Wedding Couples – COVID-19 Tracing Contact List

Wedding Couples should into having a Contact List ready for Contact Tracing in case of transmission at their Wedding. Most likely it is the right thing to do, Laura and Benny work through what that might look like, who needs to be on it and how you might want to gently deliver the news if needed.

There are 3 Podcasts on this page the Original (bottom of page) and 2 subsequent updates, as COVID news for wedding moves slow.

Audio Podcast – Update Episode – First Week of June

Laura and Benny after 11 weeks of living with COVID-19 turn their cameras back on to record a brief update podcast. Benny’s debut on film in front of the camera. Laura and Benny discuss a range of updates to restrictions in Ireland and the impact on Weddings.

Listen to the Podcast via all good Podcast Apps including Google Podcast Spotify Apple Podcast and many more. Running Order is below.

A new Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business in Ireland is planned as Ireland enters Phase 2 of exiting a lockdown in June 2020. The new Roadmap will see 3 phases rolled into 2 phases, accelerating the return to activities by 3 weeks.

Podcast Schedule – Update Episode – First Week of June

00:00 Intro
02:25 New Roadmap (Ireland)
05:55 Number Restrictions
10:15 Social Distancing
13:25 Mass Gatherings
16:45 Plan B – waiting on information
22:10 Contact Lists for Tracing
23:00 Travel Quarantine
25:55 Long Goodbye and general outlook

YouTube – Update Episode – First Week of June

Camera get switched back on (schedule minutes differ on YouTube, see YouTube description):

Audio Podcast – Update Episode – End of May

Following on from last week, we give an update as the Lockdown Lull continues: It is the last day of May 2020! COVID lockdown is still in place in Ireland, we enter the last week of Phase 1 or easing the restrictions. Laura Redhead Benson joined by Benny Benny provide a brief-ish update on the impact on Weddings by the latest news.

Listen to the Podcast via all good Podcast Apps including Google Podcast Spotify Apple Podcast and many more. Running order is below.

Contact Lists for Tracing to be applied at Weddings get a semi-official nod from Tony and the Health experts.

Number Caps might announced soon, if not, other announcement may be good hints as to what is to come.

Travel Quarantine comes under pressure.

Laura and Benny laments on who was meant to have Weddings in the glorious weather.

Suppliers have hope and are putting out good vibes but tamper that so as not to get too hurt if things do not transpire.

More Lockdown Couch problems and a traditional long good bye.

Podcast Schedule – Update Episode – End of May

00:00 Intro – we will keep this short

02:25 Contact Lists- COVID Tracing

06:30 Postponements and Small Weddings

08:00 Number Restrictions

13:40 Metres Argument – Social Distancing

17:35 Travel Quarantine

19:00 Weddings that were meant to be (lamenting)

20:45 Hope, positive vibes and caution (don’t want an achy breaky heart)

22:10 COVID packs (think first)

23:50 Lockdown Couch Syndrome

24:30 Long Goodbye

Audio Podcast – Original

You can listen to the Podcast via all good Podcast Apps including Google Podcast Spotify Apple Podcast and many more. Running Order at the end of this page.

4 episodes in a row with Benny, will the lockdown ever end?

COVID wedding planning updates included confirmation of Travel Quarantine, hints on Guest Numbers restrictions, Social Distancing long term use of the 2 metre rule and those in the Cocooning category long term.

Check out the extra insights from the Chief Medical Officers answering of questions at the end of this page.

Corona Packs a thing to come? Favours, Travel Packs, Hangover Packs, now you may want to give a fun safety survival pack to guests. All discussed.

As some Weddings get split into 2020 small marriage ceremony with the large party celebration in 2021 or 2022. People struggle with narrowing down the 2020 small ceremony invites. Laura and Benny give advice.

What does a small wedding look like? New Couples continue to raise their heads, positivity is out there. And a long good bye via website domains, habits, the wrong Benny and odd dup-dee-doo-ing.

Podcast Schedule – Running Order Today…

00:00 Intro – Laura’s Lockdown Strike and Wedding Albums

04:50 COVID Lull, Phase 1 and Habits

11:00 Tracing Contact List

19:30 Travel Quarantines

26:10 Guest Numbers Restrictions

33:10 Social Distancing Update – here for the long hall

41:30 Cocooning Category Update

43:00 Guest Corona Packs – Fun Welcome Survival Safety Packs

47:30 Small Weddings – Who to Invite?

56:00 What does a Small Wedding look like?

59:30 New Couples Planning as Normal

1:02:35 Long Goodbye – habits and the wrong Benny


Turning the camera’s on this week was at least discussed. Laura’s lockdown strike on Sunday removed any hope. the Podcast can be viewed of YouTube if that is your preferred method of listening. The Update Episode is not on YouTube but Laura has committed to going back on Camera in the First week of June 2020!

Willing Social Distancing be apart of Weddings for the foreseeable future and longer term (12/24 months)?

Adam Higgins, Irish Sun:

The response to the virus may last months if not years, will physical distancing (2 metres) last that long? Will the government issue guidance to tell the public it is safe to embrace again, or will it be left up to people to decide when to break the guideline?

Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer:

We continue to adapt our public guideline with the staged risk-based framework that we set out which now is the roadmap. We hope and we anticipate that if we keep the level of suppression up that we will be in a position to move through those Phases and to increase our advice around social, educational, economic and other measures that can take place. It is probably fair to say, give that we can no say with certainty that there will be a vaccine, we cannot make predictions, or projections as to what the immunity resulting either from infection or from any proposed vaccine might actually be and how long that lasts. It could well be the case that we are living with this virus and adapting to its presents for a long period of time to come, which is why that statement is correct. It could ast years. Nobody is in a position to put a finite period of time, no body in the world, around when this will be at an end.

And the measures that we have talk about here around hand washing, around respiratory etiquette, around physical distancing, all of these measures will be important in helping us to protect each other and to protect ourselves as we adapt to this virus for as long as it is with us.


But surely, we cannot ask the public not to hug each other for years?


Well that is not our specific advise and while physical contact and engagement with people and social engagement does form part of our stepped easing of restrictions. we hope as we begin to ease our way through the phase that we will be able to maintain the level of suppression that we have of the infection and we will just have to adapt our advice as we go through that. It is impossible to predict what is going to happen which is why we need to be able to respond to changes that we see in terms of the transmission of this virus that we do not expect.

Will the distance be reduced for Social Distancing (2m to 1m for exampe)?

The biggest hint from press conference by the CMO is referring to the 2 metres as a guideline, stressing that it is not a rule. Additionally, that no guideline by itself is standalone risk nullifying.

From that you can take that, by using strong all round round lines: PPE, Etiquette, hand washing there is therefore a bit of give in other areas such as Social Distancing. Give, once there is a reasonable risk approach.

If you can warrant an increase risk in a reduce in social distancing in metres that is mitigated by other strong safety measures, you can find a balance equation.

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