Wedding Venues Planning for COVID-19

As you plan ahead for hosting a Wedding in a new normal of COVID-19, Laura and Benny tease out questions you may want to ask your venue when they re-open and you approach your big day.

Audio Podcast

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Benny still lingers on the Laura Redhead Benson podcast as the COVID-19 wedding planning begins to evolve. Wedding Couples, Suppliers, Venues are all still in a bit of a lull as we await clear guidance and rules regarding weddings but you can still begin to plan for the impact that might happen on your wedding day.

Podcast Schedule – Running Order Today…

0:00:00                 Introduction

0:05:15                 Venues (touch on, more later)

0:06:50                  New Zealand – hint for weddings

0:08:50                  As weddings begin again, we will see that they are do-able

0:10:05                  Travelling Internationally

0:13:24                  Distraction – Laura’s messing office

0:14:45                  Cocooning – those at risk

0:22:40                  Venues – difficulty in answering questions now

0:25:05                  Dancefloor

0:30:25                  Photobooths and the likes

0:31:50                  Evening Food and Sweet Carts

0:34:25                  Dining

0:38:40                  Guest Numbers – Venues new normal capacity

0:41:10                  Face Coverings

0:45:45                  Invites – a chance to communicate

0:48:00                  Drinks Reception

0:51:10                  Afternoon Tea

0:54:45                  Toilets and Condoms

0:56:55                  A very Laura Long Goodbye

Questions for Wedding Venues – COVID-19

First of it is May 2020 and Wedding Venues are not expected to be open until July 2020. They may be operating a management or administration team responding to contacts made but they mostly will not be in a position to answer these questions, yet! Further guidance and clarity is need from Government and Health authorities as well as Venues will have to preform an analysis of their premises within new protocols.

This list is to help you get in the frame of mind of some of the issues that are going to arise. Be patient and do not rush to put a list to the venue just yet. wait for the venue to open and when the time is right with your consultation with the venue ask them to address your list of questions. Alter this list and make it your own, add questions and change questions how you see fit. Venues may even answer these questions before you get a chance to ask.

The Podcast expands on all points in more detail.

Dance Floor

What rules or restrictions are going to be in place for the Dance Floor?

If you ask are we allowed have a dance floor, you might get a knee jerk reaction of NO! Ask are the any measures being put in place for the dance floor or is there going to be a watchful eye to see how the night proceeds (and the hand break may have to be pulled if the party goes over the top).

Whatever restrictions you are advised of put it to your band or DJ and see if they can come up with ideas to make it workable.


Are there any rules regarding alcohol service?

There could be endless measures put in place (pun intended). Ask throughout the day/night what are the rules going to be, so when cousin Chris is not playing by the book at 1 am you know what is what.

Evening Food Services & Sweet Carts

How will the late night food service work?

Any food that was traditionally help yourself or pick n mix will most likely not be permitted under knew regulations. Ask what the plan is so you are not complete shocked and so that there is a plan.


Will groups of households be able to sit close together or must all individuals be seperated?

What is the method to implement social distancing while dining (all small tables or other)?

What will the overall layout of the room look like?

Do you have the space required to social distance for the government restriction numbers?

Is there an alternative space if the banqueting room is too larger for my smaller numbers?

Drinks Reception

Can you accommodate the drinks reception in the original space that was going to be used?

How will social distancing be applied in the space?

Will each household have an area that they feel comfortable in, such as a tall table pod for drinks?


Despite Laura getting some colour back into her head, we have not switched the cameras back on but the Podcast can be viewed of YouTube if that is your preferred method of listening.

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