or swipe right for your side of it. And the second thing is, do you want to address superhero? Yes or no costume. Just place your eggs different. Open. Oh, do I love that? Sorry, I have to, I have to break that one out. That though. I thought that was, I think it’s great though. It’s lovely

feelings and award. You get together with a group. People, you go into the children, you give every single one of them a presence. You’re watching them open it. It’s like it’s a lit moment. And then like we’ve, we spoke today to the coordinator. We’re in the hospital and she’s like to certain singers, musicians, famous musicians to come into this hospital and they sing for the kids and [inaudible] they don’t know who the precedents look the minute they see Batman or Superman or [inaudible] that day, you know, going to guess who was in with me, supermarkets and today this special special team to do. It’s something I do every year and it’s grown and grown every year and that’s about, they have a bit of time on my hands, which is good. Um, and lucky enough we haven’t had to experience anything in chroma hospital. Um, but at the same time going in there and it’s a hard unit into the cancer unit into it. And when it’s children, it’s just amazing, amazing code for people. That’s amazing. And I know you do some inspirational speaking as well. Do you [inaudible] in new Orleans, part of what we do is um, dependent on your, your level of mediumship, um, because yeah, there’s different types of mediumship. So I find myself as you can say, taught for Ireland and yeah,

he met the other person who talked, sorry, my voice is broadcasted listening to me

to be able to give a bit of positivity to people and I do like to be able to, I’m not the voices of people, but if we can even inspire one,

but it’s amazing the way something so small can give someone so much inspiration. Yeah.

So what we do again in the sanctuary on a Sunday, because I was an inspiration speaker and then resolve was a demonstration of mediumship and um, yeah, it’s gone to the sanctuary.

That’s nice for you that it’s a community in a sense then isn’t it? I suppose other people do the same. They give inspirational [inaudible] but then sometimes it’s not enough to have this platform and you know, everyone has already heard you’re an inspirational speaker and you’re going to like, how are we going to change this time? Yeah. I need a new one on there because at the same time being in sport a lot, it

is not the same team. Do you know what I mean?

Yeah. But it’s, it’s how you deliver that. I think there was a nice, like you could just stand there and say the words, but if you don’t mean the words, you know, deliver the words [inaudible] have to be able to be again, be passionate, have you believe it yourself that what you’re saying, you really believe in this in a way it’ll inspire somebody else on that. That’s great. And I with the, so weddings are an obvious thing that Sullivan’s do, but it’s not the only thing that he can do as well. Cause I know like there is firing notes, there is naming ceremonies for those of you who are there, don’t know what a naming ceremony is. It’s kind of like the alternative to a christening and he’s like yeah, yeah exactly. And then I like the way you call this end of life celebrations. Like cause the word says it’s celebrating a funeral. You’re like what? It makes you sad straight away. And I quiet there cause you said funeral and I don’t know what to say. That’s what happens. We tend to,

Oh, if I have to go to this funeral is doing, you know, and it is a sad time, but at the same time, if this person was Opie having positive and everything about it, the last thing he wants or she wants or they want is people around them outside and this and that. And also that ceremony has to be approached slowly similar to [inaudible] ceremony and has to be fun and enjoyable, but at the same time you have to be able to,

well you remembering the person actually. Yeah. And celebrating the positive reasons so far. Yeah. So yeah, it’s a Mark of respect to that person and they can bring their own personality even after they’re gone. If they’re standard, the personality is still there. Yeah, that’s nice. The might be, again, a certain poem that reminds you of that person or a certain song, don’t mind you that person or you know, and there’s no restrictions. Then I suppose you can just do whatever you want for music and bits and pieces. And the nice thing about the naming ceremony says, well let’s say say you’ve, you’ve married the couple of them, they have the baby like the old way was, you know, your priest that would’ve married you then Christians, your children. Yeah. But you, you can do the same kind of approach. What you’re finding or more is

that because it used to be the chair you have to get christened, make a community, make a confirmation to get married. Yes. And that was kind of good cause now without commune and Christian information, um, and again, you don’t need to be Christian to go to certain skills and that was a big thing. So yeah, people were christening kids just to get them into school and my beliefs are this, am I putting these beliefs on my child and so forth. So it, but there wasn’t a lot options before. Again, you can release balloons, you can again do the sand ceremony and you can bring the new kid into the sand ceremony that you’ve already done in your wedding with Jordan or two kids or whatever. And you can bring it back to the name of their ceremony and out there Sunday and and yeah, again it’s, it’s more to saturation and it does that great link to like married couples and then further down the line, okay we’ve had a kid, um, we look here was a person we want you to be the one doing that again at the next stage of their life and you actually get to meet them further down the lane and see how things are going.

And Marty, the cobalt, I don’t have the name and ceremony for the song and four years later got a, an email and a phone call to ask me to come along and do it our next songs. That’s great cause you get to know families then as the years go by. It’s amazing. I know you’ve given lots of incentives there but if there was one thing that you were to say to God was other than the legally binding site thing, cause I think we’ve had a very thoughtful yeah. Like sure. It’s legally binding. Is there anything else you’d advise? Couples when I call, it can be anything when it comes. So always say it should be the most enjoyable. They are not the most stressful and I always say to call balls, portrait trust in your supplier. If you can put your trust in your supplier as much as possible and allow your photographer to take the photos, you’re not looking over the shoulder, he’s blinking, she has red eyes, blah, blah, blah.

You don’t, you’re not slightly different angle. Yeah. I need you to be slightly overheard as soon as you allow your photographer to do the photographs, videographer, to get our footage now your cake to be the perfect cake. Just portrait trust and all what I was telling and they know what they’re doing and if they were not on a daily basis but at least two or three times a week every week and they seen the ghost, they in the bad is Indian difference. Yeah, absolutely. I, we’ve experienced everything on there and approaches and to make sure that it’s the worst that you’re like fair to folks just to make shorter. It’s as close to perfect as possible. It’s that same thinking that you’re trying to give them the best, like you’re going to help them even be better. You want to do better and better and better. This is perfect for you. Happiness. I heard another one there. What was good? Oh, you didn’t. There was no other one. You’d have to come back. It’s only

a short drive. What is it now? The tree hours, but yeah, we’ll get the audio going. That’s okay. That’s all right. But Vinny, thank you for coming here, Martin. Malcolm, so good. We probably can do this all over again. I think we probably will need to do this all over again a couple of years because things will have changed. Yeah, they keep changing. Don’t, well, procrastinate. Trans things are done slightly differently. Different approaches. Yeah, there’s a bit of trends at the moment. All right. Did you find with ceremonies, it’s not really a trend thing. It’s kind of something new might be included, but it kind of tends to, hang on. I’m not really seeing, so you’re gambler. Do you think the wine box and letters, is that a trend or is it just something that kind of was a negative spin on? You’re saying we’re going to have arguments and blah, blah, blah.

Are you yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It’s kind of weird if not argument does not, I don’t see many different trends. Obviously everyone wants your side of the mirror. Everyone wants her dance floor. Everyone wants everyone’s, or not many. Everybody’s a ceremony I think at the etic and what you put in your survey. Yeah, that’s true. At the same time, huge amount of respect and appreciation and the same approach for everybody. You know, there’s dancing, same boxes that need to be taped. Okay. So I don’t see too many. Like there’s no one called you out on a horse or giving people idea. There’s going to be a superhero.

Oh no. Yeah. That’s been amazing. Thank you. No, honestly though, thank you so much for driving so far to come down and talk to us. And I think we’ve, um, I think we have kind of opened up some of the questions that people have because I see people on forums all the time when I see them asking the same question over and over and over, hopefully we explained it clearly. I make more sense of it. Yeah, no, yeah, exactly. That is the way it should be with it. Again, you have to have an understanding of what do I want from me? Ceremony. Yes. People are educating themselves. There wasn’t the researching the thing. Thank you. Thank you very much for having me.

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