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Below is an automated transcription of the Podcast conversation with Cathy Anne a Hair Stylist. There may be some discrepancies (from the ladies talking at 90 miles an hour) but the conversation can be inferred from the topic of hair, everything hair.

Laura Redhead Benson here. I’m not going to keep you too long. I’m going to keep this nice and brief. We had a lovely lengthy conversation today and we talked everything. Bridal hair. Our special guest today was Cathy Anne from Cathy Anne bridal hair. Cathy Anne is an upside of a specialist. We talked everything hair. This is not just for the brides out there, not just for the women who are looking to get off styles. This is for anybody who has hair. It’s relevant to you all. Cathy Anne gave us so much knowledge, everything you can imagine. I’m not going to talk much more. I’m going to bring you straight through to the podcast. Here’s myself and Cathy Anne of Cathy Anne bridal hair, so on today’s podcast we’re going to be talking everything, bridal hair and to do this I am so excited (laughter)

We have Cathy Anne of Cathy Anne bridal hair. I’m so excited to be here. I know it’s like a, from the wedding morning we actually get to do this. I know you’re always determined to get me behind the camera and there you have me. [inaudible] I do have all those like action shots, which I probably can’t give to people because your facial expression [inaudible] Jokorunning joke now at this point Laura comes in cameras. Oh yeah, off. You’re so funny sending them on and afterwards. Nice. But I mean there’s so much support in there. Cause I know we were chatting last night. You didn’t, the conversation probably went longer than this podcast once because you’re thinking this, this and this, this is this. But I think for people like we’ll give them a little bit of help with the day questions. The ones that you just like, I still ask, Oh what’s the right link to do this? And it’s just to give people an idea of what to look out for and to give them like this is their first time doing so they don’t know.

Well yeah, it’s just to give people an idea of just what we’ve seen behind the scenes. And I suppose even for me, every wedding has learning experience cause I’m learning something new, whether I’m picking it up from you or the makeup artist or the florist. There’s always new tips to be learning the knowledge. Everyone. It’s great though, but it’s most, I think one day we’re going to start to the beginning cause I think that’s going to be good for people because prep when I call homes too. So before the wedding, before you’ve picked her up style, before you Donnie, this, when it comes to coloring your hair, like when the, I suppose this go right back. Yeah. If you have a hair color and you’ve decided, right, I’m going to change it for the wedding. Yes. What’s your advice or enhance that? I suppose maybe not changes.

Yeah, so like for me it’s making sure that you find a really good colorist, mind your hair. So a lot of people, fortunately me these days do have their colors that they trust, which is great, but if you don’t, it’s about finding someone that is going to look after you and mind you. My best advice for this is have a consultation with someone. So it’s almost like an interview. So going to a hairdresser that you’ve seen and sit down and have a chat with them and you would get a volume, whether you’re like, right, this garden knows what she’s doing and she’s going to look after me and then you’re happy to book up, fill out a questionnaire.

Yeah. Question number one. I like that though. Very important

cause you, we all do here these hints and tips all the time. And we all do gather lounge about hair because hair is something that we like, especially as women. It’s something we live every day kind of thing and good hairs and bad hair days. They’re so important. And if your hair is not rice, you just don’t see it. Right. So Nike’s even to him to everything between finding the colorist, your vitals stylist, your makeup artist, your photographer. It’s just finding that person that fits you well. You can trust them that you’re comfortable. Yeah. And then trust is a big thing. And you know, I suppose even for me, like I love meeting people on trials because they get to know who I am. And like for you, you’re always behind the camera. But like for me behind the camera isn’t a great thing. I’m like, Whoa.

So it’s like a trade as being important even just to get to know all the people that you’re going to have there on the morning so you know that you’re going to have a good one morning, everyone gets on well and that the mornings just going to run smoothly because that’s important. It’s one of the biggest days of your life. I, once you found your colorist and you have like you, you know the line you’re going to go along, like how much time should you give yourself? So if you’re doing a little bit of a change or a little bit more hands meant like you probably don’t want to be like right, I’m going to get it done six weeks and this, that’ll never work to know unless your hair, unless you’re really happy with your color. And that’s just keeping it going. Like if you’re not happy with your quarter and you want to change it and you want to, you have a dream color that you want, that could take nine months if you’re a blonde blonde.

Right? Cause you have to take into consideration the heads of the hair. You can’t just start throwing packets in the hair highlights and it can be, it can kill your hair. Yeah. And then on the reverse, if you’re reading media dark and you’re almost black and you want to be a dark chocolate Brown, you have to be able to lighten that in a process. [inaudible] harder anyways. Exactly. So it just depends. And then like the condition of the hair comes into play and it’s like, well your condition might not be the best. So then you might have to concentrate on getting that into good Nick before you can start getting the color that you want and you desire. Okay. So everything falls into place. And this is what kinds of stations that are important. Even just going and sitting down with a hairdresser and talking to her plenty of time, you’re not going to get a dream result in six weeks, one color if your hair isn’t where it needs to be.

Okay. But then alternatively you could have your Brown and your reader really happy with it and you want a soft upstate and you might just need a few baby lights at the end just to give a bit of texts from your prospects. What stands out that can be achieved but a one goal. But again, but it’s not a major tweak. It’s exactly, yeah. So no problem. If you are looking for a change and you’re trying to get a perfect look. Yeah. Do you give yourself time and then I suppose as as the treatments he can do a little bit closer for the health of your hair as well. Absolutely. So like you have to be using good quality products because every time you do something to her hair, whether it’s dry it, he’d stay less coloration. You’re taking out moisture, you’re taking an approach. So

just so sorry, I not here to get out of here to renovate. Do you

mean you’re nervous when they’re sitting on my mirror and they’re like, Oh, so I’m using shop bought products and I’m like, look, I’m not here to give it to you. I’m only here to recommend, and this is the course of action we’re going to take. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to put you on this program and this is going to be your new shop who conditioner treatment. We’re going to use this for X amount of time and get your hair to where we need to get us. And it’s only for that one day as well. Like you don’t need your hair to be upstanding every day of your life. Fix up that Bush. It can be expensive as well as if you’re going to stick to those [inaudible] times out of 10 when people come to me and they’re like, great, the condition isn’t the best, what am I going to do?

And I’ll pop them on certain treatment plan. Yeah. The amount of time people come back going, Oh my colors, this has changed my hair and I’m like, good products work. I promise you they never stop using it. You know their shopping list every week. Exactly. But I suppose what does that like there’s all different hair types. Yes. So I know, cause we’ll go into searching and we’ll go into picking out upsides and all that. But when it comes to like, you know, short term versus long hair versus take care of first 10 here it’s everybody’s completely different. 100%. Like there’s no two people are the exact same. Yeah. So, um, and that will then come into a trail. Again, when you’re looking at your dream, look, what do you want? Do you want to sleep? Do you want to text her? Do you want to soft?

And it is just creating that look and making sure that your hair is in good enough condition to actually create it. Because if your hair is too fine and you want a lot of volume, you might be going down the road of looking at getting some fillers. What extensions. So you don’t necessarily have to get extensions for length. You can get them for fullness. So my hair is actually quite fine and I just got tape extensions and just for fullness. But it didn’t change the [inaudible] so many different roads. You can pull down all the people that do want length. Yeah. So extensions is a huge thing. Just talk about that for a bit while we’re on the subject because it’s kind of like I’ve seen the most beautiful extensions that you’re liking Michael Harris speech, but you don’t even register that. That’s a lot of extensions.

And then there’s other days where unfortunately you can actually see, yes, the strip of extension versus the girl’s hair. Cause the color or the texture. Definitely. Yeah. And especially with blinds, I find this, so if you are getting permanent extension, so for example, great lengths love them because they’re bonded into your hair and they go in between your own hair. So when you’re recording, when you’re cutting the hair, then the hair is all intertwined. So you don’t see, it’s not patches. Exactly. Yeah. You don’t see a strip or a band of like blunt sticking out of your own natural color off. That band becomes extreme, you know, it doesn’t matter. Exactly. So whereas if you’re just getting kitten extensions for the day and you don’t get a good color match, that’s where the problem is. So that’s why I always try and say, have your extension for the day of your toilet, but also have your color right before you go in to get your color matched on.

And this is the time enough to get that color. Cause there’s no point in trying to do it at the start and then you make a tweak. Yeah the extensions are going to be exactly. And that was Tonto should be like your camera would pick that up straight away. But then in saying that there’s different routes are going to and for extension. So if you want a lot of volume in your hair and you’re after getting bonded extensions you can have back on the bonds. So you have, Hey, since you’re looking for that like big, big yeah. Okay. End it all up. Yeah, you can pull the hair back and you won’t see the bottoms cause they’re still fine but you can’t back on them because you’re only going to get the matter and stock together. And I’d say he’s often in situations where people just, they weren’t aware of that.

They weren’t told beforehand, which is fair enough I suppose. Which is why we’re doing this [inaudible] that like, you know, if you are going to bond the detentions that you know, backhoe means is not an, it’s not an option. Yeah. So, and I never knew that yet. Still for an help style. Sometimes I say just get clippings cause I can pop them into the upstate and I can disagree with them around so that they look like they’re pirates of your own hair archive and you can send it back home away and get all the body men that you want. But then like for the people like that are leaving a tone, like getting the permanent ones that they want and are used to are good as well. But also clippings will work just to give that extra bit of volume and fullness. So it just depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

I always say to anyone, if you’re ever stopped, just come down to me, I’ll have a chat, we’d have a look. Okay. Caribbeans. Is that something even actually play that day? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Absolutely. Okay. And you’d help people with their color matches as I suppose a J. So for me, if my [inaudible] like from like what I would say is that I get the advice of like, when are you getting your colors on? Then you’re going to get your extensions when you’re happy with your color and then whoever they’re buying them off of color match them. Okay, perfect. So, but then if you’re going down the route, apartment extensions are tapes or whatnot. Then I work at [inaudible] that looks after extensions. Like she’s my go to girls. So Hannah don’t invite, she’s five. So she had actually come into my broiler, try as she’d have looked at my braids hair for me.

I know it’s great. Great. So she’d actually come in and look after them for me and then I know that they’re in safe hands, so I would be of IB can very more relaxed. But that situation I think, excuse me, like right, okay. She’s looking after the hair. She’s looking after the extensions. They’re both on the same page. They’re working together and like it doesn’t have to be that they go to the girl that all you know, but it’s just that she would come in and have the chat and I’m like right, who’s your hairdresser? I’m like, Oh she does those extensions. So now you’re a little bit more comfortable, you’re off to having a chat, you know what to expect when you moved your consultations, your on hairdresser. Okay. And if you weren’t getting the permanent extensions, how close the wedding should you get them?

Okay, so it depends. So like for instance, yesterday I had a breeze coming in and she’s getting her taped stone, but she’s only getting them done the week before her wedding. Okay. But she will get, she’d have to have her color matched on beforehand. Supercars she’s coming in from England. She has a timescale of when she can get them Doyle. But then for instance, then another friend of mine who got married in the summer and she got the bond to the extension. She wanted a lovely down volume style and she got them John four weeks beforehand and they were perfect. They were settled like your hair, they’re not going to grow out of your hair. They looked at us like, yeah. Yeah. So it’s just kind of whatever suits, but I would give yourself a couple of weeks just that they say better off not going near that kind of thing. The week go over the summer.

Yeah. No, we’re not the week off. I don’t think anything should be done the week off with lack of color or extensions, like pictures. Like if you’re a blonde and like you really know that your hair blows really quickly and you don’t want to them like seven to 10 days before the wedding. Okay, perfect. Okay. But I wouldn’t be going the week of you need to get yourself to the road a week. Yeah. And even, you know, you might want to change your tone of your blonde ever so slightly. Putting pressure on yourself the week of the wedding. These are things you kind of want to have Dawn and go, going to do. Obviously here is important, but don’t, I’m going to go into here just to sit in the three or four hours because I even always saying to people, give yourself a timeline that you, you’re getting my retry day.

You want your job’s finished by Wednesday. If you don’t give yourself a timeline, you just kinda run away with your sets and you forget and you’re still doing it before the knew, which just happens. I always say to people, just give yourself a timeline. Okay, let’s say caught up point is Wednesday night. Then if there’s one or two jobs to be done Thursday, you’re not under pressure and you get to enjoy the village on truing a hair appointments in and all of that. Probably if this, obviously this might be little things you want to do, like a treatment that’s different cause that’s not going to take up too much time. Or if you want to blow away the day before, like a lot of people have kicking horse hair and they know that they like their hair settled and slept on so they might next get a blow dry the day before. Cause there’s always pre-dinner or something, like a rehearsal or something and they’re feeding their best sellers then going into the wedding morning. So a lot of people actually do that thing to do. Yeah. Actually, cause this is something I’ve heard people ask what analysis when, so I know everyone’s different, but when it comes to washing your hair yes. Before you’re getting, say your upstairs. Yeah. What’s the best advice there? Okay. So this all

did you wash your hair this morning?

Everyone’s different. So someone that has really, really fine hair, they might off-suit behave washing their hair the night before cause they might feel like it gets too oily too quickly and they prefer actually with fresh in the morning. If that’s the case then work away. Wash your hair fresh in the morning. You don’t have a massive amount of it to be dating. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Cause otherwise you’re just adding time onto your morning day and you know, so if people have really thin or find care they, they’re okay to wash in the morning. It’s not gonna take that long. And then they feel comfortable because there’s nothing worse than a bra use going into her day. Not feeling comfortable cause she didn’t get to wash her hair on the morning for whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But like if you have a general pick course hair you might want, like if I were to wash my hair in the morning of the wedding, you probably slap me.

What you mean

basically you don’t want the hair to fly away. So that’s why I’d always recommend to like wash the night before the conditioner and then just blast away at all products is what I suppose can make it very sympathy. Countess. Yeah, you don’t want to weigh it down. So when I saw the Kevin Murphy products and all made like weightless ingredients, so they actually won’t overindulge the hair. Okay. So if Brian comes to me, I’m nearly putting them on the Kevin Murphy products, the shampoos and conditioners, a wait list as well. So once they have the right products, then happy days, because a lot of people are using products that are too heavy for their hair, too luxurious for their hair, get ready to put a ponytail up when it’s slipping out of the Barb and two, it’s just too sticky. So you want to give your hair a little bit of time to specialists.

So sometimes the morning off if you’ve really find hair, fair enough. But the best for me is the night before. Right. Just the last trade off. Cause then it’s not as fly away then the following morning. Yeah. But it makes it us some cheese in the morning. Not that you’re not trying to compete, which do you know, a situation that just shouldn’t have, shouldn’t have come up, I suppose. Yeah. And you’re trying to get that perfect look like you might’ve gotten the trail and you’re sort of exactly like that and you’ve done something different. Totally. Yeah. Yeah. Like an even dome to a shampoo can change the texture of your hair and even water. So that’s another thing. So like Howard, yourself. So if you’re in your own house and you’re washing your hair everyday and it’s perfect and then you go to your mom’s house and she’s out in the country and she’s really hard to offer. Yeah. It can totally change the texture of your hair. Yeah. Yeah. In one wash if you blond hair, like you can feel the difference in your hair. Cause I got a bride recently and she said it to me, she was like, I washed my hair and my mom’s Cyrus and she was like, I can feel it’s hired her. Unfortunately or so they get almost ones courses that, yeah. So I’m, you have to

take all these things into consideration, really getting into it that were like the type of water you played over. Like there’ll be girls out there calling bottles, Justin gays, are we like nitty gritty things like [inaudible] or Butler water. Yeah. And I suppose when it comes to

and what we’re kind of working up to trials cause try, you know, try this a big bake. Um, it’s, it’s a big thing for you but, and it’s, it’s when you get them done and all that. But when you’re looking online and there’s all these Pinterest and all these different boards and you see like when it comes to like hashtag upside and hashtag Tara says how this, there’s millions and millions and millions of posts. But I know, cause we were kind of talking about this last night, this is a culprit, hints and tips you can give people when you, when you see a girl wearing an up style and say if I were to look at someone that’s black hair wearing and upstairs and I wish to wear the same style, it’s probably not going to look

absolutely not going to buy chicken. No

best tip that I can get. Okay. When you are searching your full show, look at photos that had the same coloring as your own hair. Okay. Because that would be the truest to the story that you get. Okay. And on your wedding day. So if you’re blonde, you’re searching upstairs for blonde hair. Exactly. Yeah. Okay. And then even like way to go, I said when you are, when you’re a brunette and you’re looking at a core to soft stone, if you look closely it’s standing out more cause there is a couple of pieces to again cause it can be a bit flashy. So it was kind of exactly what, it’s all one color. Like it won’t be as textured or as soft as what the photo with some Pilates and it was. Now when I say highlights, it doesn’t have to be blonde. It could be like one shade lighter than your natural color, but it just sets off the hair. Okay. So looking at photos that’s close, your own color is the best to give you the best idea of what you can achieve. Okay. It’s going to be way more textures and volume while you start and whatever the look maybe on a blonde, it’s not going to translate properly. You’re going in like, you know with your, this is what I like and then you do it and you look and go, yeah.

Did you look at the photo? [inaudible]

but no, but it is and it’s the same with long and short term. Yeah. So like if you were to put your hair off and then put my hair up, yes. The volumes going to be so different. 100% 100% so that’s, you have to take all of these things into consideration, which again is everything we should cover on a trial. Okay. And then I’m there to go use the bright yap on like race. What we can do is, or what I think would be best is, and then like just go use the bridge page in a way that it, you know, when you, I suppose brace, do bring in pictures to you to their tribe and saying, I’ve seen this and love this kind of look I’m going for, it would be good if they were in a similar hair color or yes. Similar way, sir.

Yeah. Yeah. And you know, another thing is that it is, I actually asked people, I’m like, show me your hair story that you don’t like. I like that. Okay. Because if you could me photos of what you do, like add photos, what you don’t like, we can literally create the perfect look for you then. And one more thing that I love is if someone is reading unsure about they want, which is normal, you know, you’re totally guessing yourself. You’re not should choose from. Yeah. It’s crazy. I always say, show me photos of you either at an occasion event a wedding, show me, show me your hair, where you loved your hair, where you are most comfortable and confident, and then you can almost build a picture of what the [inaudible]. So if you would like to leave your hair down and curly for every event you go to, and then if your wedding, you put everything up, yeah, you’re gonna, you’re gonna look quite different.

Drenching. Yeah. Thing as well. Like if you’re comfortable putting your hair up, even though you normally wear a donut, that’s fine. If you’re comfortable, it’s okay. Some people are other people who would come in and sit in front of me and they’d be like, I hate my hair off, but I have to have it up for the wedding dress. Okay. Depending on the cost of the dress, she says, okay, fair enough. They kink that. That’s exactly what they have to do. Now everyone’s different and if that’s what you see if, and that’s totally on you. Okay. But like the one thing that I say is don’t need your address where you, you wear your dress because if you’re not comfortable with a Harris style, how are you going to be comfortable in the dress? That’s, it obviously has to work as well, but you can gauge this all people where they’re reading uncomfortable or whether they let they surprise themselves and be like, actually know what kind of like, okay, somebody does this for you as well.

And especially as put your hair up, you know, that specializes in op styles. Yeah. It’s, it needs a different result. Talk and it can be very soft upside as well. It doesn’t have to vary. Like they’re, they’re so loose and lovely and bouncy and [inaudible] center. The main thing is that you’re comfortable. Like I just think that is the most important, that you’re not going to be constantly, constantly fixing, fixing like yourself. And I always say like the smallest we can changes make the biggest difference. So if you’re sitting in front of the mirror and you’re like, I’m not really sure if there’s something that’s sitting right in me at the front end, like let’s change us and we can literally bring it from here to here. And they’re like, I love us. You know, it’s still, if the tiniest change, I’m all like, you have to tell me, cause I don’t mind.

I know 101 things just once you direct me, but it’s hard sometimes cause you’re looking going, there’s something not quite right, but I just don’t know what it is like and you’re just playing, aren’t you? Exactly. This is where a picture of you where you loved your hair. Okay. Like I can take smaller bits and pieces from a photo. I’d be like, right. I actually feel like maybe you want a little bit more softness around the face or I can do actually used to having it back a little bit more and then we start tweaking and changing and not help. And when you are going for your trial, is there, is there a good time to go for a trial or does it really matter? Okay, so this is a very broad question, but I know people live away as well. And here to get to, and that’s fair enough.

If you live away, you literally work on the guidelines. So let’s say I have a braid from Oz, I’m going to wait, just let me know. When you book your flights, let me know when you’re coming home. And then we’d put your trailing around Tang that suits you. Yeah. Once you have your dress and you, the main idea of where you’re going any time is right for a choice. It could be your year and a half. I totally, yeah. I have [inaudible] a year before. I have a week before if you just literally flying in and out, isn’t it? Yeah. The know was so, but I think like um, the most popular is anywhere in between like three months. Okay. Yeah I suppose yeah. Within the three months you’ve probably sat in your haircut and you’re probably very big vision of what the wedding day is going to be as well.

Exactly. Yeah. And then like another popular time would be like a month I was for anyone that’s not getting their permanent permanent extensions put in. So it really just depends on the person that’s like I’d have a chat with someone and I’d just get a feel for where the rash with their dress that I’m picking their story. Okay. I’m going to tell him nine off and you ask to see their dress as well. It’s, you can get to see what the next line is. Yes. Cause I know some of them can be quite high, especially in the back. Yes. And I’ve seen like it can be, you can rope can say I’ve got, I’m quite close to the dress. Like your dress. Like it’s first of all you want to build the perfect picture of how Hawaii is going to look. And do you know what’s exciting is when they’re showing you the dress, cause they’re not gonna show anybody get out of this [inaudible] cause I’m like, like when I would see her dress up [inaudible] yeah, exactly.

So if you want to like Leady soft, low upside, but your addresses sitting at the NAPE of your neck, you’re going to have to take that into consideration because you need to be able to move your head back on. You don’t want your hair catching off any impediments or any [inaudible] that you might have to just alter it and bring it up an inch or whatnot. So it’s just good to have an idea of what the way her, I suppose, beading and embellishments and stuff on the dress as well, if that can, I suppose you’re having it down more then I’m thinking that’s [inaudible] consideration of people don’t think about that. So that’s why I was like, let me have a look at your address though. If you want Hollywood wave, but you have a lot of embellishment here. You have to be careful that the, like your car is might grab on the embellishment. Okay. We’re going to help girls going at dress, shopping going, I launched a podcast and I wanted to have Hollywood waves so I can’t wait. [inaudible]

were saying it helps to know that you’re not in the morning going, it’s just keeps catching and keeps pull like exactly like, because from a photographer’s perspective, you know when you see people, especially in the ceremony and there when they’re sitting listening to Osman center, I think, and they’re just constantly coaching and robbing and fixing everybody and it’s like, I probably noticed this more than anybody else because I’m watching for moments still for those photographs, chorus. But it’s crazy. Then my friends, we all do, we all, I do, I’ve always doing this kind of thing. But you know, if you’re kind of constantly pulling in Holly, you’re not really in the moment. Yes, you’re destructor into boy kind of like this is not feeling right and this is not sitting race or one thing I do in my show and it’s like watch it. So we haven’t been a bit of a chat after we finished the study and whatnot. You give me go away secrets


we’ll have a chat, let’s talk. Okay, let’s start. And then the next minute I can see is this


And then I’m like, right, we’d watch, we’d watch. And I’m like, so you know what, you’re just not putting your hair behind your ear four times, didn’t they? And I’m like, yeah. And the stylists, they, they wanted to really soft in here. Then the next minute back here, and I’m like, have a look in the mirror. Are you happy with the way your hair is sitting now? And then I go, God no, cause you will, you will, you will definitely do it the minute you sit down and get comfortable anywhere, the first thing you do is something like that. Yeah. So like you can change it up a little bit. So if you have Hollywood waved down and you decided you didn’t want the quick finish, but then I can see you’re going like this, obviously you’re going to take away from the look. So we might put a little bit of volume in the front of your face, but still on your face, you know. And the same [inaudible]



it’s so true that cause it’s something where they’re not, that’s they’re uncomfortable. They’re just like, I don’t know yet. They don’t even know they’re doing it, but they don’t even know when you get back your food or snack place. My hair like that, it’s constant. It’s just those little things that like I love like giving tips and tricks to people because I’m like, look, it’s your first time I’ve seen nods at this stage. I’m still learning every single wedding I do what? I like to kind of help them out a little bit because at least then people know what to look out for and it might be down to how you hold your flowers or how you, where they are. You know you’re going to share as much as you can with people because I wouldn’t you, you want them to have the best day. Exactly. Do you and I supposed to, when it comes to try let’s say, and I’m so when is kind of, it’s open, but you’re saying like three months beforehand is more pressing.

Speaking average. It’s average like three months. Okay. But that’s not to say no that a boys watches this and she’s like, Oh my gosh, [inaudible] two weeks late. You’re wrong type. It’s really whatever suits you. Okay. So yeah. Okay, perfect. And then do bridesmaids against rivals. Okay. So generally no, like bridesmaids will show me a photo in the morning and they’re happy to do that and you’re happy to work in the moment. I always say just make sure you have the photos of what you want ready. Because on the morning of a wedding, like everyone thinks, Oh, it’s a tight scroll like that. Yeah, exactly. It’s here somewhere. Two 19,000 photos later and once it’s ready for me and then have a chat then and it leaves more time for us to have a chat about how would you like your hair, what do you want to do?

So this is gotta dah, dah, dah. So I always leave extra time on the morning top the top with the bridesmaid. But for instance, I had a bridesmaid recently wanted to book a trial because she was just having a couple of issues with her hair. She wasn’t sure whether the story that she wanted was going to work. And she was really nervous us. So when I think it’s a big day and not Indiana have to try it if you want, if it means you’re going to be more comfortable in the six months run up to the wedding. And she literally was ruined to be like sitting in the back of your mind constantly cause like she was just worried. Right. So we had a chat, I put her on a um, a product plan and she was like, okay, I feel so much better now that I had to doing that.

I have absolutely no problem doing to try and see whoever wants to plan our nuclear community. But it’s not ness. It’s not necessary because some braids wouldn’t say to the bridesmaids, you need to try it. No, they absolutely don’t. The different type of view, this is what my brain’s meds they’re going to wear or just usually let them pick themselves. Okay. So this question is another broad question. So some braids will have an idea of what they want for their day. Tim to the dresses to the hairstyle and that’s fine. So let’s say they want to all the bridesmaids the same. I’d always say, yeah that’s no problem, but just take into consideration that she has a Bob, she has long hair, she’s medium length hair. So like the briefs would be the same. Okay. What it will all look slightly different and then I’m always like maybe just like lead them, personalize it around the front to suit themselves.

They feel competent enough, face shape and everything is their hair cost. Their difference from people have a fringe and some people don’t. Some people have layers so I think if you can personalize an obstacle to scar style, I don’t style to suit your bridesmaid, but you still have them all the same from the back [inaudible] yeah. Then they’re still all the same looks but they feed a little bit more comfortable. Just kind of, it’s more of a broad thing as you said. Like it’s more like they’re all going to going up or they’re all going to be going down or off the site and you’re going in and the bridesmaids are like, watch you run to stupid your hair just like anything. Do what you want, you know. So you could have one down and one half up, one day, one half off day one all you know, it really anything goes.

So it’s just whatever, everyone’s different. Everyone’s personalities as well. You want to bad I suppose sappy and some people will just go all the same and they’d want to all a certain way and that’s fine too. Okay. And it’s probably easier in a way though if the bridesman cause they’ll know themselves probably what works best for their hair. Like we all have a certain idea like I know for a fact that this stove doesn’t suit me. It doesn’t suit me the shape of my face or anything like that. Whereas if someone tells you you have to wear this. Yeah. Their case like [inaudible] you ever get a break? It’s just like, no. Yeah. Like, so then I brought this maybe makes them likely to want it this way and I’m like, but this is the way we’re doing it. No I talked to [inaudible] that doesn’t happen though.

Yeah controlled. It’s very, very few and far between that that happens and it’s usually you’d have to disclose before I knew it once for four bridesmaids for the same studies. They’re more or less okay to lead them personalized thrown in the face. I like even when my friends do my heart, they’ll do the back and they’ll do the slides and they’re like we’re leaving the front door. You can do what you want. And I’m like thank you. Cause I know how I wear my exactly face. You know. So it’s not a personal touch. Moms I suppose they finally get tried on some types. Do they? Yeah. So that’s another thing. Just like I said, way to go. Sometimes a mom can be nervous cause she has her hairdresser that she goes to every Saturday for a blow dry. She doesn’t want to go to her hairdresser in the morning cause she wants to be involved in the wedding.

They don’t want to leave. Do that offering people, absolutely. They give you a category box. Like when you have [inaudible] you go into the kitchen and there’s just like a table. It’s big as this and it’s just, you’re getting [inaudible] of the year comes. You actually feel like you’re a whole like size bigger purely from the mothers feeding you on the Irish. These are features but yeah, so like there’s some moms that they just don’t want to leave the morning cause they’re just so excited. Okay I can write these soul like you know I am. So if they want to get a trade, I’m like bring them down, let them have their blow dry. You try it out just again. So they’re comfortable. They might have a fascinator as honestly as they want to kind of see how it looks, how it looks, but on, yeah, absolutely. And do you know that’s perfectly fine because then at least they can go, Oh okay, she knows how to do my hair.

I can relax. Exactly. And then you have the other sliders then where a lot of bribing like, Oh mom really loves her, her address there and she’s not really sure and I’m like that’s totally fine because I send her to her hairdresser so, but I suppose that if they got the hair done, the hairdresser you were there as well to add fault like don’t, don’t be wearing a hat all morning. I’ll put it on for you. We do it before you vote. The door breakfast fascinates where the PJ is. The headache is already set in or before they leave. Always tweaking. I always tweak them among pair. If she’s got her own hairdresser I’ll pop in. The fascinator are what hash or whatever she’s wearing. I am because it’s when you want to get dressed without having something on your head or even the way when you’re helping the break get dressed.

Like if the fascination is quite large or it’s going to, some of them are kind of like half of a one night. Yes. It’d be like many moments where your mom’s putting you in your dress and you can’t see her face. She has your face or she can’t see what she’s doing. Yeah, that’s sure. It’s scheduled like the is bigger than the room [inaudible] so that’s why I think those little things can be totally last minute before we go out the door. So yeah, and that’s something I, I’ve cited it. I don’t know if I know everyone doesn’t do it, but I know you do. You stay out in the end. Oh yeah. I think it’s so important. I’m not going anywhere until you’re ready to close the doors. There’s most the mornings I do when I’m walking in the hair, just as walking out.

It’s a personal thing with me because I’m there then with them two hours afterwards and they’re looking to you almost because you’re the only one that’s not part of the writing part to you and you only know the female that’s not is detached. Yeah. And something’s gone wrong and they’re almost looking in your direction. You’re kind of going, I’m not a hairdresser. Even on the morning, let’s say like I’ll see the bridesmaids and they’re kind of sitting around and have nothing to do, so why don’t you go get your jewelry? I’m obviously a bright, I’m always like, wait for your photographer, shoot direct. I want to get some shots. But for the bridesmaids I’m always trying to go right, maybe pop of your area, great bracelet. Because when you get to the end moment and you’re trying to get onto your dress, you don’t want that nervous panic. I’m trying to tell you [inaudible] isn’t this to this full blown like chaos if people don’t know getting dressed, that’s why have six bridesmaids women running everywhere. Suitcases. Men been shouted out to [inaudible].

But this is usually what happens when it gets to that point. Yeah, it’s a moment of panic, but it’s not. It’s just there’s a lot to be done. Whereas you’ve had nothing to do with trying to remember to do it all. Like you’re trying to like having everything on do I like [inaudible] perfume on and brush my teeth. That’s where I try and jump in to just give a few tips. You know? So sometimes simply go, did you, did you brush your teeth? And they run off. Like it’s some things it’d be you don’t want to be in the Caribbean like you, you know, I just had a cup of tea or something. [inaudible] okay. Yeah. It sounds silly but it’s the small little things. So nice kids with the help. Yeah. So like that’s why I’m there. So I’d always work back and I were from either your ceremony time, if it’s like two seconds down the road, what are the towing that you’re due to leave your house. So when you’re dealing with stereotypes, I’m like quite used to certain ways. That one, it’s next door at five [inaudible] I were between 12 and one for everyone to get dressed. Time for topple. Yeah. I’m, there’s had boughten up address if you want. And it’s so important because I’ve also done a lot of mornings where they just kinda back from the ceremony time. But no, it’s, it’s a 40 minute drive so it never makes no sense as well. Like you’re not giving the bright time. Yeah. To enjoy. Totally. [inaudible] those details. [inaudible]

I always take, my mom’s already wanting to have that. Like we have to run on time so that we get the bright and tiny for the photographer to be on time because you’ve had a chat and you need to get certain shots for that bright before they go out the door. I don’t want the grim signing. It’s something I need either excited or the guests in their seats for two minutes before after was supposed to start. I know it’s another hour on top of it. And you’ve just spent two hours of your day in a certain space. Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s not fair on people. I don’t think. It’s kind of like if you’re getting married at one, walk up the [inaudible]. So even like let’s say, I’ll ask, Oh, so what time you leaving the house and telling me what time that you, the host your trash, not what time is your sermon.

Yes, exactly. Yeah. I’ll work back from bright ceremony time. What time you leaving the house? How you talked to your photographer yet? No, we haven’t talked to your photographer. It’s different. I think back in, we adjust the star time if we need to because you have a timeframe. We have a timeframe they have to meet in the middle. And I said, you know, so yeah. And then because it’s popped into my head, so I’m just going to throw the question first. Looks Oh it just popped into my head with timing. Okay. So when it comes to first look first looking at no, no w but when it comes to timing a first look, it’s, it’s so, and I think last year I probably did about six or seven of them. They’re getting ready to pop in and I think especially winter time, like if you’re having a elixir ceremony, you kind of sometimes have no choice really because you’re going to, when the ceremony ends, you might have 15 minutes a day like and it’s just not going to be enough time. And then other people, they just like the idea of sharing that moment. No, like this one before the window calling crane. Yeah. Like why are you so emotional? It is, but it’s such a novelty type and it’s just the two of you. And it’s not a hundred nod people with their phones or taking your picture or do you know Oh, can be as emotional as you want to be together? No. Your photographer is probably behind the Bush somewhere.

Gosh, during that. But like when it comes to first look you, you need to like it’s, it’s, it’s a lot more complex I suppose. Yeah, that’s definitely where you don’t want to only just talk to your makeup and hairdresser. You have to link in with the photographer for this one. Because if you’re doing a first look and you need to be ready for 11 let’s say for your first look, but you’re getting married at one exact date. Yeah. That doesn’t mean that everyone has to be ready for 11 cause you can be gone for your first book and I can be doing the last bridesmaid and that’s not tough. Number three cause of whatever, whatever it is. So it’s just making sure that your timing is right for the braids, hair and makeup. That is, it’s done. And then she comes back from her first book and get the top up before she goes to her.

Sarah, you’ll be there for the top book, which is 100% because you have probably gone outside more like it’s probably a lovely day. It’s probably quite stale but you still just put, you might have gotten in a car and driven to a location for your first look so you’re in and out of the car. You’re in the elements. You just need the veil might have just kind of gotten a bit of a yellow or a tweak or something or that you need those top shops and you just need to be on standard for things like that. And if it is a first look they are going to be coming back to clap their bridesmaids. So I would always stay there and just take a breather again because the groom then, cause the way you get in each diamond as the group was then also going to go to the ceremony to greet the guests.

So he kinda needs to be there half an hour before. So then you have that window of 45 minutes to half an hour. We kind of just, this was wasting in a way, but it’s nice because you get your chops. You went to guy globally. I was a good time for a glass shopping too much, but maybe not exactly. Yeah. At first looks or something like if you’re thinking of doing, when you read a need to communicate that yes you do. Yeah, very much so. You can’t tear a site on the morning. Yeah, because it will throw everything I wish. And it’s not like any of us have a problem doing these things. It’s just the flow of your day is no different. 100% also, if you’ve planned on getting photos, are they start that door? Yeah. Like I can imagine like, Oh, you don’t do photos. You do.

But like I can imagine the flow of the day is all around. If it’s not communicated what you want me to do, it doesn’t work. Yeah. Simply put that right there. Communication is key. Yeah. I don’t like the park freed us is here. And like even everywhere I’ve worked, like, you know, once, once you’re like chatting to people and you make a plan, like they’re always like, okay, so what time are you going to do my hair and what time is she going to do my makeup? And I’m like right. I think with a makeup artist we make a plan. You don’t need to worry about that. And then we can give her a rough idea of when she’d be gone. You know. But they, you get a lot, you get to work with the same people quite a lot, which is, and you know that, that’s how that morning going to go because you know that that’s purse stuff suffers is approach things.

So, and I suppose, cause I know we were, we kind of went away from trails cause we just, we got sidetracked because we always do nothing about why this. But when it comes to going to your trial and when it comes to accessories, everything from Aveo to, uh, Chrome to head face the committee, should you bring the, with you to your trial? Or if you can. Okay. Yes. Okay. Okay. So one thing for me is that you might see a headpiece and you adore it. Yes. And then you put it into your style and it just doesn’t work. Okay. And then like I’ll always take forward as a state as where they’re showing in a mirror because afforded will always translate how it’s looking exactly. The three 60 view that you just kind of get [inaudible] or corporate photos. Like all my brides know like I’m murder cause I ended on North the photos, but it’s all different angles and I’m like I promise you you’re going to want to see this.

I’m going to be laying on the floor looking up [inaudible] I always say to people, but I actually always recommend [inaudible] have a brilliant system where they’ll actually leave. You take a number of pieces out your hair trade, whether you want to try on a crown or a headpiece or clip or a couple of different pens, they actually leave you take them to your trailer and then we’ll pop them all in, have a look at them all, take photos. Then it actually makes him nail down. Okay. I actually love that one. Yeah, so it takes the pressure off having to buy it there and then, and I’m not sure, and so they do [inaudible] you know it looked well on someone else and now I’ve tried it on myself. Not that’s not me at all. I’m not wearing that. That’s great. Facilitate. Yes. I’m not saying this is what you have to do.

It’s just really good service. I think it helps people just leave what they want, but it’s even to the point to know that the girl is in his or her will actually send me on photos, not even off the piece, but just the clip underneath it being like, how long do you want this? And I’m like, yeah, they’re serious. They can take, they can take it or make it to suit your hairstyle. When I have the pieces of Detroit meet, I’ll say to them, I’m like, look, they can actually put some more press on this if you want more pros, make your dress. But they could actually change the clip to security [inaudible] customers. Or you could have this a little bit longer or that’s too big. Maybe get a little bit shorter. And they’re like reading and I’m like, yeah, they can tailor make it to suit.

So the girls, and it’s all related to sending me a photo of just clips being like, which one? They were like this one cause we don’t miss me. It’s really gonna. It’s gonna finish off the look and then prevails to Sony. I know it’s the only way they could actually do a whole podcast on Dale’s. Yes, yes. We’ll try it. We’ll try and keep it simple to the point. We don’t want to overwhelm anyone, but if you were deciding you are running your battle, which I think it’s so funny, you talk to all the girls and they say, I would say some of you are wearing a veil and they’ll say, I wasn’t going to always, how it starts off. It wasn’t then. And then when I was in the party, you know I’ve tried on the dress and someone said, Oh just try and avail.

Wait that my wines, that’s why everyone wears them. But some people are tags that they don’t want one. Yeah. And that’s totally fine. Yeah, it’s a personal choice. That’s it for me. He veils the most important thing on the Bay and I need to get this, I need to then okay to comb if the column is wrong. Yeah, it would pull your hair in a way that you don’t want to pull it. So like sometimes you’d have a column and the teeth are so tight together and so harsh and it will pull your hair. So like you’re trying to jam it into your hair and then I suppose, and then you can, you can almost tell that they’re uncomfortable with it. So I’m always like, make sure you try on your veil, on your leave. You’re leaving it in for a little while just to make sure that it’s comfortable in your head.

So if the comb is uncomfortable, like you can obviously get a new coal Monash, you know, we don’t have to go down [inaudible] it’s not a big thing, but it’s just a small thing to think about is just the coal on the veil that is comfortable on your head. So I never thought of the goal. I didn’t need the prettiness of the veil. Yeah. So obviously for each video a colon is going to be different because if you for bake cookies are lengthy and cold and it’s going to be a little bit bigger than [inaudible] way too. It isn’t exactly. So it needs something for support. So it’s just trying those things out and making sure you’re comfortable with them. You know, instead of waiting until the morning, like picking up the Veda, popping in for two seconds, having a look with a dress, I would definitely leave it in a few minutes more and have a little walk around with it in your head and actually have a pudding cause I got the bigger veils. Especially when you’re walking on different surfaces. They can tend to, not that they put on the ground, but they can of they rub along the ground. So it kind of has that dry yet that little bit of a drugstore that I always recommend to everyone. Make sure you’ve got your story list to secure what pins you’re nerdy. The first person to say to me, Kathy, out of their pins when that yes, the is, I know what I’m saying. Some mornings and they go well, but pinball pens,

can you put a PV like as a man, like if you been, goes to, when did you like man

to the ceremony? Like 200 people [inaudible] yeah, the tips come in like so before the break was at the door, I’m like, are you doing a receiving line? This is what you need to do. Get rid of your flowers and keep [inaudible]

these guys freebie. They’re going this show. You look right happy if you’re lucky, man. I’m like, it’s true though. Today’s you’re like, I will just do a performance for your now. Uncle Jim wants to give you that. You jog. Yeah, absolutely. And even small

things like whoever’s walking you up the aisle, your, whether it’s your mom and your dad, it’s if they want to put their arm around you, it’s just like an under the veil because if the arm goes over, you can see the bridge like this. It’s not so attractive. I go [inaudible] I like going into the churches talking for a photo website. It’s always like hunting onto the van and then you’re not pulling it back. You know? So just small little things like this, but I suppose it’s not as often. So you’ve got the cold, we’ve addressed the call, which I’m sure you’re delighted that you can leave. No, I can leave my job.

But when it comes to like this height, you wear your balance. So the higher that over the top of the head, the more thing I’m going to sit down across the face, even on the shoulders. So basically you can wear your veil in a few different spots. Of course, if you have an obstacle and you want a lot of volume on top here, yes. And you don’t want your veil too far forward if you’re going to be putting it right into your body and you’re going to be pulling that volume down the, so these are small things you need to take into consideration. Okay. So if you do have the beta for the toilet, it’s great to be able to see it. But if you don’t, I’d always say like, look, it’s not gonna work. They’re perfectly, what I would either do was bring in a little bit more forward or let’s bring it down.

Talk a little less exact. Cause I know some parents just, they want it behind anyway. They don’t [inaudible] to veil, but they do not want to see it from the front. So you literally just pop it in the middle and it flows over the shoulder. So like it’s almost just for the photograph. Exactly. Just for that effect. Yeah, absolutely. So, and then some people do want it over the face. So the only thing that I would say is if you have soft hair around your face and you’re putting the bait over, yes it might be no harm to maybe security or just a little bit by so that they don’t have a piecemeal standing on it. And yeah was like if you like you were going to be walking up the aisle, you can just pop your head in of times the person giving you away will lift, lifted the groom might lift us, whoever it is.

Yeah I am. So yeah it’s just to take those little things into consideration. Even just try it and just think how you feel cause you just don’t want hair like in your face and the beta pushing on us. I am so once it’s just in the right position for you and that they can, cause you’re already going to wear it like this for that very small walk of the whole day and then it’s back again. Isn’t that silly? I like, one thing that I want to do is if anyone wears their veil over before they go home, cause I do try to run, I’ve got copy a few of, you know, taking photos of me, like take me off the Bailey, just do a trial run just to see when it comes back over that the Veda secures and off because yeah, if they lift that off and the vein isn’t secure enough, you’re lifting the veil comes off.

Yeah. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Wasn’t one of my brides [inaudible] no, it was, no [inaudible] just did it too hard. I had a probably use before and Herve, like someone stood in it and it came right out and there was pins and so like, yeah, you can have it as secure as you like. Like you could soon if someone’s standing at point in the summer where the braids made it. But she was, she was actually, I felt so sorry for her because she was, she was being nice and she was fixed. He was a proactive bridesmaid and she was like, she as they were walking out of the ceremony and she kind of just like picked up the end of it just to fluff it out. Yeah. But the braid walked much faster forwards than she thought she was going to. So she was left standing there, the Bay board hats, he was out to bread, dreams of laughter.

She was just, that’s type personality. But like these, they, they been like, that’s another thing that I always say to people, like the smallest things can happen. Like just don’t leave them like over clothes. Like don’t eat those small little things get at you because at the end of the day, no one in the church is going to know your avail. Just got take and I [inaudible] opened the window. Like, you know, pop it back in and away you go. But the aim is to have it as secure as possible so that it’s less time tweaking and changing. Cause at the end of the day you are trusting your people on the morning to make you perfect and give you your dream. Look. Yeah. You don’t want to be able to make a brochure, a hairbrush shirt, doing too many, too much changes during the day. You just want to be able to, exactly. You just don’t have the time first. You want to be able to lay it off. Yeah. That’s not to say that there would be one or two touch-ups that need to be done, you know, and that’s fine too either as well. Do you know how severe it is? Even just getting from a character from [inaudible] might get blown away, but totally exasperating thing. You always have your


. I have a kind of hairspray [inaudible] it’s like what do you have in there? Safety pins, hairspray. Like everything. It’s just in case Laura has a backpack and she has everything. Then you divide Dora the Explorer. You have to do your audit number very totally off. It has embellishments on it.

They’re like, you know, some of the cathedral went once they have this rim along the edges that’s like dying. Like you know, it can be Swarski Christo, it could be beads, but like I suppose it affects the waist. Yeah. Of the veil. But does, it probably doesn’t affect the Harris side. It’s on the outer layer and it’s not following in underneath, which I don’t see an awful lot of them know. You know, the way it tends to, it’s pulled, it’s up dying. So the weight is the weight. Will it be down here? But you would feel it up here. Okay. Generally when the crystals are on the rim of it, they’re on the outside so they shouldn’t pull the hair on unless you’re messing with your vape and you don’t have your bridesmaids to fix you. So like that’s another thing I’m always like, so make sure you fix her van portion. It was up to you to make sure you pull it here. Yeah. First look to be like, especially if you’ve got the big cathedral, then the veil is like almost as long as the oil you’re walking up kind of thing. Yeah. If your address on your Vader pokers and like, I know like there’s so many of you that are like, someone’s gonna talk this somewhere. But I always had a Rocky face. Let some of the guys that Dre profession made the vintage cars and stuff, they’d be there at the door with you

and then you’re like [inaudible] but not that they’re there to put their grades. So

everybody’s looking at unfair, like everybody around you is like, and I feel even the person you released expects is going to be there for you. Yeah, he like, sometimes people don’t even expect that all this is going to happen because it’s [inaudible]. Well you don’t to do that. Anyone know what day? Yeah, totally. It’s like, yeah, thank you so much for doing that. And I’m like, not a bother. Like I was so happy. Like it’s a privilege to be at someone’s more, you know, it’s just such a lovely time in someone’s life. I’m like, are you not? When they come to the trays and tell me how you met. I love the stories, the story, whether it’s dancing across the data store and Havana’s or like, you know, Matt, no mountain, you know, everything

story is fine. I was just here and it was just me. There’s no one else there. But at the end of the world, the no choice.

Yeah. So we literally met Nevada and I’m like,

that’s okay. Yeah, totally, totally.

I just love it from start to finish, like a meet in the brides and meeting their bridesmaids or a sister or whoever comes with them and John’s just splitting the picture. Then you get excited for the wedding day and you get to know them and who the president and you get a feel for how the morning is going to be as well because every company’s different and 100% like, so obviously you want your ups soilless and your makeup artist and whoever. So that’s going to be around you. Did they need to be very good at what they do. First and foremost, they’re doing their job, but you need someone who has personality that they’re like, they’re not gonna be very stern and very kind of like an old [inaudible] stoner overweight kind of feeling. You need someone there that’s kind of like bringing a bit of atmosphere subordinate. Absolutely.

And that’s why I love like meeting people beforehand and like being up mornings that I just felt like I’m one of the girls and I’m like boop. And then I have the door but my Kish see it later, you know? And then other mornings are a lot calmer and that’s funny. It just depends. But you get to know the person before. Exactly. Like meeting your team beforehand is really important I think. You know, cause it just gives you, it’s the person behind it on how your morning is going to go. Yeah. Cause that’s how I always say that’s around just that for people that you want there because it’s all part of the wedding. It’s all parsed. The wedding just happened a little bit of fun and you know, all the braids were always like Oh my gosh, I bright crazy on the morning and I’m like actually no,

you would have,

you’re making a about her that will take the stress for you and she’s wandering around and doing everything like that. I’m like you have everything done. You have nothing else left to do other things like that. Yeah. But yeah, funny when they ask that question I’m like, no, you’d be so fine because you’d have it all done and out of the way before in the morning and your job is just to sit down and enjoy this. You’re being pampered. Yeah. Hopefully. Oh, before I forget about his birdcages I know you love this cause before we go away from accessories cause you do see a birdcage there. Then for those of you that don’t know Waterbury cages need to drink your grads.

I am. So birdcages are a lovely piece that comes across the front of your face, like a piece of netting. Okay. Again, it’s very personal and some people want a very large piece coming across the front of their face. They want an all you covers and some people only want it across the top of the forehead. It really depends on the person. With birdcages you have to take into consideration your eyelashes. Like we had the chat about this the other night. You were saying that you could even see sometimes people’s eyelashes looking cotton, the birdcage. So again, it’s, you’ve got a bit of extension on the ADA. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So these are small things that you need to just maybe try out before hunch. So like even a couple of days before the wedding and pop it on because sometimes they’re not caught to, cause I seen you with a scissors in one half of your birdcage and the other you’re like, yeah.

So some people have, would have them tailor made, just kind of them. So they’d have a headpiece, they’ll show whoever they’re buying the birdcage off of and then some other people will just rock on and they’d be, someone’s just have to giving them this piece of material and just pop it in. And if you do have to manipulate it onto the airbag, but sometimes they’re just too big and the brain doesn’t realize it cause she hasn’t really tried to just, okay. So you wouldn’t see me sometimes, but it says in the morning like trimming a bit of a birdcage if it’s not dictator made just to which, and that’s all, but it’s going to face. Yeah. So they do an easy no fix. It wasn’t us talking, but I don’t want to get myself a little bit of time in the morning to get the birdcage rate because like I said, you have an idea of what way you want your birdcage cage decision.

I have to be able to place it and make sure that it’s not like popping up here, but it’s sitting down and okay. And that there’s an even distribution of material. Because sometimes if it’s too big and you’re rolling and Andrea, you can, you can clearly see that there’s a ball the next year, you know? So we need to have it as seamless as possible. Okay. So I suppose with the burgers, because it’s I, from what I remember from the girls that have more than than the weddings I’ve had, they would have wore them for the majority of the day, but not all day. No, because it’s something, especially if it’s across the ice, you don’t want that across the ice. Let’s suppose when it’s on, it needs to be easy enough to remember. A cage is an amazing dog. It’s really gorgeous. And a goal was with the fear that they’re going first for [inaudible] isn’t it?

Yeah, so when you’re walking into your church, your ceremony in the hotel or wherever, maybe you want to start like one moment with your birdcage and then a lot of people just take it off straight off to the ceremony. Okay. Because they have a headpiece in there as well. Yeah. Is it usually clear? It says what it say would avail. We have to bail out. There’s a clip or something underneath. There’s no right or wrong time. You might have another break. Then that one’s that on all day. It’s not bothering her. I don’t want and she’s loving life. Patty is brilliant, but I do think as well for people who were for which I was, they like to get like the really soft photos of the whole look and then the next one that they want. They want themselves so they take the birdcage. I wish, but it’s easy enough to take out anyways.

I always show someone like I’ll show a bridesmaid or actual you or whoever’s there on the morning. They can avail I suppose. Reading you said we were moving a piece from there. Know that they that always show up, right? He’s made how to actually take a veil out of a hair because there is a way to take it up. But I’m disrupting the Harris but you just don’t go. Exactly. And now it’s like, and this piece is everywhere and people always ask me when should I wear, when should I wear my veil up to? When should I take? But like this is probably [inaudible] ask this question a lot cause I’ve seen girls wear it. I was on the dance floor for their first dance. Absolutely. She’s just embraced that famous, she ain’t letting me go mad. She’s helping it. It’s fine. You explained that would probably happen more so with people with shorter veils.

So it might not be like calming the whole way across the floor to pick it up and put around the exact date. I do find when brides have to like I will show up right? A [inaudible] cause I’ve seen them rocking around in the morning and it’s just trading and [inaudible]. So we’ll show them how to wear it over their and forget much the car and whatnot and how to rock around for the day with that. But if it is that little bit library, you can see they take it out a little bit earlier. A lot of people, I think like you probably know this more than me, but I’ve seen from weddings, they’d take it out before dinner so that they can sit down and be comfortable or they might make the entrance. Yes. [inaudible] we’ll take it out to a hotel manager. Exactly. Because again, look like so when you are coming into your room and everyone’s cheering and clapping like you want that full look.

Do you want that? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Then you can see they get, they get to the top table and you can see a bridesmaid coming over and just kind of be like, Oh, it’s a bit of a relief as well. Yeah, because what I do say devices, although if you’ve decided you’re going to wear your van for your first dance, I am embrace the fact that you’re wearing VR for the first time. Don’t wrap it around your arm. No. And then dance, like if it’s going to be there, just let it evolve, let it there. Whatever it’s doing, it’s doing. But like, yeah, everyone is different. I think when if home staying with us, I would definitely say there is no race around. Just go with the flow and see what CVS with your J do you know like, I didn’t know this is this is you only see this couple of times a year and I don’t know whether it’s becoming a trend or it’s always been noted. It’s never sold before.

You know when you have someone that has an off style and then someone, you hear them in the background going. So later on when you’re, you might be changing dress, you might have a second dress or a second look. Yeah. And you’d be like, right, so just remove these six pins and then the hair will just fall into a whole other downstyle. Is that something every hairdresser, it’d be different on this, so I’m not speaking for everybody like anything I’m saying today is only speaking on behalf of me. It’s okay. It’s like disclaimers. Like I was talking to another hairdresser, if you knew what you do for this, I’m like my girl and a tip from her and then flexing works. So I’ll, some people might love the idea and other people would be like [inaudible] we’ll have a way to do what and others. Okay, so personally speaking, if you want a certain lifestyle and you want to be able to take that upstairs down for a second look, you will be restricted in what upstate you’re going to have obviously.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. If you’re putting in a lot of back Coleman and you’re putting in a lot of like pieces pinned or pie and whatnot, like you have to take all that out and then you have to make sure that it’s not gone frizzy or falls. Even the back hole means taken out, you know? I suppose it’s the time then to do that cause it’s enough just like, I know it sounds simple, just remove these few clips and yes it will come down, but then there’s, you’d have to tweak it. Like I’ve often you have on hand for a second look waiting up in the hotel room when they called back. Cause do you do that you cause I’ve seen that that’s becoming more and more popular. If a bride one says I’ll be there for the half an hour later. Okay. Like literally I’ve, I’ve, I’ve been sitting in like recently I was in Vienna once and I was just sitting there in the [inaudible] suite just having a cup of coffee waiting for it to come off. She was literally off. They were just taking a few minutes. I don’t know what like course it was in between her and while the way the day was running Bush, they had a few minutes for you and I literally just put down all her hair, gave it a brush and put some products in it and she had gorgeous bones. He looked for the Nike. That is an option as well as [inaudible].

Then me showing one of the bridesmaids what to do. But then again you have some bridesmaids that are so nifty with her at that Lake [inaudible] situation. She’s like, I’m sure it could be fine. Totally know at that point of the day it’ll be grind because the whole second dress thing, it’s really starting. I’ve seen it more and more. I think we, it’s all time that was up cause as you said like that for that example she had a moment between horses or whatever way the day was running but like you have to, you do have to look at running your day. You do have to figure out, it could be 13 minutes or could be an hour because if you’re changing dress, you’re changing hairstyle, you probably going to do a makeup Topshop while you’re ATIs never really meant to do anything like to any Turkish because you want something what a quick turnaround.

Like really quick. Like you don’t always want to do a trial run of it wouldn’t do it with the bridesmaids gimme I was at this dress and it’s about what you want. You want to make sure that it’s like as time efficient as possible cause you don’t want to be sitting up having another half and over hairs. You, you know, wasting [inaudible] a quick touch off and get it down and get a brushed out, get a bit more volume into it, tweak it up a little bit, you and away you go. And then vice versa, someone might have their hair tight, I just want to pull it off their face really quickly and really soft upstairs, you know, different accessories, something to our ponytail. Keep it on love, on ponytail. So quick and simple shoe for a second. Looking also if you have your hair down for the day and you were loving like your Hollywood wave or your full wave or whatever you’re doing, a second look would be good.

Like ponytail, you would need your off service for that unless you have a really handy breaks made very hot. You just come in with just like 40 towns. It’s a good option as well if they want their hair off for dancing the night away cause like that’s the flip side. Some people want the hair down all day, but then they’re like I want it up out of the way for the night so I can just done some rock out and enjoy myself. You know? So I know before we go away from things you can put in your hair, cause we just have to be like other stuff to the air. I’ve seen girls do fresh flowers in their hair and I’ve seen it. Everything from whoever was making the bouquets made yuppies that could go in the hair to a single Rose to a bit of baby’s breath is what I call it. I put the little white flower. But is that something that like three hints and tips I suppose. Okay. So like fresh flowers in the hair are amazing, but you just need to make sure that they’re not so fresh that they’re wet. What is that? [inaudible]

like? I’ve had flowers brought to me at the morning and then the red water and I’m like just trying to keep them fresh. Make sure you take this out to the washroom. I know that’s another thing. Even on a wedding morning is like just make it, I’m always like, is there water or your flowers and water? I’ll just get my own, get them sourced and you just need to make sure it’s that little thing. So for her it just wants to flow as a dry aim. Again, if you’re thinking about doing something like that, I would try and you to have one or two flowers. Like they don’t have to be the exact ones on the day. You want your pinking up. Just ask your florist. Could you give me a role with our two? If you have a rules, like if you’re trying on your mind for your choice.

So I did have a bra. She had an idea of having roses. She brought them, I did say a term when you wouldn’t give it a bit of baby’s breath as well and maybe something like, I think she brought her a little bit of eucalyptus or whatever it was smelling Gorge Henri. She had frozen her head. We popped the Rose and said they were too bulky. They were too heavy. I’m not going to say to someone, Oh that’s not gonna work cause I don’t know if it’s gonna work or not. I suppose the more there is to go into weren’t going to wait. Not like, you know. So this Brighton particular hair was a little bit finer and she was kind of going more bowl with hot the Rosen and they just didn’t say great aim. So then cue a little bit of baby’s breath, then something’s after and that was absolutely perfect.

So you might have an idea of what you want. It’s like people go for the dress, they know what they want and they end up with something different. The difference. Yeah. It’s the same thing with like flowers and headpieces and stuff like that. So if you had the opportunity to have a try to run then, so I’ve even seen girls with like a plat and then a bit of baby’s breaths I suppose depending on your age and depending on who [inaudible] gorgeous. She had like other rights for different types of Pharos and I couldn’t remember the name of the note but there would be able to [inaudible] not a clue. And they have been beautiful but they’d been nice and light. So like if you can keep them nice and late and nothing too bulky, I think it will suit you better cause they won’t feel as heavy on the head. If I it again, it’s back to that. You’re not constantly pulling into yang at yourself. And again, I can only speak for myself, but I actually prefer it if they come to me without pins in them because when a florist will put pins in, they can be very long. Okay. I don’t have the players in the morning to cook them, you know? So maybe you should, I can add it to my body.

I know you’re not going to be like, I’ll get my two. Okay. It’s hard for the Flores to try and like picture what look she’s having Jones. She’s not a hairdresser I exactly. So I’m just say let’s just get the flowers, don’t get anything put onto them and I’ll pop them in a certain way and a lot of security keeping somebody happy or anyway, it’s just no extra work. And I suppose it was fun, as I said, with six of the flowers with the flower girls. Yes. Cause um, I know the flavor grads usually get like, they get something out to the hair in the morning depending on how long they’re willing to sit there for [inaudible] on like the size of the bridal party because he would have a very early Sarah when he’s telling him [inaudible] you might actually have the flower girls Dawn elsewhere, you know, they call me. Yeah, I know. Just be to add a flower crown or something. 100%. Yeah. And a lot of the time, like the flower girls, their hair is just so dainty and cute. Like, you know, they don’t need much work anyway. So I’ve know about it. Like I’ll always do that kind of way. Everyone’s getting dressed and I just talk them up and it’s perfect. But like with the flower crowns, I’m sure you’ve probably experienced how they pop off and fall off thing like curtains on all the time. [inaudible]

terminating. You’ve gotten the flower girl number one, it’s back on her. You’ve done it on, you’re down to the fourth and you look back to [inaudible].

Oh totally.

You know you have two options. You can just ring and book a flower crown and their maze and that’s it. Or they go one size fits all kind of situation for them. You can have a little two year old and then an eight year old and like the size, their heads told me different, you know, so like some people will like when I say like a generalist, like he that’s like a tank at the back that you can pull to tightness, but you can tweak it a bit. I find sometimes they spring back out, you know, so they might get [inaudible] so like I think if, if you have the option to bring your flower grads into your flowers and just get them made to measure so that like the flower girls, it’s more comfortable. It’s just an idea. It’s not a necessity. You can almost any measure their hedge and give them an idea of what the circle like no one’s ever going to think I have to measure my flower girl’s head.

If it just means that they’re more comfortable in their flower, just stays on their head that little bit longer than other people. They would probably be listening to me be like, okay, she’s psychotic to being out the door. You’re throwing money, space on the flower. Girls are coming even before you go to the door. So like I always secure it for them. Give your head a shake and they just go like this and I’m like, no, no, shake, shake, shake it. Shake your head for shape. Opera, shake it. I need to see. So I would have secure them. But like if you have the option to like get it managed to measure it, then happy days cause it will fit them better. [inaudible] polite. It’s a good tip though, because the flower Grimes, they can be great or they can just be, they’d be on the floor. Yeah, absolutely.

But if you looking, so say I’m looking for a Brady loft stylists, I’ve no idea what I’m looking for. And you’re kind of at the start of your searching. Like is there a history of like how you should start to, cause it’s very easy just to type in. Yeah. Brian loft stylists or a bridle of stylist and in the area of where you obviously want them to be there you live in, that’s, that’s obvious total. Is there anything else that they should kind of like when they’re looking at people’s portfolios and pictures? So obviously like I haven’t booked a brighter stylistic,

can you imagine?

But no worries. So obviously I haven’t been at that site. One thing that I have asked people like, Oh, how did she come about New York, you know, so I think a lot of it is referred and that’s fine, but all you think having an Instagram page, okay, when you go in, you have a grid of pictures straight away in front of, you know what the noise? No, what the noise starts cheating. No clicking on Facebook, no one would like, it’s like an interview. You could literally go in and you have photos and there you are, you need to kind of feel for someone or you won’t, you know, she’s, she’s my tanker. Like, yeah, like I’m not going to be to everybody. Like there’s so many of us and there’s so many different study lessons, so might be a very structured study list and some will be very soft and you know, some might be very versatile and do and you’d be a bit more, first of all yourself they would, it’s actually very funny, they started out like, I was like, I loved the structure upstairs at Bluffton, Audrey Hepburn, balloon barn and you know, and then obviously like [inaudible] from your own love as well.

Was this? Yeah, like I was just getting ready to creative wouldn’t wants to make all these mal hairstyles, but then like obviously you have to be able to do something that seems to your bright. So if someone wants like soft and texts or to have to be able to show yourself to texts, you might not like this particularly, but they love. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. One thing that I try and put on my Instagram is as many different pictures as possible. Okay. So that it gives a bright a, so if you’re only putting up all soft and textures, someone might not get a few, a few cause they might want something ready and into glam and that could be some, I suppose I’ll say that that is her thing. Yeah. And if you go for a trial, she’s going to not push you in a direction but kind of encourage you cause that’s, that’s her, that’s her butter area.

That’s what she does best, I suppose. Yeah. Whereas like I feel like I have a good array of hairstyles on my page, but like that’s one thing that I would say to people and that’s to do with anything. It’s colors, obstacles, whatever it is. If someone has a good Instagram page and you have a clear vision and you have all those photos in front of you, you’ll be able to scroll it down straight away and see. Actually I love that. I love that. Yeah. I’ll get a feel for her office. And people do say that they’re like logs. The hairstyles are, this is how I find when you are, you know, still like just paying for anyone out there having to be very visual. Then when you’re looking, I suppose you do get a feel straight away when you like something don’t take to know cause like talking to someone over email or on a DM or whatever.

You’re not going to get a few of them for their [inaudible] hair. And I suppose so easy cause I know I always say to I be chatting to cold bullets and say they’ve um, they’ve booked their venue, they’ve booked their photographer, they’ve booked their band and they’re the kind of three people call them the three beak, the big ones. And then, and then they go, we’re going to relax now for our base cause we’ve got those three in place. I always say no, no, no book your hair and makeup. Cause no because they won’t go so far in advance. Yes. But it’s kind of like it is one of those things where when you do have your day and if your upside is taking bookings for that year, you’re getting married and I wouldn’t delay. The worst part of my job is saying no when someone has like sent you a social lovely message, complemented your work, you know, and then I’m like I am so sorry for sample cause I was.

But I would always send a recommendation list of people who I would recommend that are similar to me and can do the same thing. And then there’ll always be an older list. So like I’m always like please get back to me if you need any more help. And is it a case if it’s 12 1824 like just so for the busier months. So say for your [inaudible] and I had someone onto me recently apologizing that she was getting on to me so far in advance for July, 2021 and I was like I am so sorry and books out. But like there could have been three are the dates that were still free. So like, like, especially if it’s a bank holiday, like get dash inquiry straight away on Christmas. Yeah. So like two years is okay. I know this sounds crazy, but like, you know what you’re saying, but this is what I’m saying, this is what I’m going to tell her. And they look at me as if I’ve got 10 heads. Is it always talking about like some people are so honest because they’ve had friends that have just got married or whatever and they know and they’ve all said they felt before they’ve gotten engaged, they happy there. [inaudible]

so like sometimes it is like if it is peak season and it is a very popular date, it is like two years in advance, you’re trying to book that, you know? But then for instance, I had a bright, this year I had my son’s communion, so I had blocked out me and she wasn’t gonna get onto me. She’s like, there’s no way she’s going to be able to fit me in like six months before the wedding, not a whole bunch of her sister’s like, I’m going to get onto boards. You were waiting for that [inaudible] did I say confirmation? It was community anyway, just a few years and just out there. But anyway, and it just, so it just so happened and I always say to people just chances are there’s always going to be a gap in people’s jewelry and you just never know. So it’s possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask if it’s too short of a timeline either. Like you know, cause even by asking to give a recommendation as to if I can’t do on my side, but if I can’t do it, happy days, you know, and that’s don’t as well. Like if someone is looking for you to go up to country somewhere and they don’t realize where you’re based, they’ve just come across your page. You do. A lot of people they travel like so I suppose you can’t travel too far because it’s such an early start. Sometimes it’s not as it. Yeah, like so like it again, I’d always ask, what time is your ceremony? How many hours are in your bridal piracy? Am I going to dig and go? Are you getting married at 12 and is there seven of you? Cause I need [inaudible] to be realistic as well.

So I suppose you’re looking for someone within a radius of where [inaudible] going to be sometimes like um, I prayed recently and I have to travel, I think it’s three hours to her and again she’s an already ceremony telling him and she was like, we actually have a guest talks if you would come down. And then like before, cause it would have been hurting stash and I was like absolutely no problem. Like no problem coming up the night. You’re willing to do a little bit of traveling to get [inaudible] okay. Yeah it would have to be realistic because if you have a three hour draw, you’ve, and you’ve started at seven, you know what time you getting up in the morning. It’s just I’ve seen Brandon Price stuff Fife. Yeah because she, I think she had nine bridesmaids and like I’m not afraid would already starts like don’t get me wrong.

Like this isn’t saying that like [inaudible] yeah. So sometimes I will have an overnight stay the night before depending on if the Brighton privacy is really big and it’s already ceremony. And you’re willing to take yeah, totally. Like no bother doing it. I am. And then other times it is just the ceremony time was a little bit later cause they know themselves. They’re probably depressed, she’s bigger or they might just lie. You thought actually there’s certain people they brought into the bridal party that are like, actually I going to get them another hairdresser. So you will find two hairdressers and two makeup artists on the morning of a wedding working all together. Her best friends that have traveled from America and Australia, they want, their friends have traveled and they’re with them and they want them with them on the morning but they’re not part of the bridal party.

So like you’ll see, you’ll end up getting two hairdressers and two makeup artists and the house is full of foam that cause that’s something to think about as well. Cause there has to be a maximum number of tall hair styles you can do physically in a timeframe because there’s, what is that like? It’s going to say all start early, but that means they have to start early. Yeah, that’s what I was just trying to get across. It’s not about me really. It’s about them getting those. Yeah. Like sometimes I’d be like, so this is actually the starting that you want to have. And she’s like, you’re not getting your hair done. You’re not getting your Arizona plates made. It’s up. And I’ll see you. What, seven, four bridesmaids, everybody, everybody all is fighting over who goes first. That’s just one of the conversations you have to have and that’s okay.

And then you’ve tied it all down together and you know, at least they’re like, we never actually thought about that or I didn’t think I’d have to start that early. Or you know, so like the early starts, the early starts are crazy. But like, but it gets it to where you need to be on like exactly to know. And that’s what I mean. Like I’m not afraid of an already stars. Okay. It gets everything done in time and I’m like a stickler of like, okay we need an hour miscellaneous time for your flowers and right. You’re sitting down in your chair, you’d get up and you’d go see your flowers. Then the next minute your mom needs you for something that was off the chair or you’re waiting for a bridesmaid and she, she’s gone missing. She went down to her room to get addressing comb. So like you have to make sure that like you’re watching your time.

So I always leave a bit extra spying for these are the things that, you know, buffer, a buffer, maybe a cup of coffee for yourself in between. What’s so funny, I’m like, Oh once I have coffee on Friday for the day. Exactly. I’m going to come. So we’re going to wrap this up pretty soon cause we’ve talked about loads but when it comes to maintaining your hairstyle, okay. On the day and I know cause we’ll wrap this into one right? Cause I know we were going to talk about what’s kind of trending but when it comes to hair everyone seems to be doing what suits them. It’s goin really that way that there’s no like one size fits all or perfect bridal. Look what I’ve noticed myself in the last 12 months now obviously I know we talked about Hollywood wave is huge and I’ve done a lot of Hollywood waves and they’re beautiful and stoning but a lot of people are actually going just for really soft natural how they look in day to day basis, which kind of brings it back into the maintenance side of things.

Cause there probably is a little bit of maintenance and having your hair down. Then like it’s structured, it’s sitting there, you might have to replace a pin. I can already tell a straight away putting heat site into as into someone’s hair. How the Curtis calling like how it’s working out. I’m like, so we actually need to get a little bit more fullness in this and we might need to pop in one or two extensions if you want longevity in your story because these cards are going to drop. This was the extensions are going to help pull the head forward. Yeah, exactly. So then I’d always say, so after your trial, okay, watch your hair. As the day goes on I’m like we’ll see how it says normal and see what happens. If it’s going to drop too quick today, it’s going to drop too quick on your wedding day.

So then we need to know what we need to do to change it. Make sure we’re putting in like, you know, an extra timeframe onto that first started. You know, cause your hair, it’s built to last like you need, you need it to last for the day. It’s a long day. So depending on the hairstyle you might want like a soft brush just to give your hair a quick sweep over. If there’s any like flyaways or phrase or if there’s been any moisture in the air, if there’s any moisture in the air, moisture might go into your hair. So I’m, I get a little bit fuzzy. So you might just want us to move, just take away any fly away for frizzy hair. If it’s down. Again, like if you have a Hollywood wave and you’ve had some embellishments and it’s called cotton little bit or you’ve just been hogged yeah, too much exactly.

Like obviously like it’s set in place. Like you know what, there might be one or two like stray hairs and you’ll see it straight away because Hollywood wave is so, and structures that I’ll show a bridesmaid, like a little comb technique just to make sure that the wave just comes to that. Like general get those flyaways cascade is the wave of, Steve didn’t money in any way. I’ve seen the Hollywood wave in his speech, but if someone goes over with the brazen school, which fixes and they pick up the wave and they start to when they’re going in the wrong direction and I go, no, no, no, no.

The only time you’d call like that as if it was just at the end of the [inaudible], break it off, twist it. So like with the Hollywood wave, but you have to remember like one is going in this direction, off the face of one’s coming here. One is coming on the face, one was coming off the face that you need to be careful. It’s my watch fraction. You’re pulling your hand and pulling their weight. So that’s why I would actually say, let me see how the hair lasts. Remark back to me and we’ll see if when you show anything. Some people are like, yeah, it’s actually, it was perfect. Didn’t budge or this we’re like, yeah, little bit. Um, a little bit more drops than I expected. And then we popped in one or two extensions and like happy days, but I’ll show a bridesmaid then like I’ll get a car, whatever it is, depending on the hair, style and texture, I’ll just show them like a little quick trick just to, cause it gives you save.

Somebody know if you actually just give it a very soft colon, it’s a little sip. And they can look as if like, I’m not common in like near my bad way. Like you know what it is? It does not like small coalmines like a big white. Yes. Like if you want to just like make sure you get all the hair back in together, little tweak at the end just to pull in any flow ways that have come out from people and robbing off your word should be small little tweaks or maybe cleaning. Realistically like if someone’s, especially as you’ve gotten, is very good at what they do. Their hair shouldn’t really move unless something drastic happens. It will be taught as well. Like if I, if I feed her hair and I’m like, Hollywood wave isn’t going to last and repair. I have to be honest because I don’t want anybody disappointed on their wedding day that they [inaudible] it’s flat.

They want to get the Pinterest perfect look, you know, so you, I would be very honest, like I would never say, Oh no, you can’t have this. You know, we’ll just sit down and we go through, explain like what we could do to make sure that we’re going to get that look to last. Okay. So you have to be realistic as well, what hair you have versus a picture you’re looking at. You know, and you have to like meet in the middle and find what’s gonna work you. Cause at the end of the day, you don’t want hair that’s after falling out. After an hour, you’re going to be so disappointed. It’s going flat and you’re like, yeah, that’s not what you want. But then also for first, I just have someone that’ll come in and try Hollywood wave, but she normally wears that weedy bouncy, and she chose the Hollywood wave and she loves beauty lovers, but that she’d like, it’s actually not for my wedding day.

Okay. And she’d revert back to what she knows. So sometimes people will try something and I go, I always say this and twice and my tribe is all about what you want there, but what you don’t want as well. You know what I don’t like, I just didn’t know like that. Yeah. Yeah, I tell the, if you look at and go, Oh, it’s lovely just to be polite, you’re not insulting you. It’s like, you know, you could just move on to something else and you’re just happier. And that’s something that I always say like you have to tell me, I don’t mind at all. And like, especially when you’re personalizing her, you know exactly how you would like your hair to sit around the front of your face. Oh you told him. So you have to tell me what were you like? Gosh, you know?

So it’s all about just talking and being open and honest and feeling comfortable that you can talk to your suppliers. You know, that you can communicate with them. Cause there’s nothing worse than putting it out. But you know, like what you mean? Someone feeding them hoped. But then I’ve often been there and been like, well it’s not sitting right with you because they didn’t ever say, I’m thinking, I’m like, they feel like it’s being too negative too. And like that’s not the case. This is your big day. It’s your look, you know? And at the end of the day you want it to be perfect and you’ve probably given all the hints and tips there is [inaudible] hair, but is there any one thing you’d say to somebody?

I know that’s, I love asking people this question. At the end of the day they’re going to be on the spot. Everyone’s like, Hmm. In relation to like the hairstyle, well whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be like when it comes to bridal hair, is there anyone like what just makes sure like preparation is key. You know, and when I say prep it’s down to the hair color. You have the products, you’re using the condition of your hair, you know you have to have your hair prepped. Okay. You want a certain look, but then you might be one of the lucky ones that have means a heroin. Is Oxy duty on Rina does what? It’s supposed to wake up every morning. [inaudible]

good hair day. Yeah. You would know your set of if there’s something you need to do with your hair and preparation is key. If you have a look you want to go to just make sure that you do talk to people ahead of time, get your advice, like we’re here to help, you know, so yeah. Yeah, that’s it. No, that’s, that is good advice though to be fair because I think a lot of people just kind of think, you know, you’ve seen someone in a picture isn’t that lovely and they talk but they don’t realize the amount of work and prep and time that went into getting that picture perfect. Like even you’re looking at a photo and she’s showing you three boho waves and three bouncy waves and you have to show them the difference and then you have to pinpoint what they like in each photo and then you’re showing them I’m going to quit her career. That’s the direction of recurrence or both off her face. The photo you’ve showed me of you was on your face or in general, watch out. You don’t see, you just see something pretty good. That’s lovely. Yeah, exactly. So like you’re trying to like, I like I, like I said, these are the small like small little details, but you have to, that’s what makes up a really great hairstyle though is the small of the small details. Totally. Yeah.

Oh Jesus. I think we’ve got everything out there and I’ll have, we probably laugh, he’s actually not recording anymore. He just shut them off. Oh my God. That was great. But again, there’s probably loads of like little tips and tricks we probably left over. What we do is you can go home, make a list and then come back all stuff. But I just think like when you get your brain to her trailer, like even if they don’t have a choice, some people don’t. They know exactly what they want. Actually, you know, some people don’t have a train at all, but I even like a quick text and a quick chat or a quick phone call or whatever it is, you will figure out, you know, you want, you need to do it just for having a chat. If there is anything we’ve left out, you’d always figure it out when you’re talking to us.

Get a lot of comments. No going beat at this. I wish. What about this? I’d be like, just contact Cathy. I, I’m like I said, like anything that I’ve said today is only either like from personal experience, that’s not what has to be done. It’s not right or wrong. You’re wrong. And like every site is different. So anything that you said today, like your bridal stylist might say something different than that’s okay. Like don’t go to your brain state as Kathy unsafe because she might just do something different. To me, the caffeine said, don’t take what I say as gospel. There are only like little hell hello toast. Hello phone. I was like this flavor. I think definitely. We’re going to leave this with till next time. Till next time. Thank you so much. Oh dear. Just start from there.

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