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Below is an automated transcription of the Podcast conversation with Ian a Videographer from Story Begins. There may be some discrepancies but the conversation can be inferred from the topic of wedding videography.

Hi, I’m Laura Redhead Benson, in today’s podcast. We’re talking everything, wedding videography to talk us through it in videography. We brought in Ian from story begins who has a very specific documentary style, but for any couples out there who are thinking about are interested in getting wedding videographer in, does touch on quite a few points that are very, very relevant to everybody looking for videographers, what to expect on the wedding day and it gives us some great hints and tips as well towards the end. Also answering my favorite question, the age old question of should I get a wedding videographer? With that said, here’s today’s podcast.
So today we have Ian from Story begins and we’re going to be talking everything videography. I’m excited about the scene. Ian, welcome. Thank you very much. I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to be on this side of the camera. Yeah. Do you feel like we’re supposed to be over there? Okay. We’re not supposed to be here. What did you want to check up while he’s doing at any stage to make sure it’s right, some stupid questions, why are you doing that, but this is nice. We actually get to sit across the table. Yes. And chat and we’re not standing in some room somewhere.
Get in people’s way. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Obviously obviously obviously obviously, but I suppose for everyone that doesn’t know you, isn’t familiar with you and I’m sure that’s what we do know you though as he was sitting there going, Oh, that’s my videographer. Exactly. But you more of a documentary style. Yes. For me it’s all about the story. It’s all about the story. Tend not to set, um, try to architect things to happen. Um, I like things just flowing to be honest with you. I perform when people actually forget to let them there. Tanksley I hear that, um, a fair bit and that the thing has gotten him was he didn’t even know you were there. Um, and I know that I’ve done my job now. I get all the shots, obviously compliment, you can get really know you’re kind of sinking into the background. When you get asked, can I get a little glass point when you’ve got a big fancy camera in your hand at a, at a reception and kick it in the car.
Normally when I’m driving I’m certainly address on the blacktop. Looks like a waiter or a priest and I’m, no, I’ve never been asked to marry anybody. You could always start to move in that moment. Do you know what I, you know as well are, you could recite that ceremony backwards. You could do [inaudible] you’re kind of going into it. He’s going to say this now and he’s going to say that they forget. And let’s say that you can stand in and say, I’ve got this tape my camera. I’m there for you. I’m there. And you’ve said to my son to me a couple times where it’s the couple of day and there’s no kind of, I suppose, right and wrong when it comes. Same thing. You go with airflow. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Um, I’m an observer and um, I absorbed it happening and I let it happen. But it is there, are there, I mean if they’re not comfortable with what you’re doing now and again, thankfully flooding doing as the way often 30 on truisms sort of thing is generally not, but it is there.
There is there a doubt and the thing is there a day it has to happen the way they want to, but yeah, I often say it’s customer to clients. Um, and before I meet them our, when I meet them beforehand, before they say, look, this is, this is your day guys take it in. It’s so important though because I think we do so many weddings. You could be or you know, twice, three times a week and the last thing you want to do is can, if you find a routine and you impose that routine or day after day after day, I love it. There’s a difference. I love when something random happens. It’s not a cookie cutter. Exactly. Yeah. Cause I would get bored if that was to happen. Then there’s obviously math to track to hit. I mean you have to make sure that you’re here for before the ceremony begins.
You have to me, you’ve making me your microphones in my case and whatever, but, but you have to, um, you know that you have to have variants, you have to be different or that’s different, but it’s, it’s enjoyable that Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Plus it keeps you sharp and that’s the thing. Um, I think you get what I do. Personally. I think I would get complacent if everything was exactly the same every single day. Um, and I get bored with it and that would show the videos. Um, and it becomes a veterinarian. Yeah. Yeah. I couldn’t do that. I don’t want to, I don’t want to just kind of go and put a standard video [inaudible] for anybody. I want everybody to feed that. That’s small. You do. It’s important. I think it’s really important. And I suppose like when you’re working on a wedding day as well, you’re also working very closely with the photographers of the world, like myself.
But obviously like I work with different videographers all the time. You work with different photographers all the time. And I think one thing that’s quite important is whoever you’re video calling your photographer, they have similar approaches. Yeah, yeah. Tactfully these days. I’m very lucky. Touch wood. No, no I’m not unless I’m superstitious. Pataskala and just yesterday I think it’s a part to be on the same wavelength. It’s up crucial of course, you know. But I just think, cause you also someone new all the time. Occasionally the thing is like, you know, Oh my God, it was amazing. Amazing shoot star. Just saw creative and everything. Then you’ve got kind of more camera shoots. But like I’m very lucky. Lucky to be able to say that I haven’t really kind of ran into anybody that I’ve either [inaudible] or caused their problems or they’ve caused me problems.
And it’s because you’ve been documentary. It would help if the photographer wasn’t in some way similar. That’s they’re not like, cause everybody has a different way of approaching how you document today. Some people set every moment up and they guide people along every moment and other people are quite happy. Just to step back and you know you’re going to help them. You’re going to bring them places, but you’re going to allow them to themselves sometimes. Sometimes he kind of needs to take a charity. I mean, like when I’m, when I meet couples beforehand, I’ll say like that. The thing is if I’m shooting with wisdom, I’ll say, look, you’re going to be listening to Lauren and voice generally. Yeah. Just making fun of [inaudible].
Yeah, but you gotta to be listening to one voice and not going to be listening to me on occasion. I’ll say, look, guys, can we just try something? But I bought it a photographer first. Not because they’re there, they’re in charge and they’re the boss. But it’s just that, I just think that it’s a neater and cleaner for the carpet to be getting one set of instructions. Oh yeah. So I had to talk to you and I’ll say, look at are at the end of this. Do you mind if I just do it with silhouette shot? Absolutely. [inaudible].
Yeah, but it’s good though because for the time frame for you to, to communicate that with the person you’re working with means that, you know, if you know you’ve got a 30 minute window and especially winter weddings cause the light bulb types that you know, that like at the end or in needs a little bit of time to do something you thinking of and you just, you can plan that out together. Um, and normally the thing is that kind of interaction with, um, you get to get the best out of the couple, you know, and the thing is, plus it’s only, I think couples actually looked to see that the thing is the team are actually getting on. Oh yes. I just think that some comments, Oh my God, are the, are the, is the videographer and his talks are going to be on the back of the to fight your territory and strips off each other.
And it’s the first thing that like something, Oh my God. The thing is, do you talk to photographers? I said, yeah, I actually talked to a lot of photographers. I have good friends of mine. Yeah, there’s some PR impression that, uh, you aren’t going to be arguing and you’re going to be jostling for position and things like that. And that’s again, the thing is, you know, like equipment these days is so discreet, you can just get in there, get the shots you need and it’s a different process. I need it. But the like video book, but I can get in to get the shot was the photo shoot for instance, is happening and then there’s no conflict and there’s no problem. And that’s a good point. When you could say technology and how technology has changed. Like, you know, I know everyone works off different technology and everyone has different equipment, but I know you personally, you do work off quite compact.
Yeah. DSLR is gimbals obviously tripod and not for ceremony, but like, it’s great that it can be so discreet. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn’t get into us M with my chiropractor and as I’ve gotten weighed over and because back, I mean like back in the day, I mean when I first started to this business, um, uh, 20 years ago [inaudible] yeah. I didn’t let him talk in front of a camera for over an hour. And Dave, the one gesturing to hear it is the thing is the camera on the uh, on the shoulder, you know, like I still have an old one in a box and the office and it’s so heavy and it’s so awkward and there is the fellow with the camera and there is the [inaudible] the light on top of the camera, never [inaudible] and Tanksley that’s all gone, you know. I mean again, people, it had to be, because I think there’s an appetite there.
Are these days far more discreet? Yeah, that’s something he probably knows you to get a lot more different angles. Yeah. Like just something creative as well. But it’s not just like, well, you know, this is the height of my shoulder, so this is the height the angle’s going to be asked, or this is the height of my tripod. So that’s so that you can get the envelopes you, yeah. You have to get from this great old different height like yeah, yeah. You can move it down to Donald law. You can bring up high, we’ve all been there, you know, even for the first dance and you need to be there to, um, generally like for, for stance, um, most cases there’s a crowed around a cop and you’ve got to be camera and tripod. [inaudible] the thing is you’re there and you’re, let’s try and lift it up.
And the thing is you’re probably taking somebody out to a couple of guests and things. So whereas, Oh yeah, I’m short for that type of a job. And when it is to lift up the camera and point dome and it’s great for that as well. I just looked up movements, movements, as well as moving as well as the couple moving that it kind of does give over to every different, especially with [inaudible] emotion. Um, you know, and again, fat, like I, I’m slow to kind of get into fats. Like the thing is there was a case like the thing is whatever the charts would say, we’re black and white and I was doing kind of for a while I was doing kind of every third or fourth chart, black and white pulled back a lot from that. Um, um, because it just seemed it, I didn’t, it didn’t want to get kind of pigeonholed into, Oh, that’s your mom.
That’s the guy who was a slow motion though. That’s the guy. But to draw on or whatever, you have to kind of have a kind of combination. But as you said at the start that that does allow every day to turn out so differently. It is very individual. It’s all absolutely. It’s like weather as well. It plays a huge use, proper drawings. Um, the thing is if it’s raining, you can’t lie. If you’re in an area where you can’t fly, you can’t fly. That’s just where it is and you have to compete with it. Um, comply with those laws. So you get, same question. I guess. What do we do with what rains? That’s my fever and I’ve never, I’m sure you’ve seen the same. He’s never seen a wedding stop.
No it doesn’t. You are not going to reschedule it. I know it’s not. You can do with notice no. Plan a plan B.
yeah. And again, you know, I wish I, it just sometimes when people ask me questions like that, I wish I had like all, we had this one situation where like they don’t happen. There’s always somewhere to get a nice, nice video shots. Yeah.
And it’s a, it’s a team of people working to make sure that no matter what the weather is doing, we’re still going to achieve something. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s the important thing is to, to work with people that are experienced. Yeah. When it’s the fun that something goes wrong, no one gets excited. She just fix it and move on. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause you all’s getting excited about this. It’s not going to have a secret. She stopped laughing. Oh my God. What’s happened? What’s often? Yeah. But it’s, no, it’s for couples that um, haven’t had their wedding day yet and it’s coming off for them. The running of a wedding day from a videographers perspective, I suppose like you offer, I know you offer different packages, but you do offer package where you call for the full day, like morning prac all the way up until they get that. Yeah. Yeah. And I suppose for the morning, I know for the morning this, this one, it like, cause when people ask me about like, you know, all the videographer, I bit a bit nervous about the videographer coming in in the morning and I’ve actually had mornings with the videographer hasn’t been there with me because it just scared the, for whatever reason, the calls or having someone recording rather than photographing. But it’s, it, it is, as you said, it’s discreet. It isn’t going to,
one of the downsides of trying to get that across, which can be very difficult, um, is that until you’ve gone through it, you don’t realize how whole discrete videographers can be. Um, and that’s, it’s a bit of a leap of faith, you know, and it’s, I think it actually, I actually think it comes down to one thing, which is some people assume that, uh, you’re going to be there and you’re going to recording all the sound and you’re going to hear, Oh my God, auntie John is after swearing and uncle Tom is after running off and my dad bitching about someone else some and the amount of times that I, somebody, the turnarounds and the spot me and they’ll say you Ricardo, and it’s because of the sound. No, in my case I never used the Arizona card. Of course I do. And it’s going to be kind of,
and sometimes they can, if it’s something nice that’s that I suppose it can be put in me

actually. But the thing is like normally, um, like if like sometimes the thing is if, if a letter is at a got coming from the, from the groom to the bride, you know, she’s reading the note. That can be nice, but that doesn’t happen very often. That doesn’t happen as often. But she might read it out and keep it together. Yeah. The thing is to me quite emotional going, why did you get her to do that? She’s [inaudible] she’s still there and she can fix it. Yeah. But I just [inaudible] Oh, was the photographers always hears the audio is a big one that I hear from people like terrified of like, Oh, they’re going to be recording what we’re saying, but the chances are like, as you said, it’ll never probably used those pieces. Those pieces look better with music. What are their, is um, you know, nonstop music or whatever.
Don’t they look better? They slow together better because you can imagine it’s all quick cuts. It’s all kind of live three seconds of, there’s two seconds of that along section of where the, um, the, the fodder de bright Caesar for the first time. That’s a long shot from two different angles. Yeah. And have that on video. Like a photograph can tell so much, but a video is because it’s raw emotion reason it’s still weight. The thing is, and that kind of brings me to another point. We’re both getting a video in front of first place. Yeah. Um, the, the one thing that I always hear right and I do, I guarantee are pretty much here at every single word they were saying, um, uh, did a notice the size of the camera and they’ll say, Oh, you’re on a photographer here. And I said, no, I’ve actually a video expecting you to wheel it in.
You really hold on. Were you here? Said I’m here since this morning. You just notice me. No, I didn’t notice it. Oh yeah. And then they’ll say, I never got a physio, never got a video. And they’re kind of regretting it. I suppose they’re regretting it because they’re different. They’re different things. Obviously enough to different things between stills and video bot. But you say that, and it seems quite obvious to ourselves, but a lot of people say to me, Oh, sure, why do I need to get a videographer or half photographer? Yeah, sure. Have someone there, like I don’t need both then, but it is, it’s not the same thing. And that’s very important. People to know. I think look nice. Nice photographs are, are essential. Um, and do you think it’s going to have them and they’re going to be in a book and they want to be up on the wall and they’re, they’re lovely.
They’re lovely. And they serve that purpose of capturing that moment. Yeah. Video captures motion and emotion, right as well. But the, even hearing somebody speaking that may well have passed on and it’s a bit more of it, but it’s very true though. Yeah, it is very true. You might’ve [inaudible] at your wedding and a few years later than a longer you. So when you see them moving in years to come, that’s, um, that can be different dynamics for people, you know? And that’s why generally people kind of like saying, God, I got it. It didn’t get away too when the kids are so small. Kids growing up. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You fit under generally what a lot of weddings there is a lot of kids, their nieces and nephews and sons and daughters, you know, and they grow up obviously. Unfortunately, unfortunately they become teenagers and CA they’re doing all of our lives.
If we’ll talk about the next day, you could have that conversation. Yeah. But I suppose before we, before we get completely struck, cause I tend to do this, I talk talking about something and I go off into some other tangent, but in the mornings, well it’s, I think something for people to be to think about it is it’s a very busy morning or very, there’s hair there, there’s makeup there, there’s loads of family, there’s bridesmaids, there’s kids running around, another person in the house videoing as you said, like you’re really not going to notice them being there. No, you’re not. Not at all. And I choose, I should primarily, um, one person just me. Um, so again, just to minimize if minimize the attention on, you know, and again, look into different projects. I know other thing is other companies, the thing is to have 200 people in and that works too.
That’s fine. But you know, you’re getting into as well. Yeah. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But yeah, it is a busy day. It’s a busy morning. Um, and um, lots of lots going on. You know, that’s going to lots of film people are wrapped up in what they’re doing. You don’t have time to get in your makeup and it flies by the day. It’s like the whole extra body experience explainer wedding day. Yeah. Again, when I meet couples before the thing is I said to them, I said, look guys, this is a 12 to 16 hour day, depending on how it’s going, right in locations, whatever. I said, look, this is a 14 hour day or whatever, it’s gone and go like that and um, it’ll be gone. Yeah. So I was kind of saying slow down. Take it, you know, I put it down again.
It’s my job. Your jobs. Well send it back to them after we get back to the college. I remember when my cousin have the video. Yeah, and that’s again does. Yeah. Of the reason for getting video and then this was the ceremony, the ceremony, like is there any looks after, I always said, sir, he looks after itself because you are just, everybody has no choice but to document what is happening in the sermon. He doesn’t matter what type of sermon you’re having, whether it’s religious ceremony or it’s, you know, a spiritual or civil or whatever tips or me or having but being discreet or all is something that like, it’s so important that the guests are in session. They’re going, what’s the man doing?
And they’re no longer watching what the couple are actually doing, or the fact that they’re actually, you know, they’re, they’re changing their rows, they’re exchanging rings. It’s a big moment like that the videographer isn’t bought again, but going even just kind of turn back to the smart equipment. It’s possible leaders, these are to be disgraced, still get your beautiful depth to fields. I won’t go into details because I’m just going to go into Nordic camera stuff. But the thing is what you can get or shots killer shots while you’re crouched on next to somebody in an aisle. You know, people behind consistency what’s happening. And that’s very important to know that I’ve seen your point aware of, you know, not sitting in front of the as well that you’re not obstructing their view and
the police are all things to think about. Like everyone’s there for a reason. Yes we’re being hired is documented. We need to do it in a way that it doesn’t obstruct anyone. [inaudible]
I would normally do thing is one thing that I do try to get. Um, um, I if it happens is guests actually taking photographs and video cause I didn’t [inaudible] but I do occasionally go to slip it in here and there where the thing is like somebody is filming something and I’m actually so we get to watch their filming cause it’s a nice thing because it’s, it just thinks me into the background again it sinks the video into the dead rather than, or this is what the video, the videographer saw. It’s not this is what the day was.
Yeah. That’s it. Yeah. And I suppose with this monitor equipment, so a newer equipment, you don’t have to be too close to the either that you know yourself and the celebrants or the Priest or standing to close to them, there are places or locations. You know that the thing is with a challenge that because what if the space is physically you’re a table. Yeah. But again smaller equipment. Great. Yeah, no it does make it a lot easier. And I suppose the audio in the ceremony, cause I know that you do spend a little bit of time cause I’m making sure that the audio is perfect because it’s so important that everyone always has so many speeches for audio. Like yeah,
it’s already Paris. That’s where the story of today has been told being told on an altar or it’s been told at the end of the Mike in the, in the reception. Um, and so they’re the one there that killer pints where you have to be near the NAFTA near the audio. Um, again, the thing is, you know, I don’t want to be going on late. It sounds like that I want to own a camera shop or something like that. I’m selling on the equipment but I’m not, um, uh, re wireless microphones are, they’ve come down to price. They’ve come down in size. Generally what I would do is I would make up to the groom, which is pretty standard these days, but the actual transmitter is so small that the thing is, is that as you can see it slip into their pocket or jacket or something. Yeah, that’s it. Yeah, that’s it. Yeah. And um, recently did they, cause I left a microphone and an underground, no, it wasn’t regarding him, but it’s just that the thing is after he forgot he was wearing it [inaudible] it wasn’t even connected. Um, but the thing that’s only for dot. O but you want listening to what I was overseeing there and
you’re like, yes, I have it all for laser. Yeah. Yeah. And then the drinks was option then like obviously this, you know, the photo shoot again, like you’re going around with the photographer, you’re kind of capturing, as you said, you might have a couple of videos yourself. Yeah, we talked to him, but then the drinks reception, that’s where the phone happens. That’s where the guests really open up, isn’t it?
Yeah. And, and like the, the advantage of looking like a photographer and I don’t want to be straight laboring this point but, but when I agree that it’s important somebody with, the strange thing is that happens to me and it still happens to me occasionally if somebody would say or tech or Florida and I would say, why don’t you talk to if it was some of the children with you. I said, why don’t you talk to Laura Benny pennies over there? And she said, would you, you’re, you’re affirming? I said, yeah, but I’m video video.
Oh boy. Yeah, you said that because I’m going to tell the story and the videographer that’s done this to me isn’t, knows exactly what I’m talking about. He says when people come up and say that to him when you take your picture, he goes, yeah, and then I get asked to fix your laser and it doesn’t exist now he has the are like standing, you know, like as if you’re pretending I taking your photo. It is quite funny to have the video for that. But you think this is hilarious. He’s like, yeah, you just took their picture. But at least you’re honest. I like that. No, no, no, no. And I suppose when the drinks reception is going on, that gives you a chance as well to, you know, prepare the banqueting room.
Yeah. And pieces. D D says you speak case again, I don’t want to be kind of laboring under the legacy of, of where things was a war. But like sometimes the things you’d have to get your own microphone and strap it to the microphone of the after daughter, then it becomes quite clunky, doesn’t know. Oh yeah. This size and [inaudible] will be, there will be feed feedback and then you get this really nasty look from, from the [inaudible].
So these, there’s a, uh, it’s not as much of a problem because digital, um, digital signals daunting to fair. And normally what I would do is this tiny little transmitter sticking on the microphone and tiny bit of tape job done. I suppose speeches, speeches for speeches, but it’s a boat. Cause I’ve seen you do this as long as my sons, it’s not just the person talking, it’s the people’s reaction. Yeah. It’s just, I mean the thesis in the world, we just focused the camera in on whoever’s speaking. Yeah. I never seen the concentrations it was going to go wide. So you can see like, you know, especially especially when like grooms are tanking their in-laws or their own parents. It’s nice to see the reactions there because it, again, again, the thing is it’s not just one person speaking.
Yeah, exactly. I’m the groom’s getting depleted roasters. But yeah, the reactions I’m shocking are from the room. But it is, it documents the atmosphere that was created from those speeches I think, which is really important. That’s what people want to see.
Yeah. They want to hear it. Awards of course, about the hair. Divorce. Yes. They want to hear the thing as a nice romantic. Um, and what I would normally be doing is using part of the groom’s speech in one of the movies. Wanted to get it because I think it’s stormy. You know, it’s like a funny, it’s funny romantic. It’s just romantic par. It’s just funny. You know, everybody’s different. Um, but uh, but yeah, the um, the speeches, um, it’s good fun. It’s good. They can be agitated. Exactly. And then I suppose the downside, and I know you’ve touched on that earlier on, but yeah, but it’s, it’s a lot of these have your first dance record is I think is nice. Yeah it is. Some couples depending on the package with me and again, most most videographers will have the same type of packages.
They might offer offer something more or something less. But generally it’s, it’s either just a ceremony or it’s morning to the forest and I love finishing videos on the video edits on the first time cause it is the night it’s there. I’m completely let loose as I them know that they’re just being themselves 100%. I’m getting those moments. It’s amazing cause I know some delic both as recently that there’s so many different types as well. Like we had a maniac 2001st sense. They’re telling me it’s not just, you know, always going to be the copper and that’s low set. Like it can be, it can be mental, it can be hard to get out there with them. They send people to start using it. Sharon public, this was in 2018 was this, I don’t know what it was but it was every second wedding cause I am assessing, my Wayfair brought up by our kids to a chair.
When that song came on, the tree of them looked at me and just applied it because they knew running away in the background is your editor [inaudible] to relive it didn’t do because you have to edit afterwards. So you have ed Sheeran over and over. I love ed [inaudible] one song repeatedly and then you wake up in the middle of the night. It’s like reciting some of the lanes of it, you know, harder times to money. And I know you capture them as a lot of the first times, like a couple of priorities on [inaudible] atmosphere. Yeah. The thing is it’s just a generally things really kick off cause the thing is sometimes you know, bands will use a Ricard a track, they won’t be singing the mains. Yeah, exactly. And then the thing is they’re really kicking a afterwards. Um, and then the thing is everybody’s on the dance floor. Right. And it’s great. And just kids being kids be thrown up into the air. That’s true actually. [inaudible]
you know, you see everything. But yeah, it’s a nice way to, it’s kind of a nice way to level or like to kind of fade out. And again, I’m like the lighting, like lighting generally. Um, the only time I actually personally, anybody only use lighting as far to first. That’s when it depends on the event. The venue is very dark. They can, I know it’s easier for us. We have flash. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The band or they almost bring it off later. There are sometimes not the, um, what I would generally do is, the thing is one, like I can get away with one of those. I don’t put the light on the top of the camera because it makes everybody look very anemic. Shadows sort of thing is why I like that. We’d be at a kind of a, a, a, an opposing corner. So it’s nice and flattering. I don’t think anyone ever read and also is there, I know it’s there. No.
Yeah, I know to put it there. [inaudible] go over and accidentally unplugging it. You know what happens? We want to say what my affectionate term for the two of you is the first forgetful again. Oh, you never recommend to you again after this video. Anyway, moving on.
Drones, drones. [inaudible] everyone loves a good draw nowadays. When you provide drone. I do, I do the, I just got, just got my license, um, uh, five, uh, five months ago. And generally when I said that people said to me the license, yes. You love this subject. This is, this is one of your favorites. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Particularly for the broadcast. Yeah. No. Um, the, uh, having the license, um, it’s, it’s two fold. I don’t want to be compliant. I couldn’t get insurance. Well, wasn’t it if you’re, if you’re being hired? Oh, yes, definitely. Yeah. It doesn’t, the drama uses, um, uh, is a bigger drawn to pro robot and there are smaller drawers you can get, which onto the wet. Um, so the thing is there. Yeah.
Yeah, my favorite thing at Christmas was when Benny got it from done, wrapped it and then like fluid around the kitchen and the furry first person to message me was saying, you can’t do that. That’s illegal. So much trouble. It’s under the waste.
No. [inaudible] um, and it, it did like of the thing is you can um, within reason you can, uh, it’s a little more lean into those runs. Yeah. But the big drones, um, that um, uh, they are restrictive. Um, insurances is important because you never know the only thing as well, it’s just, just a simple awareness of not flying over people’s heads. And I know, I know people do want anything as a deployment to be on a videographer is going, why is he saying that far? Um, how about this? There’s over here beside in the nose, like hovering over people’s heads where they’re to put their hands up. They could almost like touch us in large groups of people I suppose as well as like statue. There is a very, is a, he’s rushing off statutes. Um, it just safety, but it can be amazing. They come in and say, I mean it’s a different perspective to people don’t see, um, and even if it’s all just, just the bright house in the morning, um, it sets the scene [inaudible] establishing shots isn’t it?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, and like what I would normally do is, um, generally I don’t use them during, um, an affordance shoot Pat because it’s normally kind of quite quick if there’s time and the things okay to permits, it’s great. Where the receivables, that’s where, and this is the thing is like people, I do offer drones, uh, drawn footage. Um, but it is dependent on whether you can fly or not. And sometimes they might look lovely or there and I think some brightness, not raining, but if the winds up on idols in America, I’ll see it again on the news under. But it works out most of the time, I suppose. Yeah, it does. Yeah, it does. But sometimes what I will do is I think has only gone somewhere in order just to get some footage. If I think that the thing is, it’s touch and go and get my change. And if you get the open window now get the get the shot at least even if the guest starters and the couplers and then I have the shot of the charge show venue. It’s where they got married. That’s important. And you’re only one man. Do you know what I mean? Like the Kimble of one hand and controlling the troll. Just battery charging and things like that. You know, it’s the biggest, it’s like discharged. Just see me the night before a shoot cause I’m there under the things as well.
Yeah. He loves to good Jared. She calls it, what do you call it? What do you call the church? The big church. The beach. What do you call it? I don’t know. He’s got a name for it. Anyway, he’s, he’s been biased. Nobody’s on camera but the equipment storage so it’s fine. Yeah, exactly. But I suppose I’m before the wedding as well for couples. So say Dave. No. What we’ll do is we’ll go true. If you’re looking to book a videographer, where did you start looking? What would you say to people? How’s, how’d you start searching? Well, the just judging on the bookings that come in, probably 60% of them will be referrals. Yeah. No, it’s nice to actually be referred. So you’re going to be referred probably by, um, by, you know, a couple friends, family. Yeah. Um, maybe from your photographer, which I think all you’ve looked at photographer, I suppose the lead time for working photography always be a lot longer than a videographer. If you’ve got a photographer booked, more than likely you’re probably gonna say, do you know anyone when you would recommend anyone? So yeah, it’s nice to get those before noticed. You’re doing a good job and such. It’s not just a blog, it’s not just staying out of people’s way jobs. It’s not just staying out of photographers where you still have to hit the Mark. You still have to get that Brandon’s,
you’re not in each of those angles, but you’d like, it’s not, it’s, it’s more working together. I think it’s working as a team. It’s like you’re now one big team for the day and then the next day you’ll have a different team and then that’s the way it should be.
Um, and it’s nice because I think it’s okay if they need something to run the whole, the light and they’re not shooting at that things I take. Yeah. Granddad, a lot of fear and vice versa. The thing is if there’s something, you know,
that’s it. We’ve carpools, we’ve done all sorts [inaudible] works. Yeah. Yeah. It all works out. But I suppose, yeah. So if they’re searching online, I suppose you obviously have your own websites,
how long will a website? Yeah. Um, it tends to bring in fewer and fewer bookings for some strangers and that’s just the way the industry is going. Um, but I’d get bookings through Instagram, I get bookings still through Facebook here and there.
Instagram is kind of taking over when it comes to DM. So I find that as well more people seem to be on Instagram, but social media is huge on and it’s probably a good one result for you that you can actually, you know, you can post up past videos and people can actually have a look and when they’re looking, so say they fund you, they’ve come across story begins and when they’re looking for, because there’s all different styles and is to see it’s the same whatever thing. It’s like the choice in this world. And I always, it’s you, we didn’t this. And it’s kind of like what should people look out for when they’re like, so you look at a video and you think, Oh that looks lovely and isn’t she look very pretty and that looks like a lovely day. Like, and these are all the things that we all get blinded by. Benny does the trick. Actually I’m going to tell them your trick. He does what he’s looking at, videographer, his video, he turns down the sound so he doesn’t get distracted by the, uh, the song. Cause sometimes you go, isn’t that a lovely song book? You’re mad, but what should they not go for when the quality of the video though it’s something with the sound of the people speaking, you need to be able to hear them clearly. It’s the song he’s getting rid of, not the OTO. Yeah, it
does. Someone has to be Charlotte, believe it or not, people that’s, there’s a feeling that, um, people would actually forgive slightly lower quality video over audio if they’re hearing, if it’s pitch up video, but the audio is a little bit raspy or a little bit kind of started, they’ll notice that more, you know. But did they, they did. The main thing to look, look for is sharpness and the video steadiness of the shots. Um, and um, and get clear audio. But the most important thing of all that is that it has to give you an emotional response if you look at it and you can see there really love there. That’s a beautiful moment. W was that a lottery for the way that he said that or she said that or that that was said about, yeah. Yeah, yeah. And that’s the pain. And I don’t think I’ve done a job properly if brightest come back and say I off to make an know correct.
That’s the [inaudible] and that’s a bit of a job. Um, but uh, but I again, I do hear back and I said, look at my, my monitor watched that video and she’s still watching it online cause I can tell from the stats on the website because they get it. People get private link to watch their, uh, wedding photo. Um, and um, you’ll see when people will say, they’ll go again all weekend for center first weekend. I said, no, they’re linked to them and they’re on it every few years old like it, cause it means they’re not just working at once. They’re, they’re relaxing and they’re sharing it with multiple people. But again, on the stats on the website, you can see it. The other thing is they could get sent to Australia, especially these days where people living abroad, you know, I took a booking last week there, um, where somebody is getting married, um, and their, their, their assistant is Australia and she really wants her sister that she can’t come home.
Um, and she really wants to see the, uh, see the ceremony. So that’s why actually I might actually for them in the ceremony. Um, and um, they can do it. I can do it. I can turn it around quite quickly cause it is only a ceremony, put it up on an [inaudible] he it off. But that’s, but that’s like technology is advanced so much. Oh yeah. But like the fact that you are using the advanced technology technology will leave you behind. And um, and that was sad. Um, I am in a business long enough to remember the days before. What’s there right now. You were there for the change or war between Ted Bundy, analog and digitally. I forced that my first video camera that I shot, um, family, um, I think it was actually funny. Kristin was Ted. There was actually a tape so long ago, but it actually wasn’t, no, it isn’t.
No, it’s crazy. Like there’s only 20 years. That’s nothing. Nothing at all that anybody that’s been in the business for 24 years, that’s only a heartbeat. But it doesn’t seem like that long ago. Like I can just be like tape was like something that was like, it wasn’t my time, but it kind of always seems like it wasn’t, if that makes sense. Absolutely. No, I was just joking that and things like it, it doesn’t for me, it doesn’t for me. Yeah. But it is a long time. 24, 20. I mean I am business 24, 24 years this year. Yeah. It doesn’t seem that long ago or technology wise it is. No internet. Yeah, no memory, carrots, libraries. What are those loafers and the things that they were made out of paper [inaudible] happened. What am I doing? It’s just [inaudible]. Yeah, but like, like not no internet. No. Uh, no memory, carrots, no decent lenses. No ability to be able to kind of get really be able to further depth to field shots where, you know, slow motion as was the thing. You know, cause I actually had a, um, a previous brides mater send me, um, her video of her wedding video, um, there a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. So drawn into the office and uh, I was converting it and they had gotten married in 94 and to train I did four and the difference difference and that, that’s what’s that
27 years. Yeah. And it was, and it’s, it’s, it keeps it sir, it’s going to continue to, and it’s moving so fast as well. And I suppose when you’re, um, when you’re delivering the actual, you know, wedding film to people though, it’s kind of, I know that some people still actually do without do offer. TVD
yeah. [inaudible] the problem with giving you, giving somebody a DVD, they’ll go onto one. Generally people are going to ask me for a DVD.
Yeah, yeah. Granny still has a DVD, but she’s not going to have USB port on the side of the TV. She’s not, no.
So you need to David, he kind of does not find handler USP does it. Um, so um, so generally there isn’t a problem. The only, the only issue is for me it’s soul destroying for me because I shoot on very high quality 4k equipment and I take it all that quality and I’m squeezed and [inaudible] sort of quality disappears. And uh, so I that’s why three years I did, I kind of left deep detailed logic behind. Um, does it run Motivity quality? Uh, doesn’t it but it says that it isn’t as high as you would speed the technologies, but it is a future proof. I mean there will come a time where DVDs will be made. I actually even have an issue. Um, I initially actually even getting blank DVDs, I had to go to three places. Yeah, a couple of words. I wouldn’t see them on the shelf that often wouldn’t like places that hardware stores.
That was the thing. Yeah. So this was your more, as you said, like the online link is great. Do you I link as well. That’s where the best I think. I feel that’s where the business is going. I think a physical media physical format over either I’ve even a USB cause remember that USB ports are changing. So if you have um, you know something that’s the old port and you don’t have one of those ports and your new computer. Um, last year I bought a, I bought a new, a new laptop. No USB ports. Yeah, yeah. You’re buying the adopters. But again D but it’s showing that an older farmer. Yeah. But it’s good then to have it on both like see plastic, the current actual physical device that’s working. But you’ve also got it online. So, and I suppose online you can you download that then that’s where the business is going.
That’s where, um, you will not get, I would eventually wouldn’t want getting something physical and everything has don’t audible from the site and you can share it from that site and no, it’s still in its infancy. Um, it’s expensive. And the price, the issue with that I’m not buying into at the moment, is that a year after it stops working. Okay. So I have like a certain idea or guarantee that it’s going to know. Generally the thing is that they have either a six month planner or a 12 month plan. The ones I looked at anyway, um, which means that if you don’t pay the renewal at the end of six months or 12 months, okay. So you’re relying on your videographer to pay that renewal, which is why we always say to people back it up, back it up, put it in multiple places, whether it’s video or photo, the clouds, a hard drive.
It doesn’t matter. It just put it everywhere. So there’s a lot of back it up so that you’ve got control over it then as well, which is the main thing. Definitely. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. And I suppose then for um, for people then providing the actual footage afterwards, you do a nice trader as well as yeah, I am. Yeah. I get it. And it’s standard. Most most video crew companies will be doing something seminar. Um, I give them four movies on the USB. Um, so I, this is a standard kind of ours different packages or do you give all the four pack for my top package, which would be [inaudible] footage before I suppose. Yeah. And actually Perry did the middle one as well, which would be the speeches before dinner and [inaudible] but the foreign movies, um, the, it kind of goes between all traditional and more modern.
Okay. You still have your ceremony movie. It starts with the brighter rooms of the church because all the way up to the end of the meet and greet line, that’s almost in real time I suppose try to pull it back a bit because there’s some of the prayers that um, um, would, uh, wouldn’t be kind of essential for the wedding part of the [inaudible] putting up the gifts, prayers and faithful parents where you’ve got somebody doing something specific that’s guest or something. Yes. So that’s all in that second movie. Then his reception, which is a couple of literally walking into the room. And what I would normally do with that is I’m with the gimbal. I would walk behind the Medica. I did nice, comfortable distance on top of them, but it’s a nice shot because, um, everybody’s standing up, everybody’s facing this way, that’s reactions, reactions, and it’s high fives and fives and they’re done only dancing. So you see all of that. Yeah. And then the whole room explodes. So then it starts with that and then ends with the end of the second dance. Yeah. And that’s that movie called reception there. That’s the traditional side. That’s what you probably would’ve gotten prayer pretty much 20 years ago. Right. Um, uh, the wedding film is the thing. That’s what they are.
And that’s what people see. That’s the preview that you would use to market yourself this book as well, wouldn’t it? Yeah, sometimes. I do think it does a lot of movies, that kind of trend. So it’s more the trailer
and what the wedding film would be, could be anything from 25 to 25 minutes long.
It’s your whole day kind of just condensed into that half an hour as I said. Okay. I like that. Yeah.
Um, from the wedding, um, eh, the votes are in the middle of it. And then rest of it, it’s got music offers. Um, and uh, that at the end that that would start in the morning and depending on the package, but yeah, start in the morning and at the first dance. Okay. The trailer that is the best of the best of the best it is.
Tell us the key moments that happened that made your day a really isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah.
I think it’s, there’s a piece of stock music over it or somebody wants to take that they want to pull up the Facebook
and, yeah, cause I know song choice and then we went when we won’t go too far into it cause people don’t need to know the nitty gritty of song choice behind the, the wedding videos you see. But like when it comes to choosing a song, so forgetting about copyright and all that for a moment, do you, do you help them choose? Like, do you give suggestions? Is that like, actually I feel this song would work really well with the tempo of your day or, yeah, I would try, I would try to,
I give some guidance. Um, obviously S couple of some couples were really into music and the song, this is song is key. This is when we met and you need to use those, you need to use that cause that’s right. That’s resonating with the couple. But um, there are certain songs that are not going to fit like Adele, someone like you, uh, you know, which is not
because every song has a different pace and then the wedding day would be because that’s what I find anyway. Do you know, like some days are very kind of like so much happens in it’s really obese so you kind of need that music to work with that don’t you? Yeah. Nice magic in the morning. It’s basically great a gradient, but um, but certain times I kind of fit. Yeah. Do lot of people use their first answer? Not really. Okay. That’s surprising isn’t it? I find that surprising. Yeah.
The plus as well as, it depends then as well on whether the first dance song has been sung, the band or not. And sometimes it will be kind of slightly different interpretation of it. There was a time when it would farm the list, but not, not, not, not, especially anymore. You know, people are going to choose a different things. Yeah. Um, but uh, but yeah, music is key. Um, it’s our power. Look, it’s, it’s sound video, you know, it’s on emotion and they have to fit
and it does bring it all together, I suppose. It does. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s, but as you said at the start, like it is good to, if you want to share it on a social media platform, but using music, the social media would allow if you, if you were that person. So some people are like, this is my wedding day. I’m going to put my song to it and it’s for us to watch. And that’s it. And then there’s other people that they’re almost getting the wedding video trailer so that they can share it with the world. That’s the most important thing is to hit that publish button and share your day. And everyone’s different. So I mean like if you need a song that’s going to be allowed.
Yeah. So it’s [inaudible] the things you end up with a video that is silent. Benny, the happiest man in the world. Watch videos, videographers who spend hours picking music far and Benny is in his element. And do you get couples to, I’ll move away from music now would diminish you. Do you get couples to um, give the song choice before or after the wedding? I just didn’t matter after the, uh, I’m on like a six to eight week turnaround. Normally they’re back from that. It’s quite quick. Um, the way that I would say to them, look, when you come back from honeymoon, why don’t you, if they’re gone time, the argument straight away to come back to money. Well, why don’t you have a think about a couple of songs? No, listen, some, some, some couples don’t want me to do I want to pick the music [inaudible] yeah, right.
Yeah. But what I would do is I would send them the link, um, afterwards and say, look guys, if it doesn’t sound there that you absolutely hate, tell me yes. So USP as it may have dusted so they don’t get an opportunity to actually preview to music on the edit day beforehand. So that things, if there is something in there that they absolutely hate, but ideally you kind of wanted to have the couple to give their input so that the first time they view it. Yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s the form that they’re going to keep it in. That’s the first interaction with the video as well. It’s important to kind of spend a little bit of time just thinking about it. Yeah. You have to do all the work then. Yeah. Give it some, it’s easy. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I suppose what’s your couples expect
so prior, so they booked you, it’s all started. Why should they expect before the wedding? Cause I know a lot of people like when they’re kind of in the planning mode and they’re like contacting all their suppliers to see, right, what, what do you need from me? What do we do? What did you personally do with the couple to kind of,
when I was in the air, pretty much insist on where, where, where possible though. But in 90, 95% of cases I meet them two weeks beforehand. Face to face. Yeah. They know. Then the things that status some, some fellow random are where the camera is here. Even videographer. Yeah. I was coming to Tori smile. Wait, where’s this? Where’s this like [inaudible] I would meet the two weeks beforehand. Everything is fresh tested. I would ask. Um, okay guys, you’ve spoken to your photographer. Where are we going for, for shoes? Are you going anywhere in between clients or the host beforehand? And I was beforehand. Um, even some simple things like um, the meet and greet. Like are they actually doing a meet and greet enough? Yeah. Cause it spends in time as long if you’re, if you have time to do it in the wintertime or you may not want to do it, you might have 350 guests.
You just don’t want to say hotel 315. Then again, I’ve seen some the same coppers. The thing is if they don’t do it with trends, yes, all they’re doing is shaking hands for the rest of the day just to catch, you know what, let’s eat 20 minutes I was going to take to meet them and get thanked. Everyone wants for calming, which is like, I think people’s reactions were hilarious. They like see them for the [inaudible] to see kind of like water. Right. Are they very extroverted, are they shy and grooms tend to be a bit more reserved. Um, I find that can be reserved in the premise and then on the day that there are all of the person. Yeah, I do find that support because it’s was for you as well for tiny, because I know like for the photographer is like depending on the flag for style, but it can be an easier to move from place to place because there’s not as much equipments that are bereaved. If there is audio needed for a section of the day that like you can plan your timing as well. That’s the thing, because you know, there’s times what I want, especially because I shoot my own and I need to be able to kind of like leave a camera somewhere and then runoff and microphones into the bag, into the car back and then there’s a lot more back and forth rays and that there is, you know, we have [inaudible], we have [inaudible].
How hard is it? You pick up the camera [inaudible] facilitating the [inaudible] people come up to you saying, the thing is that, that lens is fabulous. That must take fabulous photographs. Do you go first? No, it’s fine. It’s good. It’s all good. It’s not good. It’s all about your eyes but, but yeah, communication for endo, that’s, I think it’s get your rice. We do the same. It’s um, getting to know people is very important. You need to have videographers tend not to do engagement shoots. Some photographers do engagement shoots, some don’t. I can see the, the, I can see the sense in them. Yeah, because you, you then have a rapport already, which is something I wouldn’t have. So to, to supplement that. The thing is I would feel it’s really hard to meet them beforehand. Okay. That’s good. I like that. Yeah. Cause I know not everyone does it, but it’s good to take the time. Yeah. Be prepared. Be prepared. Pretty prepared. I like it. But I know you’ve mentioned to you before that you kind of gained from a graphic design background, didn’t you? [inaudible]
graphic designer. Yeah. Um, I actually started in our college and then figured out that I didn’t particularly like smoking fags and [inaudible] the coffee audit. I’m talking about [inaudible] so then got a job as a graphic designer, junior graphic designer. I went to college by night and studied. That all sounds too though. I think because it’s, it’s, it’s all color is a big thing. Shapes, color and proportions things. Even simple things like putting somebody’s face on the side of the camera or our side of the screen. Robert’s dead center. The thing is it looks better. I mean it’s a, it’s a, it’s a standard photographic and video graphic thing. But, but understanding artistically though as well, there’s different ways of doing things, but it’s not there. Having an eye for this moment, yeah. Would work really well in this way kind of thing. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. And then how did you end up doing weddings? Like what drew you into weddings? I always love asking me this questions and saying your handy with a camera at, I’m praying the business, but I started a business 24 years ago in this commercial video and I said, do you have another life? Don’t you? I even know a relationship canvas. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow. You know, it doesn’t, it’s a small business. It doesn’t take a huge amount to keep me busy. But I do like the juxtaposition between the two.
Well, it just won’t keeps me sharp for the other and that’s what I like and it’s always different but, but um, uh, but yeah, we, so we set up the business. I do a commercial video, but I had, I always had good camera equipment or on me since back then. Right. So people knew that and then he just enjoyed using it kind of thing. Yeah. Yeah. Well, believe it or not, actually when, when it was, when I was kind of having a detective, my tots for this, um, my father, um, uh, he started off filming my, um, brothers and sisters waiting on an eight millimeter camera. Are you serious? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, notice back in the early eighties, you know, I was young at the time cause I’m not that old. We’ve made [inaudible] made me very young. That’s my, but yeah, I remember using the camera and it was all battery operated and you pressed the button that was kicking, you could hear the film, the film was sent off to Germany, but, but very practical hands on, uh, tactile way of films.
But believer that that was actually the first time I actually ever used a camera, which is an eight millimeter camera when I was, so it’s kind of in your life before you knew it was. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and um, always loved telling stories, true moving images, you know, still do certain amount of animation, um, corporate wise. Um, but, um, so I still kind of got, I’ve got a creative outlet. It’s so different like animation, corporate weddings, if they’re so different. But boss boss, the one thing where we started originally and we started today was this all, it was storytelling. It’s all about story, story, stories came, story begins. Story begins the last time we were away from married for that cause she was the one that came up with that and sort of was available and it’s meant to be that says the world’s that the internet has said it’s okay. Yeah, exactly. There’s no one out there else. How’s it? Strangely enough, actually it’s good names right now. [inaudible] but it is great. It is really good name. And we talk occasionally get an email saying thing, you sell it, you know, not huge money. No. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Before we kind of wrap things up, and I know we did touch on this at the beginning, but I just kind of want for people out there, the clear question I get from people is, and I get this all the time, so Coldwells have decided I’m not getting a videographer, just having a photographer. I then get a message or an email for six weeks for the wedding, pure and panic. I have changed my mind. I need a videographer. Who would you recommend for people that are in the situation of they just don’t know? Do I need a photographer, videographer? Should I get a videographer? What would you say to them? Like, well, like I know obviously you’re going to your video, you’re not going to say don’t get one, but if you are kind of, if you’re that person that thinks, I think I would regret it if I don’t like, does that make sense? Like that age old question of do I need a videographer
the way I would, the way I would explain this is the same is kind of the same way that when, um, when I meet couples beforehand, sometimes the bride will say to me, I’m thinking about thinking about speaking bought a nah, too short. That’s a very big thing at the moment. It’s getting up. The way I’d say to them is exactly the same way as I would, I’d say to answer your question, right? If you’re there or thereabouts kind of thinking or you want to or you’re 50% 50, you know, do it. Definitely do it if you are there. And the thing is absolutely not. Don’t, don’t play the same thing. The only thing I would say is in defense of what I do and what we do as videographers, um, uh, that’s what we talking for. Everybody [inaudible] disclaimer. [inaudible] my opinion.
Uh, I do see a lot of regret when people don’t get it. Yeah. It is a different thing. People rap. Um, and I’m not downplaying the importance of video and video and moving imagery. I’m generally genuinely not. Um, people wrap it up as a kind of an extra and a kind of an extension of, of still upstairs and it isn’t, it’s a much, much different thing. It’s when it’s done right. When it’s somewhere, it’s a diff, it’s completely different. It’s a moving story. To me, emotion is moving emotion, it sounds, um, and that’s the most important thing and that’s why people need to kind of be thinking. If that’s what you want, then you need to have it [inaudible] then you know, if you’re 100% and forget about you aren’t, if you’re not comfortable, will never be comfortable with it. But if you’re, if you’re kind of, if you’re, if you’re, if you think, if you think that somebody is going to be in your face all the time, then daughter,
I don’t think that’s a false perception then as well because you’re, the person is not going to be in your face. [inaudible]
um, there’s lots of amazing videographers out there and lots of amazing photographers as well of course. But, but there’s lots of, um, and most, most people shooting video these days. The thing is they’re calling me disgrace. They want the real moment.
You can’t walk straight the real moment. No, you can’t. You can’t do the kind of set that up. You can’t make someone beat themselves. No action. Go be emotional. Be romantic, act relaxed. It’s my favorite one. Relaxed. Can you ask more relaxed please? Where’s the relaxed button? Good. And is there any hints and tips you gave people manage people like your book. Okay.
Meet them. Don’t book them. Don’t. Uh, also the thing you don’t always just book on, um, on, uh, availability and price. Make sure you like what to do. Make sure you like their approach, um, that you liked the videos that they’re making. And the thing is after that, everything, are they available and do they fit the budget? There are, there are practical, but the thing is there has to be after like what to do. Yeah,
I do. I do say that to people though when we meet them before they booked us and I say to them, I’m gonna be with you for a weird amount of time. It’s because we’re in the situation where we experience the whole wedding day. We’re probably the only suppliers that do experience like from during their PJ’s until around the dance floor. You’re there in the background if you’re in the bathroom, but you’re still there, you were around your witnessing. So I always say to people, if you think you’re not going to get on with me, just a bookstore books or what else? Doesn’t matter how much you like me photographs. But the other thing as well,
it’s coming to my mind just doesn’t happen very often. I need more. But there was a time when I would get an email or a phone call saying, look, I really love your work. I really love your work, but there’s this, this guy who’s shooting in Sydney, can you shoot like him? I can’t afford to fly him in. Yeah, no, yeah, yeah, but that, but you’re right though, there’s no point in seeing a video someone else has done and then asking somebody else to mimic someone else’s style. It doesn’t work because people shoot. People are proud about it and we’re all rock creatives, right? Is we all have to be able to, the reason why we’re all in this is that we can stand behind our photograph or video and say, you know, that’s, I’m probably, yeah, that’s my style. That’s my approach. That’s me. Love it or hate it. Yeah. Thank you. I do feel we talk all the time, but I feel like this little conversation I was cathartic Arctic. See, we do know videographers are important. [inaudible] to represent my business, my industry. And you’ve got me on site anywhere getting married again, or we’re going to end to do our video. He won’t want any song. He just want no twenties, no video, no sound, no sound. Ian, thank you for coming in. Really appreciate it. Thank you.

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